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The Lip what we know under various names, including lip pencil, lipstick, lip pencil or lipstick, and it is a basic product of the makeup, since it has a diversity of colors and texture that favor the appearance of our lips.

One of its main benefits is its diversity of formats, as there are a creamy, matte finish, semi-lasting and ultra-long duration, allowing the display to the lips flawless for hours as there are those who remain for hours without touch-ups.

This cosmetic product is usually to include in your composition, pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that provide color and texture to the lips, to the time that favor its appearance by making it look more eye-catching and taking care of the environmental elements.

There are Lipsticks made in a variety of shades and colors, and can be adapted to every makeup routine that you want to put into practice, at the same time that you can use to change their size and provide the sense of volume.

What are the benefits of Lip?

The Lipstick is a cosmetic product targeted to women seeking a natural look on lips that are effective when they want to enhance, providing an improvement in their color and brightness, and if you apply on the lips thinner allow you to create a feeling of greater thickness.

Another of its advantages is that its use is very simple and can be performed in any place, causing the lips look impeccable, although it is possible that you have to be tweaked several times a day. It is important to mention that there are permanent labor that do not require reapplication.

You can have multiple colors and types of lip, so that they can be combined during the year, using a shade for the winter and another in spring.

In addition, it may be used in the company of a pencil for the lips and provide a touch of gloss in the center to achieve a look more sexy.

What are the types of Lipstick exist?

There are a variety of Lipsticks, as well as colors that can be combined with our outfit of the day, but the main ones are:

  • Lip Liquid: has a liquid form that can be found with a matte finish or a metallic finish, some tend to have a duration which is pretty high as a result of its high concentration of pigments.
  • Lip Gloss: it is a classic product, as it is quite changeable and often include a lot of pigment, a lot of women look good, it has intense shades and has a texture quite creamy.
  • Lip Semi-Transparent: it has more intensity than a Lip balm, and less than one satin, and can be transported to any place and do not have a lot of length on the lips, so you should touch up several times a day.
  • lip Matte: leave a hue opaque on the lips, may be more difficult to implement, but have a superior duration. It is important to mention that tend to dry out the lips.
  • Inks Lips: it is often presented in liquid format and their pigments are laid down quite well, providing a longer duration than their finish is typically matte, are quite practical, and leave a tone very intense on the lips.
  • Gloss: it is a plug-in that can be applied over your favorite lip, it leaves a beautiful finish, and has evolved to not have formulas sticky, at the same time which brings a touch of sparkle to the make up daily.

What is a Lip Scrub?

The Lip Scrub is a product that has as main function exfoliate the lips, so that it is made from natural ingredients that are used to remove impurities and dead cells from this area, at the same time that rejuvenates the skin of the mouth and provides a improve in their softness.

Can be found in two types of presentations, such as bar with a beneficial strong business that includes small beads for a gentle exfoliation and jar feature a format creamy or scrub and are ideal for use at home. With its use:

  • Eliminate dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal.
  • Activates blood circulation thanks to the massage that brings to apply the product, at the same time that it collaborates with the removal of the impurities.
  • Returns the natural color of the lips, as a scrub suitable manages to eliminate the residue that other products for lips leaving, and in this way to bounce back to its natural color and increases its softness.
  • Tones the skin through the application of massage and components that includes exfoliating, leading to an improvement in its natural moisture.

What are the ingredients, which typically include a Lip Scrub?

Although the components of a Lip Scrub can be different from one brand to another, one of the main ingredients, which typically include is the sugar, with the purpose of removing the dead cells, at the same time that contain a balm that works with the conservation of hydration.

Some scrubs can include in their formulation honey or oils such as coconut, or almond, can include shea butter which is a component very effective for the removal of impurities and moisturizes chapped lips.

What is a Lip Moisturizing?

The Lip Moisturizer is simply a product designed specifically for the lips, whose main function is to keep them hydrated and smoother, because the skin of the lips is described as a rather thin and weak.

This skin contains no sebaceous glands or melanin that they retain their moisture levels, or to provide care, so it is recommended the application of moisturisers that provide you a effective care for a longer time, at the same time that soften, regenerate and nourish.

What are the components that include the Lip Moisturizing?

Currently on the market, you will find a lot of brands that sell Lip Moisturizers and which differ in terms of its packaging, texture, or ingredients used. Although, among the basic ingredients is the bee's wax.

But, it may include other ingredients such as lanolin, shea butter, aromas, perfumes, oils of almonds, calendula, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, dyes, and protection factor for increased protection of the skin of the lips.

It is advised to choose moisturizers that contain spf protection, so do you prevent the deterioration caused by exposure to the sun's rays.

Previously, lip moisturizers used to be transparent and without color, so that this product has been changing and now there are some who bring beautiful colors and glitter to the lips.

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