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Lierac Eye Contour

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  • Lierac Dipotifatigue Gel Cream, Fatigue 15 ml
    Lierac Dioptifatigue Gel Cream, Fatigue 15 ml

    Lierac Dioptifatigue Gel Cream, Fatigue 15 ml treatment of correction anti-fatigue eye treatment, anti-puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, avoid the sensation in your face, of accumulated fatigue, tested, ophthalmologist, with pure caffeine, Hyalu 2 and peptides anti blue light. Protection against blue light LED.

    24,30 € -23.6214% 18,56 €
  • Lierac Premium Eyes 15 ml
    Lierac Premium Eyes 15 ml

    The Lierac Premium Eyes 15 ml it provides a completely extreme care in the eye contour area, since it is inspired by the best dermatological techniques in which pure hyaluronate acid is associated in turn the B-Relaxor Complex.

    69,50 € -51.1473% 33,95 €
  • Lierac Cica-filler Serum 3 Blisters
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Lierac Cica-filler Serum 3 Blisters

    A new complex that promotes healing tissue to fight against all kinds of wrinkles, expression wrinkles or wrinkles procedure, thanks to Complex AHC repairer and Bakuchiol pro-collagen repairing the epidermis and strengthen its density to retrieve a look much more youthful.

    59,90 € -27.1119% 43,66 €
  • Lierac Dioptiride Cream Correction Wrinkles, 15 ml
    Lierac Dioptiride Cream Correction Wrinkles, 15 ml

    The contour of the eyes is a skin that is five times finer than that found in the rest of the face, thus having a higher number of elastin and collagen fibers that are fully sensitive to external agents.

    24,30 € -22.0165% 18,95 €
  • Lierac Diopticerne Fluid Correction dark Circles 15 ml
    Lierac Diopticerne Fluid Correction dark Circles 15 ml

    Lierac Diopticerne Fluid Correction dark Circles 15 ml effective treatment against dark circles under the eyes with blue under-eye circles, brown spots and under-eye circles, sunken, intensive treatment tested ophthalmologically very effective against treatment aclarante and corrective dark circles. With principles such as arnica, vitamin C and tripeptid...

    24,99 € -15.9924% 20,99 €
  • Lierac Dioptipoche Gel Bags 15 ml
    Lierac Dioptipoche Gel Bags 15 ml

    Lierac Dioptipoche Gel Bags 15 ml a gel that acts as a reducer of bags with effect antiojeras and antibolsas. Acts against the bags of water, bags of fat and bags, Flexi das for lack of firmness. With a shield to blue light treatment.

    24,95 € -15.8577% 20,99 €
  • Lierac Supra Radiance Eye 15 ml
    Lierac Supra Radiance Eye 15 ml

    Lierac Supra Radiance Eye 15 ml is prepared specifically for the eye contour because it brightens the eyes and gives improvement to their appearance, making them look more well-rested.

    35,90 € -16.5808% 29,95 €

Eye contour Lierac is a product that offers excellent benefits to the skin, since it has as a main goal to achieve the reduction of the signs of age in an area that is as delicate as it is the outline of the eyes.

The Eye Contour Lierac is specially developed with specialized ingredients to improve the contour area of the eye, such as peptides are anti blue light that are emitted by the screens, thus achieving a higher protection of the periocular area.

As a result this area is located with a greater protection against the cell damage, the peptides are also great precursors of proteins, although they have a lower size as the chain of amino acids to which it is attached is shorter.

They also help the penetration in the skin to make a more simple form, this being the main advantage of Lierac Sunissime Eyes.

Operation of the Eye Contour Lierac

Eye contour Lierac is a product that has an extraordinary power anti-aging with an innovative formula that provide a wide restructuring, decongesting and draining this area so delicate.

As a result of the mix of high protein concentration or complex premium cell, offers a better performance in stem cells leading to generate the stimulation, regeneration and concentration of hyaluronic acid in an exclusive way.

