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Lubricants, Base Silicone

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When the lube is not enough, it becomes necessary to use a lubricant as the dryness of the area may cause discomfort, as well as, increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Similarly, the condom can break easily when they meet in a dry area, while the friction can cause small wounds resulting in an increase in the probability of contagion.

There are products such as Lubricants, Base Silicone which has the advantage of providing a better and longer-lasting lubrication, being recommended for its use to when you require a greater amount of lubrication.

When can I use oil-Based Silicone?

It is advisable to use this type of lubricant when performing anal sex, which you will need a lubrication that is natural form is non-existent, as these are the most recommended because of the benefits which may cause the silicone.

They are also a good complement when the natural vaginal lubrication is insufficient, what happens in situations such as:

  • After the menopause.
  • Due to the effect of some medicines, such as antihistamines.
  • The use of hormonal contraceptives with lower doses of estrogen.
  • The consumption of alcohol.
  • If the penetration is time-consuming because the condom tends to dry out.
  • When there is not enough lubrication that includes the condom.

In order for the lubricant to achieve its objective should not only be on the entrance of the vagina or the anus, but also on the condom so that manage to reach all sides where necessary to its effect.

Is it correct for me, the use of Lubricants Base Silicone?

The Lubricant Base Silicone is excellent if you use condoms, if you want to enjoy the anal sex and it is not allergic to this component. It is important to note that silicone tends to leave stains on the sheets or on clothing.

Why should I use a lubricant, Silicone Based?

The lubricant silicone has many good uses with the idea of improving the sex, to generate excellent benefits for vaginal dryness.

A vagina can be found dry, regardless if it is a young adult or middle-aged, although it may relate to commonly with older women and/or low libido, because less vaginal discharge is correlated with the menopause.

A woman may experience a dry vagina during arousal for many reasons, as for example when there's not enough foreplay, it suffers from anxiety or stress, medical conditions such as diabetes or immune system disorders.

In the same way can be generated by strong soaps, showers, chemical, powders, feminine sprays, or other chemicals applied to the vagina.

Other reasons may be that low estrogen levels due to menstruation, childbirth, or breastfeeding; or as a side effect of certain drugs, such as contraceptives, antidepressants, anxiolytics, or chemotherapy.

One of the most common causes of vaginal dryness is pain during intercourse, so the doctors grouped painful intercourse under the term dyspareunia and refers to a wide range of symptoms, which include:

  • Pain at the time of the sexual penetration.
  • Pain at the time of any penetration, including fingers, or tampons.
  • Pain during deep penetration.
  • Burning or pain.
  • Beats that persist after the sex.
  • Comfort Improved

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