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Do you want to know more about lubricants intimate?

Almost always when talking about sex openly, we find ourselves with many taboos and prejudices and unfounded mostly because many people tend to evade the topic. In fact this type of topics the more you talk the more healthy and enjoyable life can be sexual.

That is why in the following lines, in the post we'll talk about all that we can about the lubricants intimate and, with luck, you'll learn about things you didn't know and could improve your sex life.

We'll talk about from which is the best in every and any occasion, which are the natural lubricants most well-known and finally where you can find lubricants cheap.

What type of lubricants are there and what you should use?

There are many lubricants online of different types and special for specific occasions. We'll give you a quick start guide and a very comprehensive which is your best option according to what you require.

  • Silicone-based lubricants: this type of lubricants tend to be more dense in texture than other lubricants, and their effectiveness is far more durable than water-based lubricants, for example. In your application, we recommend not to do when using condoms as their joint use is not supported.
  • Water-based lubricants: in this type of lubricants, we can say that this type of lubricants is subdivided into those who are for the anal sex and those who are for the vaginal sex and use with sex toys. One of the benefits of this type of lubricant is that it respects the PH of intimate areas.
  • Oil-based lubricants: as its name indicates, this type of lubricants has texture oily and often has additives that have an experience in addition to the taste buds, so they are ideal for performing oral sex, among other practices.

Are there natural lubricants?

If you want to have an experience completely organic and not invasive to your body, there are certain type of household ingredients that you can use without any problem in your intimate areas, as well as you can find in the market lubricants manufactured with one hundred percent natural ingredients.

Among the natural ingredients that contain natural lubricants on the market there are the aloe vera, coconut oil and essential oils that are totally natural.

On the other hand you will find lubricants in pharmacy are quite affordable to your pocket that also have natural ingredients.

What do you recommend?

For each type of occasion there is a special lubricant that you can improve in an incredible way the sexual experience, either with your partner or masturbation. There are then some suggestions that we have for you so that your experience will be much better.

  • According to if you are going to use sex toys or your partner to use a condom, make sure that the oil you buy is compatible with this type of practices.
  • Remember to store properly your lube, because they are designed to be applied on the intimate areas of the body.

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