Contains Hyalu-3 , which is rated for 3 different assets as they are, the hyaluronic acid that contains a high molecular weight, the peptides that achieve the stimulation of hyaluronic acid and this acid encapsulated.

This is achieved by a surface effect and at the same time in-depth, as it contains high concentrate of antioxidants which offer an improvement in the cell, and includes high doses of assets, thanks to the plant extracts it contains in its formula.

Benefits of the Eye Contour Lierac

Contour Eyes Lierac achieved the correction of the signs of the age in which they are included deep wrinkles, bags, dark circles and loss of brightness, providing an ideal lighting in the look.

This eye contour has a proven through clinical studies that indicate that it achieves the decrease of the wrinkled surface, thanks to which creates the effect of tension immediately.

Eye contour Lierac Opinions of wrinkles and fine lines are highly attenuated, while the dark circles become visibly decrease in a positive way.

How to Use the Eye Contour Lierac

Contour Eyes Lierac can be found in serum and in drops, which should be placed directly on the skin via a dropper which has already included in its design.

With the dropper should be dropping in the skin so soft and then proceed to perform a small touch, with the aim of achieving the solution to be absorbed by the dermis of the right way and quickly without leaving any effect greasy.

Contour Eyes Lierac is designed to be used on the eye contour area, although it can also be used in the rest of the face including the neck and décolleté for a better result.

Then to be applied to the required areas must be allowed to dry completely so that the product is absorbed through the skin, although in some cases it may require the placement of a treatment cream or emulsion above or in his absence a solar filter.

It is important to consider which is the best time to use the Eye Contour Lierac, as according to the needs of the skin will be differentiated from the dose and the period used to improve the appearance of the area.

In other words, the number of drops and the dose of daily application may vary because of the texture and the type of skin, with the understanding that:

  • If the skin is younger and with a tendency to suffer skin, combination or oily it will take only a few drops and a single application per day.

  • For the skins more mature or dry, it is necessary to apply a cream that the serum is completely absorbed, requiring two applications a day.

In general, serum or fluids night are more repairers, for which reason, tend to be in specific ingredients to achieve the eradication of stains, peeling and regeneration of the skin to produce its effect during the night.

These creams include specific elements that achieve the improvement of the action that is usually performed, as it is mainly generated a great deal of light, resulting in wrinkles of expression can no longer be displayed.

In the same way, tend to generate the same effect in the sagging area, or simply offering a reduction in the excesses of fat, or fat that are usually in the face, so that they can be used in the day or on the night, with contributions of different vitamins and antioxidants.

Indications of the Eye Contour Lierac

Contour Eyes Lierac can be used in the different types of skins, no matter if you are young, or perhaps mature, without any kind of restriction between genres and can be used both in men as in women.

In people with oilier skins are recommended for use as a single treatment, because it does not possess components comedogenic offer a special help making unclog the pore, preventing effective way that the skin becomes dirty excessively.

Similarly, men have a skin that usually tends to be more oily, thicker and is used to the injury of the shaving on a daily basis, that makes this product is very nice and helps to activate the dermis to be used in the morning.

To be used as a single treatment during the nights in the skins that are more mature and dry and does not need any cream later as Contour Eyes Lierac provides the necessary nutrition.

It is suggested its application in the morning or at night depending on the appearance of the skin, using it in the morning achieves a smoothing of expression lines and makes the lighting look.

When placed at night, it generates a higher repair and regeneration of the cells in a more intense way, although at the time of the application the product should be distributed so delicate around the eye contour and do not skip the upper eyelid.

At the time of the extension of the cream can be applied to small touches that go from the inside to the outside of the eye, of a smooth and constant.

Types of Eye Contours Lierac

At the time of wanting to achieve the elimination of dark circles and bags as a result of the removal of the stress, the first thing to keep in mind is that it should be fulfilled by a period of sleep of at least eight hours per day, and a good diet.

