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Lignaform is a reflection of society has implanted a negative thought in terms of taking care of our food, and that is that when we talk about taking care of our food the first thing that comes to mind is to go hungry and that we will stop eating tasty, now that is a thought that may change, as there is great product which allows us to stay healthy without the need of hunger, one of the best products is Lignaform range red, which has become the best way to bring our diet balanced, without going hungry and with products that are truly divine.

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  • Lignaform Wafer Yogurt, Chocolate Milk, 5 Units
    Lignaform Wafer Yogurt, Chocolate Milk, 5 Units

    Lignaform Wafer Yogurt, Chocolate Milk, 5 Units, a cone to take care of you with a taste ideal. Great variety of flavors at your disposal. yogurt topped with milk chocolate sweetens their flavor and makes the flavor and texture is amazing. Minimum calorie intake for an amazing flavor. They are compatible with dietflash, pronokal, optifast and ysonut. 4...

    15,95 € -15.3793% 13,50 €
  • Lignaform Wafer Chocolate 5 Pieces
    Lignaform Wafer Chocolate 5 Pieces

    Lignaform Wafer Chocolate 5 Units are a wafer to be able to take care of yourself and make you keep the line from your first shot. A great prodcuto at a great price, Offer lignaform compatible with dietflash and with optifast in order to maintain their guidelines.

    15,95 € -15.3793% 13,50 €
  • Lignaform Wafer Vanilla Chocolate Milk 5 Units
    Lignaform Wafer Vanilla Chocolate Milk 5 Units

    Lignaform Wafer Vanilla Chocolate Milk 5 Units 5 rations to cover 5 meals at the best price to buy, to meet the needs of the red line of lignaform. Find all the range lignaform at the best price savings. Compatible with other brands as dietflash optifast or pronokal ensures optimal results.

    15,95 € -15.3793% 13,50 €
  • Lignaform Wafer Coconut Chocolate Black 5 Units
    Lignaform Wafer Coconut Chocolate Milk 5 Units

    Lignaform Wafer Coconut Chocolate Milk 5 Units are 5 rations to care for you at the best price. They are compatible with optifast dietflash and even pronokal. Take care of yourself in a correct and simple is easy with the snap food lignaform.

    15,95 € -15.3793% 13,50 €
  • Lignaform Wafer Tasting 5 Units
    Out of stock
    Lignaform Wafers Degustacion 5 Units

    Lignaform Wafers Degustacion 5 Units a full package of wafers so that you can try all the flavors that exist.Ham and cheese, yogurt, vanilla and pizza are perfect to test the entire range, salty, sweet which I like more. Pruebalas and don't miss the unique flavor of lignaform bars in offer price, and promotion.

    15,95 € -15.3793% 13,50 €
  • Lignaform Wafers Ham And Cheese 5 Units Range Blue
    Out of stock
    Lignaform Wafers Ham And Cheese 5 Units Range Blue

    Lignaform Wafers Ham And Cheese 5 Units

    15,95 € -15.3793% 13,50 €
  • Lignaform Wafer Chocolate 1 Unit
    Out of stock
    Lignaform Wafer Chocolate 1 Unit

    Lignaform Wafer Chocolate 1 Unit

    2,50 €

What are the products of Lignaform range red.

There are a large number of products within Lignaform, which is perfectly suited to the tastes of any person, among the products that can help with the care of your body without going hungry, we have:

Lignaform Wafer

The wafers Lignaform are one of the best ways to satisfy a whim sweet without the care of your body is affected, these wafers are really delicious, and are composed mainly of proteins, which are beneficial for our body, these wafers come in 5 flavors which are:

Coconut with dark chocolate

The variety of its flavors, it is essential to avoid the boredom of eating them.

Lignaform Bars

The sticks of Lignaform are really delicious, with one of the most demanded by everyone, and that not only the taste and its nutritional value are unmatched, it also is its price, to the delicious they are, these bars are really economical and accessible to all. These small bars, due to their size easily be transported to any place, and you can wear them for those moments where you feel weak for some sweet.

Among its flavors are:

Bar of Chocolate-orange

Bar Coconut with dark chocolate

Bar of dark Chocolate

Bar of Chocolate-caramel

Stick of Vanilla and hazelnuts with chocolate.

Snack sweets

Snacks sweet Lignaform bars are really good and varied, among them we have:
Cookies are one of the best ways to please, as they are simple and represent a sweet moment of the day.
Between the flavors of cookies we need:

Crackers with chocolate-hazelnut spread.
Biscuits orange.
Balls soy inflated chocolate covered.
The balls of soy are really good, and that is that everything that has chocolate is good, and can be eaten dry, or if you want you can also use it as cereal and add a little milk.

Lignaform range red jams and creams for a spread.

Up to now we have talked about the vagaries sweet that we can please if we are not at home, however, on a free weekend, being at home can suffer from a small anxiety attack for something sweet, but as always, we must focus on what is sweet but healthy, and for these moments jams and creams for a spread of Lignaform becomes the best companion of a biscuit or a piece of toast. Between jams and creams, spreads, we have:

Apricot jam, are delicious and perfect to accompany them with some toast.

A dip for chocolate, it becomes an excellent companion for your toast, and possess properties that are low-calorie and hyperprotein, ideal for the care of our body.

Strawberry jam, strawberry will always be a good companion for a whim sweet.
Custard ready to take
Puddings are a little sweet with properties, low-calorie and hyperprotein, which are designed to be able to eat a delicious sweet without feeling guilty.

Among the flavors are:

Custard vanilla ready to take.
Sour cream chocolate ready to take.
Dishes prepared in microwave
If sweets are not your forte, and you want something salty is a fast and rich prepare, exists within Lignaform of the range red, the dishes prepared in the microwave, with 3 rich flavors that are:
Pasta with vegetables
Steak to ratatouille
Pasta bolognese
These dishes can accompany you everywhere, and to eat only need a microwave.
Salty Snacks varied.
Our desire for eat a snack, not only are sweet, too salty is divine and these feel like there is:
Lignasnack nut soy bbq

Cheese pops Balls soy cheese flavored
Two delicious ways to eat healthy and savory.
As we can notice, Lignaform range red gives us a lot of products, which are perfect to stay healthy and able to enjoy something different if we are in a diet, and is that many times people are removed from the diet by the monotony of the same, so now that you know Lignaform range red, you know that you can keep in your diet and eat tasty without going hungry.

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