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Liquid Lenses

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  • Oune solucion unica duplo 360 ml
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    Oune Solution unique 360 ml Duplo Promotion

    Oune Solution Unique Dual-Format is a unique solution simple for daily use in the cleaning of eye lenses or contact lenses. Various formats bid price online promotion. Two formats are Available, Duplo 100ml or format of trip and Duplo 360 ml or daily Use

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The use of contact lenses has some protocols that we have to observe and take care of daily, among which plays a key role in the liquid of contact lenses, so as to avoid any infection due to excess and duration of their use.

There are frequent bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi that may adhere to contact lenses as a result of non-observance of a routine which, of altered, can cause pain, irritation, and some serious damage.

Therefore, it is essential to count with the best brands in cleaning and daily care of the contact lenses, the well-known liquid lenses, additional to observe with a certain rigor a routine designed to preserve us from any disease of the eye as a consequence of an abuse in the use of contact lenses.

But in addition to that care against infection or contamination, the liquid lenses also helps to keep our contact lenses hydrated

As basic tips to keep clean your lenses, we recommend the following: before you touch them, wash your hands well with soap and water; avoid touching the lenses of contact with the fingernails; using the liquid lenses for the cleaning of the same; don't re-use this liquid to re-clean them; don't substitute the liquid lenses by other solutions, for example, running water.

 Products for the care of the eyes

In FarmaciaMarket aware of your need for the best products, we have set up a line to the care and attention of the eyes in which we have included a wide range of products, for example, of liquid lenses.

In our website you will find the best deals on the market in those brands iconic worldwide who come backed by the degree of solution and efficiency in the care of the eyes. Brands such as Meda, Oûne, Sesderma, Optrex, Théa, are at your fingertips with just a click, and delivered to your home or office in less than 24 hours.

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