Sometimes to achieve both of these requirements it is a little expensive for this purpose it is recommended the inclusion of the beauty routine cosmetic Contour Eyes Lierac, as it helps to achieve the prevention and combat of this aesthetic problem.

Achieving the elimination of dark circles and bags will look a look fully rested, youthful and radiant, I enter the different Eye Contour Lierac , we can mention the following:

Lierac Supra Radiance Serum Illuminating Eye Contour

It is a product specially designed to provide extra brightness as a consequence of its high content of extract of horehound, which offers a battle against aging caused by the toxins.

In addition, it offers an ideal blend of concentrated anti-aging Hyalu-3, achieving a super smooth while manages to fill wrinkles, it also contains extract of tree pagoda which is a component that contains a number of different properties including antioxidants.

Also includes ruscogenin which is a great decongestant zone so that it achieves the elimination of the effect of under-eye circles and puffiness, so that the performance of this product is great because it offers greater brightness in the eye contour.

In addition, it provides immediate softness in the area of the contour of the eyes, making visually the reduction of fatigue while manages to soften and clarify the involved area, as it can be placed in this area both in the mornings and in the evenings.

Lierac Diopticreme Eye Contour

With this product Contour Eyes Lierac aims to combat wrinkles as much in place as wrinkles due to dehydration and lines of expression that are found in the contour of the eyes.

Contour Eyes Lierac offers hydration and a smoothing of the epidermis while that manages to fill in an ideal manner the dermis making this blend wrinkles caused by dehydration.

As a last process manages to generate effectively fill the wrinkles that are marked as it reaches the improvement in the elasticity thanks to the increase in the quantity and quality of collagen in this area.

This product anti-aging is enriched with peptides of light anti-blue which will create a protection against the cell damage that can be created in the area periocular achieving strengthen the corrective effect of the wrinkles.

The mode of employment of the same can be in the mornings or in the evenings on the area of the eye contour and you will be able to see how instantly your skin will look much younger from the first day of application.

Lierac Sunissime Eyes

Lierac Sunissime Eyes is a treatment solar two-in-one suitable for the contour of the eyes, managing to avoid generating photoaging, as this product is made of source filters 100% mineral.

Lierac Sunissime Eyes provides a great sun protection due to the broad spectrum ultra that has working against the rays EVA, EVB, visible light and infrared, all of this while the hyaluronic acid achieves the hydration and smoothness ideal to this area so fragile.

Lierac Sunissime Eyes, succeeds in providing a protection and beautification ideal as ensuring that the area is completely illuminated as a result of the shape of its tip provides an application ultradirigida.

Thanks to the size that has Lierac Sunissime Eyes you can take it to any place without any type of problem because its size is very user-friendly.

In addition, it is advisable to use as a bar, a corrective in the darker areas that are located on the contour of the eyes.

It also works as a shield that can be applied in certain specific areas that are more susceptible to the sun, by avoiding the spots, pigmentation and blemishes waste.

Eye contour Lierac Views

It is crucial to achieve the perfect protection of the delicate skin around the eyes against the harmful effects generated by the sun, for this reason, it has created Eye Contour Lierac Opinions of dermatologists who have tested the product.

These dermatologists indicate according to Eye Contour Lierac Opinions experts that this product can be used as a medicine, cosmetic, and their results are going to depend on the mode of use that are owned by the consumer and the recommendations that this follow.

Eye contour Lierac Opinions of dermatologists indicate that this type of product should be used daily in the area of the eye contour, taking into account that the area is completely sensitive.

The expert Eye Contour Lierac Opinions have come to know that in addition to achieving the protection of the skin against the sun, also, fades and generates a camouflage dark under-eye circles, and other signs of fatigue.

For what it manages to achieve the correction of a way full of all of those imperfections that are found in the skin, such as spots, and bags with this being one of the best functions according to the opinions of experts in dermatology.