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Lierac Premium

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  • Lierac Premium Light Cream 50 ml Lierac Premium Light Cream 50 ml
    Lierac Premium Light Cream 50 ml

    The Lierac Premium Light Cream 50 m it is inspired by a regenerative formula, it is linked to a slight concentration of 8.5% in al Premium Cellular complex and 5% hyaluronic acid to correct the signs of aging day after day.

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  • Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml
    Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml

    The Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml it is a product which was designed to generate youth immediately because it manages to soften the signs of age that your face has in addition to giving volume and providing radiance.

    58,05 € -32.9028% 38,95 €
  • Lierac Premium Eyes 15 ml
    Lierac Premium Eyes 15 ml

    The Lierac Premium Eyes 15 ml it provides a completely extreme care in the eye contour area, since it is inspired by the best dermatological techniques in which pure hyaluronate acid is associated in turn the B-Relaxor Complex.

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  • Lierac Premium La Cura 30 ml Roll On Jade Lierac Premium La Cura 30 ml Roll On Jade
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    Lierac Premium La Cura 30 ml Roll On Jade

    Lierac Premium The Cure 30ml Roll On Gift Box it provides a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect of your skin thanks to the microcapsules of oil and aqueous actives to make your skin regain comfort by strengthening and unifying the tone. Now with a gift jade stone Roll On to promote absorption and its application

    105,75 € -24.6903% 79,64 €
  • Lierac Premium Serum 30 ml Lierac Premium Serum 30 ml
    Lierac Premium Serum 30 ml

    Lierac Premium Serum 30 ml it is a treatment with regenerating and anti-aging results that directly startles the cells in order to repair and protect the DNA that has deteriorated over time.

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  • Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50 ml Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50 ml
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    Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50 ml

    This cream has a creamy and creamy texture which was designed specifically for the correction of deep wrinkles, loss of firmness, the loss of density, the spot, the unevenness of the tone and pores.

    117,50 € -40.468% 69,95 €

Lierac Premium is a method of anti-aging global is indicated for the face with the main goal to achieve in the skin the best benefits while offering the best feeling.

It is a line of unique products from Lierac that has focused on the technology and the innovation of new developments in aesthetic dermatology and genetics, it is produced as a result of a luxurious union between the effectiveness and the sensitiveness of the best resorts anti-aging.

It is produced with complex anti-aging, high performance, because it contains pure hyaluronic acid with extracts of black flowers are unique and very valuable as the pink black, black orchid and oil of poppy, black and have excellent nutritional properties.

Operation of Lierac Premium

Lierac Premium builds on the excellent result to combat the signs of aging thanks that are produced from stem cells mixed in with the result of padding that is generated by the hyaluronic acid.

Lierac Premium the Purchase manages to activate the restoration at the level of the dermis and epidermis to improve automatically the texture and appearance of the skin, since it is the result of the mixture of the best of science and nature.

Generated as a result the skin may be perceived more soft and comfortable from the beginning of the treatment, generating the following results:

  • Nourishes the skin as it helps to counteract all the symptoms of aging, at the same time, which brings a larger regeneration of the skin.

  • Generates a nutrition more intense which can be used on dry skin in need of density and firmness.

  • Prevents and repairs in an optimal way deep wrinkles and stains of any kind.

  • It restores shine and a healthy glow thanks to the mixture of oil paintings of flowers black and precious oils including with the aim of bringing more nutrition to the face, giving the result repairer faster and with a better finish.

  • Generates a satin effect on the face, which achieved as a result a more youthful appearance.

  • Helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes, dark circles, wrinkles and tired eyelids.

Comprehensive treatment of Lierac Premium

Lierac Premium is a line that is in charge of fight globally against the signs of aging, this range of product is made up of 3 products focusing on regenerative medicine, tissue, dermal and epidermal stem cells.

In addition, it contains the reproduction of the effect of the FOXO protein and this protein immortality, mixed with hyaluronic acid that produces a great effect of population on the skin.

The texture of their products creates an effect of a second skin instantly, generating as a result a skin will feel more soft and comfortable.

  1. Serum Regenerant: is dosed at 10% with a solution of pure hyaluronic acid, which offers a great stimulation of the repair of the natural form of DNA, has a Lierac Premium Price of 93.96 sd €.

  2. Light cream: in your formula is a concentration of high doses of ingredients dermatological encentran associated with plant extracts that offer stock decongestants and draining.

In online stores you can find this product with a Lierac Premium Price of 93.96 sd €.

  1. Treatment Elixir: it offers a large dose of active dermatological problems that are associated with the plant extracts, providing in this way actions decongestants and draining.

In online stores you can find this product with a Lierac Premium Price of 93.96 sd €

Composition of Lierac Premium

Lierac Premium is composed by a complex Premium Cell which is a patent, which is registered by the Hexapeptide FX, a Terpenoide and the extract of 3 black flowers that are unique, that is to say, the orchid, the rose and the poppy.

The line of premium products provides a pump regenerative tissue for increased anti-age effect of global superactivada, achieving offer a filling of deep wrinkles, to the time he manages to close the pores returning the density of the skin.

It helps that stains the skin possesses are blurring, making recover more radiant skin thanks to its high content in:

  • The Hexapeptide FX: it has a chemical structure that helps to generate more action thanks to that includes the natural protein FOXO results above cellular longevity.

It achieves the control of stem cells offering the renewal of cells efficiently.

  • The active Terpenoide: helps to improve the healing thanks to that generated a great result in different levels of the revival of the skin, achieving the return of a skin, which will see more young.

  • Extract:

    • Orchids black: provides a high concentration of flavonoid antioxidants, and a cocktail of moisturizing agents and nutritious unmatched.

    • Rosa negra: contains polyphenols anti-radical-free and tannins that provide softening and astringent making it an excellent product to achieve the smooth texture of the skin.

    • Poppy black: is made up of essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9 generating a greater restoration of the balance lipid skin.

It is important to highlight the positive role that it exerts on the elasticity of the skin.

  • Essential Fatty acids (Omegas 3, 6 and 9: these allow you to restore the balance of lipid skin, thanks to which highlight its action on the elasticity of the skin, improve effectively.

Benefits of Lierac Premium the Purchase

Lierac Premium the Purchase is a line of products that includes a number of ingredients that generates a high efficiency in the fight against the signs of aging, as it is prepared with ingredients of the highest quality and ethics.

Fill in the wrinkles of the face, generating as a result a skin visibly younger, thanks to its adds volume, strength, and brightness making is perceived to be more comfortable, smooth and well-rested.

After the first application, the skin will be more radiant, comfortable, revitalized and strengthened, generating, as a result, wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion is rekindled, to the time that the volume is restored, generating a more dense, repaired and stronger.