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Lierac Cica Filler

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  • Lierac Cica-filler Mat Gel-Cream anti-Wrinkle Restorative 40 ml
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    Lierac Cica-filler Mat Gel-Cream anti-Wrinkle Restorative...

    Lierac Cica-filler Mat Gel-Cream anti-Wrinkle Restorative 40 ml is a treatment indicated paw all those women who wish to be an anti-ageing product on the face, its use is recommended for oily to normal to mixed.

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  • Lierac Cica-filler Serum 3 Blisters
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    Lierac Cica-filler Serum 3 Blisters

    A new complex that promotes healing tissue to fight against all kinds of wrinkles, expression wrinkles or wrinkles procedure, thanks to Complex AHC repairer and Bakuchiol pro-collagen repairing the epidermis and strengthen its density to retrieve a look much more youthful.

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  • Lierac Cica-filler anti-Wrinkle Cream Restorative 40 ml Lierac Cica-filler anti-Wrinkle Cream Restorative 40 ml
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    Lierac Cica-filler anti-Wrinkle Cream Restorative 40 ml

    Lierac Cica-filler anti-Wrinkle Cream Restorative 40 ml is prepared to be applied in normal to dry skin helping to remedy the epidermis, restoring the height of the dermis as a result, the concentrated Hyalu-3 levels in the tissue.

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Laboratories Lierac, presents a range of products called Lierac Cica Filler that is inspired by the healing tissue, this being a strategy that helps to create a correction unheard of in the skin.

This is formulated with a new generation of active ingredients that generate results widely to repair and your presentation is inspired in the medical universe, which contains an active texture and completely sensory. 616 28 94 37

Is focused on the correction of any type of wrinkles as it provides results ultraeficaces as a result of the researchers and formulators of the firm have been dedicated to implement an innovative approach in these products.

This new approach covers the concern that women have in terms of the occurrence of the symptoms of ageing on the face such as wrinkles, expression lines and blemishes.

Operation of Lierac Cica Filler

Lierac Cica Filler focuses on ensuring the reduction of the external elements to the level of the epidermis and the dermis, this being a process that generates as a result the formation of wrinkles, since the tissues tend to become thin and desestructuran.

It generates a loss or a deterioration at the local level managing to produce the appearance of wrinkles on the surface of the skin as a result of the microrrotura that originates in the skin, Lierac Cica Filler price works in the reduction of 4 types of wrinkles:

  • Wrinkles: these are linked to the repetition of the different facial expressions.

  • Wrinkles, sagging: this type is caused by the loss of the passing of the time of the components that offer the constitution of the dermis such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

  • Wrinkles, photoaging: this type is caused by the excess of UVA rays, which tend to be deeper, and to be quartered.

  • The wrinkles of dehydration: these are the most superficial of which are created in the skin, but are the first to appear in over thirty years.

Composition of Lierac Cica Filler

Lierac Cica Filler is composed by assets, of new generation which have as main objective to offer a better healing the skin, among which are:

  • The alquemila, ivy and horsetail: help prepare the epidermis of efficiently achieving this is restored and generate greater tension on the skin.

  • The Bakuchiol: it is an active unpublished more effective than retinol and does not produce side effects, since that is focused on the density of the dermis.

  • High concentration of Hyalu-3: aims to fill the tissues and is composed of three forms of hyaluronic acid that apply according to their molecular weight by achieving greater hydration and softness.

  • Yeast extracts of agave: offer the stimulation of hyaluronic acids achieving that occur in the skin, the natural way to long-term.

Your microencapsulated gives a great effect of population extended-release, with a dual approach to healing and padding, since the structure of the wrinkles look like a microrrotura, providing the possibility of creating a great correction of the same.

Program Lierac Cica Filler

The program Lierac Cica Filler Price is composed by product highly beneficial as they are:

Lierac Cica-filler Serum 3 Blisters

It is especially indicated for use in women older than 30 years, since it includes a high concentration of bakuchiol, an ingredient that by being active in the dermis, help to generate an increased synthesis of collagen essential.

Offers a great repair and restructuring of the skin, which is why it can be used as a shock treatment for a period of 30 days by applying it in the mornings and in the nights before the cream or gel to improve the effectiveness of this.

Lierac Cica-Filler Gel - Cream Anti-Wrinkle Restorative

In the formula of this product are ingredients that deliver great benefits to the skin such as the Bakachiol and the complex Alquemila, Ivy, horsetail and in like manner the concentrate of Hyalu-3.

Generate the creation of a thin layer of non-occlusive, which helps to create the feeling of a skin filled, this product can be applied in the face both in the morning and in the evenings after using the serum.

Lierac Cica-Filler Anti-Wrinkle Cream Restorative

It is indicated to be used in skins, normal and dry skin, providing a greater hydration and comfort, thanks to its composition is Bakuchiol and Alquemila, Ivy, horsetail.

Additionally, it includes concentrated Hyalu-3 that achieved positive results in the hydration and fill more intense in the tissues, which must be applied in the evenings and in the mornings after using the serum.

Benefits of Lierac Cica Filler Purchase

It is necessary to obtain Lierac Cica Filler Buying thanks to that guarantee the combat, in the shortest possible time, the signs of the age, offering in this way an aspect younger, healthy, luminous skin.

Thanks to your wonderful formulation can be used as a treatment of 30 days, since that is inspired by various healing techniques, which is why it is necessary to use the product both in the evenings and in the mornings.

Lierac Cica Filler Purchase has a texture that blends in effectively with the skin, at the same time offers a wonderful fragrance small hints of jasmine, green apple, generating, as a result, the skin is fresh while reducing wrinkles.

Results for Lierac Cica Filler

Lierac Cica Filler Price it is made with a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin, making it a line whose effects will begin to perceive after seven days of continuous use and it is recommended to apply after 30 years.

Results in a few wrinkles visibly smoothed, skin smoother, and with less marks thanks to its filling effect and rejuvenation.

In people who have normal or combination skin and tend to have shiny skin and excess sebum, it is recommended that it is use of Lierac Cica-Filler Gel - Cream anti-Wrinkle Restorative.

At the same time that those that your complexion is dry you can apply Lierac Cica-Filler anti-Wrinkle Cream is Restorative.

Both include in their formula assets that reinforce the treatment outcome and creating lasts longer and can be used daily, providing hydration to the skin, depending on the type.

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