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Listerine Go Tabs 8 Tablets


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  • Contains no sugar.
  • They're chewing pills.
  • Provide instant freshness.
  • Neutralizes bad breath.
  • Contains sweeteners.
  • Contains dyes.

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Freshen your breath with Listerine Go Tabs 8 Tablets

If bad taste or bad breath catches you off guard, it is good to have something effective at hand to solve it, that's why we want to talk about Listerine Go Tabs 8 Tablets. These are chewable tablets designed by the renowned brand of dental hygiene products, Listerine. Like the rest of its products for hyegiene and oral health, this one does not leave you either.

This product is designed for those moments where we want to give the best of impressions with our breath, but we can not for time and space, brush. Below we will tell you all the details of this product, as well as how to use it and some recommendations.

Features of Listerine Go Tabs 8 Tablets

Among the most outstanding features it has Listerine Go Tabs 8 Tablets we can tell you:

  • With the intake of the food, the bacteria that cause the bad smell in the oral cavity proliferate on a larger scale, this product is designed to neutralize them immediately.
  • It is a product that acts in a matter of seconds leaving your mouth fresh and clean wherever you are.
  • It is a product designed to be ingested.
  • Leaves the same feeling of freshness as brushing and rinsing.
  • The feeling of freshness it provides lasts for an extended time.
  • This is a product developed by Johnson & Johnson laboratories.
  • It has a pleasant mint flavor but is not penetrating or unpleasant to taste
  • Each box brings 8 tablets or tablets.
  • They are ideal to carry always by hand or in the bag, to use when we are away from home and do not have the possibility to brush or rinse the teeth.
  • Use as many times as you consider necessary.
  • This is a product highly recommended by dentists and health professionals.

How to use Listerine Go Tabs 8 Tablets?

To use Listerine Go Tabs 8 Tablets it is necessary to place a tablet in the mouth and chew to activate. Let 10 seconds pass. Once activated it transforms into liquid that you should leave in your mouth approximately 30 seconds rinsing from side to side. Then you can swallow or discard. Swallowing is recommended.

What do we recommend?

For safe and responsible use of this product, we recommend:

  • Do not consume this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • Keep out of reach of the little ones.
  • Keep stored in its box in places free of extreme temperatures or with the direct incidence of the sun's rays, since these conditions can spoil the properties of the product.
  • If the product is past due, we do not recommend consuming.

As for some of the opinions stand out that of people who begin to consume this product have a rare feeling, although after several times of use they consider that they feel very comfortable and that they have the results they expected.


Sweeteners (Xylitol, Erythritol, Isomaltitol), Thickening Agent (Calcium Carbonate), Flavouring, Support (Cellulose Gum), Stabiliser (Hydroxypropyl Cellulose), Colour (Blue).

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