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Lierac Hydragenist

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Lierac Hydragenist is a treatment that provides great hydration and it helps to have a skin with more oxygen, filling and an incredible freshness, with a texture active and creamy that binds to the skin and seals it in a halo of softness.

Generates more nutrition into the skin without sense of heaviness, because that regenerate the skin the results of the technical aesthetics of oxygenation of tissues as a result of your use of the Complex Hydra O2., which is a complex devaluation of the cosmetic hybridization.

The tissue oxygenation lies in driving oxygen in the center of the cells to generate the stimulation of the generation of getters of water in all the layers of the skin and to possess a large amount of collectors of water, hydration is preserved much better.

Benefits of Lierac Hydragenist

Lierac Hydragenist has four products that are effective at the time to prevent the symptoms of aging achieving moisturize the skins that most require it, generating an intense hydration thanks to the vitamins it contains.

In addition, it generates in the skin tone more bright, and reduces wrinkles and expression lines as a result of its moisturizing effect and filler.

This great line Lierac Hydragenist Buy has in mind the requirements of the skin of the people before you build each product and always goes beyond these needs.

Operation of Lierac Hydragenist

Lierac launches its new line Lierac Hydragenist Price that helps to cover a lot of needs, are already based on the technique of tissue oxygenation, which lies in the introduction of the oxygen in the nucleus of the cells to stimulate the absorption of water.

Lierac Hydragenist generates its benefits in all layers of the skin, thanks to which includes Complex Hydra O2, that mixture of oxygen biomimetic and leaf of vernonia, that encourage deep hydration of the skin.

In addition, they contain hyaluronic acid which generates a higher hydration achieving populate the epidermis, mixed with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals such as B5, B6, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese that increase the metabolism of the skin.

Lierac Hydragenist Buy bring qualities energizing thanks to the fact that it generates a greater hydration to the face of a new generation, with qualities oxygenating and padding, meaning that the skin regains its healthy, fresh appearance.

Lierac Hydragenist Cream 50 ml Eye Contour 15 ml Flask

This Lierac Hydragenist Buy pack generates a result hydrating and oxygenating which helps to plump the skin, minimizing significantly the signs of aging and can be used in skins, normal and mixed.

Includes a Cream Contour of Eyes that generates a moisturizing long-lasting to the area around the eyes which is very delicate, achieving smooth visible wrinkles and expression lines thanks to its effect antibolsas and antiojeras.

Additionally, it includes Lierac Hydragenist Price Gel-Cream that hydrates, oxygenates and fills in the normal to combination skin, managing to generate a contribution of oxygen deep into the skin.

Includes among its compounds, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, that help to fill in wrinkles and fine lines, while its concentrated butter and apricot sheet of vermonia added an extra hydration to the face.

Its texture and the powder matte effect that includes are indicated especially for those with normal to mixed, creating a skin that is perceived more smooth, fresh, bright and uniform. In addition, it includes a scent that is reminiscent of the mixture of rose water, jasmine and gardenia.

Lierac Hydragenist Nutribaume 50 ml

It is a Lierac Hydragenist Price that gives the skin a rich nutrition, helping to fill and repair the skins that are more undernourished, rough, marked and weakened.

Can be used as a treatment SOS on a daily basis or as a mask that can be applied 1 to 2 times a week.

Contributes to the extreme nutrition of ingredients like butter and melted in a creamy, with a texture that is active fundible and life-giving as it is enriched with Shea butter for a cold cream that generates a skin repaired and refilled immediately.

Includes an original mix of assets as a consequence of the result of the cosmetics of hybridization, making the bond between the best of science and nature:

  • Complex Hydra O2 which is the result of the mixture of Oxygen biomimetic, ácid. hial, leaf of vernonia, a concentrate of vitamins and minerals, enriched with oil-extracts of roses.

  • MFN or Natural Moisturizing Factors.

Additionally, it includes a fresh aroma, delicate and feminine with notes of rose water, jasmine and gardenia.

Lierac Hydragenist Mask Sos Moisturizer 75 ml

The Lierac Hydragenist Price, mask with effect, SOS help hydrate, fill up and oxygenate the skins that you find in the highest degree of dehydration, either because it is subjected to stress, extreme temperatures or simply tiredness.

You have more strength thanks to that includes active moisturizing and nourishing, so is mask makes the skin instantly generating that can be displayed, smooth, and with a freshness amazing.

Lierac Hydragenist Price is designed especially to be used by all of those women who need a moisturizing treatment with a plus of anti-age effect, as well as those that require an intense injection of water and nutrients.

Additionally, it includes complex Hydra O2 represents optimally the technical aesthetics of tissue oxygenation, this mask includes among its ingredients oil of the Camellia flower that soothes the skin aging and loss of hydration.

Also includes an extract and oil of Jasmine, whose tannins and flavoides help to efficiently improve the micro-circulation and cell metabolism.

Its cream-gel texture extra-sensory made with vegetable glycerin generates a mantle on the outside of the skin as a patch that helps to propagate the assets in the various layers of the skin. In addition, it includes the perfume unmistakable pink jasmine of the line Hydragenist.