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At the time of purchasing a product of routine facial, lotion, the unknown, since we do not know who it is, its benefits on our skin, or how important it can be. Lotions are a product that we use primarily after finishing our facial cleansing to prepare the skin before the facial treatment, thus achieving the rehabilitation of the pH. To retain a level of hydration as it is essential to achieve radiant skin and healthy, that's why, opt for Lotions that would be so convenient. Your skin will thank every care you provide!

Difference between moisturizing creams and lotions

Both have as their primary function to keep the moisture away from the skin, while it is true, the most notable difference would be its thickness. Lotions have a lightweight texture and fresh unlike moisturizers, this being of great help, since it prevents that effect pesgoste you can leave a moisturizer, since lotions are easily absorbed. Each person will be different, depending on the type of skin that you enjoy, whether dry, oily or mixed, so as to be able to opt for a product that better suits your needs.

Types of skin. What lotions or moisturizers?

- Oily skin: If you have an oily skin, you will not prints to observe that the creams do not provide the necessary effect, since, retained a texture is quite creamy and as a result acquired the appearance of brightness, and accumulation of sebum. You can be delighted with the creams, but if you can not the effect that you need, you should change the product. This is where you put in game the lotion. We'll provide a gorgeous shine, leaving your skin radiant!
- Dry skin: lotions will not be of much benefit if your skin lacks hydration enough. the skin on many occasions, tense, feels rough, and application of moisturizers helps to mitigate that feeling. Fabulous! Isn't it?, choose the cream that you like, that is recognized or recommended, since your skin is the one that is in the game.
- Combination skin: luckily, you have more flexibility to choose a product. The choice between a lotion and a cream will be in your hands, only you should decide on the texture of your choice and what gives you that glow to your skin.

Compounds that are made of lotions for the skin

The lotions are composed of different elements such as:
Hyaluronic acid: an Essential receptor of water and composed simply moisturizing, and is that not only acts as a receiver of the water, but they also help to maintain the water molecules in the skin. Protects the skin from atmospheric phenomena
- Alpha hydroxy acids: it Is a compound that promotes to increase the skin's ability to retain water and eliminate dead cells.
- Collagen: Protein essential in the fight against aging, in addition to being the protein of higher amount in our body, which has an effect on the makeup, and the creation of the bone.
- Glycerin: Hydrating active that is used to improve conservation.
- Lecithin: a Substance that contributes to glow when you drag the impurities that persist on the surface of the skin.
- Liposomes: a Means of transport by which the body assimilates the results.
- Matrixyla: active ingredient that promotes the reduction of wrinkles, by means of reactivating the synthesis of collagen
- N. M. F.: Substances prepared mainly by amino acids, urea, and organic acids that form the stratum corneum of the skin and are responsible for conserving their natural phase of hydration.
- Panthenol or provitamin B5: it Possesses a great capacity for insight on the skin and a particular domain moisturizer.
- Keratin: a Compound that plays a role as protector of the dermis.
- Retinol: Stimulates the regeneration of new cells in the skin.
- Tocopherol: Participates in the course of modification of the cells.
- UV filters: Thanks to this component, the skin can protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
- Vitamin E: Nourishes and moisturizes from the inside of the skin, thus helping to delay aging.
For usual care is recommended that you close the product properly so that it does not deteriorate the agents of their components due to the bacteria that were to penetrate.

Benefits of lotions

- Allow skin cells to develop into a superior means, this is because the lotions, acting of external form primarily and then starts its action in the most internal of the skin, this being of great help for our skin.
- Provide a portion of the water that we are wasting with age, providing a better appearance to the skin, and is the dehydration of the skin is a symptom of aging, therefore, to keep a skin hydrates with a skin more beautiful and more healthy.
- Retains moisture in the skin and increases livelihoods significant to regenerate the tissue, and that tissue regeneration is of vital importance in the care of the skin, as to remove the dead tissues of the skin makes only are tissues in perfect condition.
- Are benefited with antioxidant substances that help to push the damage caused by pollution, and What is pollution? Pollution is not more than all the agent pollutants that can affect directly our skin, in particular the environmental agents such as air or water, produced by waste from human activity or from industrial processes or biological, is that all of these agents oxidized in a direct way the cells of the epithelial tissue, causing significant damage to the same.
- To prevent dark spots on the skin, caused by sun exposure without protection, something that is really good, since the spots on our skin can be really terrible and unsightly.
- Protect the premature aging of the skin.
- Prevent skin cancer, thanks to the collagen fibers.
- Controls shine and oiliness of the skin.

Hygiene and body care are essential to our health and well-being. Our body should be considered as a temple because it is the expression of who we are, what we eat, what we do. Therefore, we need to keep it, cherish it and preserve it from external agents that may alter or injure him. Keep it clean, properly hydrated and toned form part of these daily rituals that we must not stop never.

To take care of the skin of his body there are three basic steps: clean, care and protect. And these are the three steps in the Pharmacy Market has been thought to design and put at the disposal of its clientele, the line of lotions and creams to cleansing, exfoliation that allows the natural process of cell renewal of the skin by removing the dead cells of the epidermis; treatment of dryness, hydration and protection of the body, of the hand of well-known brands in the global market for products associated with the care of the body.

In this regard our product catalog contains scrubs, creams and lotions moisturizers that help the skin to maintain its elasticity and barrier function, lines for the daily care, gels for the bath, deodorants, among others.

The best deals

In the Pharmacy Market, we maintain the best offers in the catalogue of body care products, highlighting the incredible discounts on scrubs, lotions and moisturizers, a catalogue designed for our clients to access and benefit from market-leading products in the category beauty and personal care worldwide.

Brands of the catalog of lotions and creams

In our catalog you will find scrubs, creams and lotions, moisturizers, gels, care products, and personal care brands as recognized as Acofarderm, Eucerin, Bepanthol, Ureadin, Rilastil, La Roche Posay, Somatoline, Neutrogena, Dernove, Vichy, Mussvita, Avène, among others, who are leaders in the global market for body care products and for its results and performance have dial tone at the level of the consumer population to the length and breadth of the planet, which are widely recommended.

We highlight, for example, the line of creams Eucerin that through working with dermatologists and using knowledge advanced technology, guarantee product innovations, reliable and highly efficient with high standards dermatological. With his medical knowledge, competence, dedication of the skin, cosmetics, and more than 100 years of research, have been recognized as one of the brands of skin care more reliable and effective in the world.