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Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml


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The Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml it is a product which was designed to generate youth immediately because it manages to soften the signs of age that your face has in addition to giving volume and providing radiance.

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This treatment is carried out with the advantage that in just a few minutes you will be able to eliminate the fatigue of your face and it will also provide an instant and immediate filling effect by which the face will gain volume eradicating the signs of age

 The mask is created to be creamy and in this way generate in the area a feeling of second skin with which an immediate reconstruction is generated after letting it rest on the complexion thus causing an aroma between musk, jasmine and iris.

Terms of Use of Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml

 The Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml it should be used when having clean and dry skin. It can be used in conjunction with other creams of the same line or alone by adding it to your daily facial cleansing routine.

 When applying it on the face, it should be taken into account that it should not be used on the eye contour as it could generate discomfort and discomfort, among other things.

 It must be applied and let it rest on the face for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, which is the main period for it to penetrate the face and cause the desired effect

 In addition, we can use it during the day and at night in this way we will generate a better response in the treatment.

 When removing the mask the excesses can be eliminated in the company of the cotton

 Main ingredients of the Terms of Use of Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml

 The Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml it has three main ingredients that make it one of the best instant masks:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid solution which is dosed at 10%
  2. Premium Cellular Complex found in the mask at a 4.5%
  3. Sublimating Soft Focus Micropigments

 Results of the Use of Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml

 After using the mask in a period of four weeks the following changes will be appreciated:

  • The skin tone is appreciated more radiant to the eye
  • The machas will be noticeably decreased
  • Deepening wrinkles will already be less visible
  • The pores will feel tighter and with a better texture ensuring a thinner skin
  • The skin will look denser and reconstruction on it will be noticeable

 Characteristic of Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml

 The mask is indicated in the following cases:

  1.  For skin with deep wrinkles
  2. For complexions in which the density and firmness have been requested
  3. On skin where there are spots in addition to irregularities with the tone and open pores
  4. In skin areas where the pores are open and the skin texture is observed irregularly
  5. It has a texture that makes it creamy with which it generates a second skin effect to achieve the necessary restoration.