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  • Insigny Kids Shampoo Lice 200 ml
    Insigny Kids Shampoo Lice 200 ml

    Insigny Kids Lice Shampoo 200 ml oil of the tree of you and sherry vinegar valid for the whole family thanks to a formula 100% natural, a soft smell of apple. Simply apply on damp hair and give a gentle massage to foam, it is ideal for use in times of school or camps to avoid potential infestations by lice.

    9,50 € -10.5732% 8,49 €
  • Nit View Ledcomb liendrera
    Nitview Ledcomb Liendrera

    Nitview Ledcomb Lice, locates and extracts efficiently and real-lice and nits without the need for liquids, allows you to use it daily as a method of prevention, it is enough to comb the child and see whether or not you have lice or parasites.

    22,95 €
  • Plantapol Shampoo Arbol del Te 250 ml
    Plantapol Shampoo Arbol del Te 250 ml

    Plantapol Shampoo Tree of the Te 250 ml of extract from the tree of you is perfect dewormer for all hair types, natural is perfect for the whole family. Use it in times of college and provide for asila infestation of the hair, the smaller d the house

    9,99 € -10.0484% 8,99 €
  • Otc Lice Spray Repellent Lice 125 ml
    Out of stock
    Otc Lice Spray Repellent Lice 125 ml

    Otc Lice Spray Repellent Lice 125 ml , labs otc has created the first spray repellent, lice and parasites of hair, thanks to n-butyl-beta-alaninato ethyl, can be applied in children over two years, with the new scent and lower alcohol content

    8,51 €
  • Otc Lice Lotion Without Insecticide 125 ml
    Out of stock
    Otc Lice Lotion Without Insecticide 125 ml

    Lotion Without Insecticide 125 ml lice, With a cap, and with liendrera built-in. Effective in 30 minutes WITHOUT ALCOHOL, dimethicone 4%, paralyzed, choking, and ends with the lice permanently so that they do not appear again, 100% natural.. Simply apply and leave on for 30 minutes and then wash with normal shampoo and you'll have the perfect results. 100...

    15,00 € -43.3871% 8,49 €
  • Isdin Lice Gel 100 ml
    Out of stock
    Isdin Lice Gel 100 ml

    Lice Isdin removes lice and nits naturally as it contains no insecticides, contains neemtech, with maximum efficiency and to apply in just 10 minutes

    18,05 € -10% 16,25 €
  • Acofarderm Bye Bye lice
    Out of stock
    Acofarderm Bye Bye Lice Lotion + Comb

    Acofarderm Lotion lice Bye Bye, anti-lice and nits, effective in 10 -15 minutes without insecticide and very useful against lice and nits. Liendrera gift.

    8,25 €
  • Liendrera denuvi with studs, dual-channel
    Out of stock
    Denuvi Liendrera Studs Double Channel

    Denuvi Liendrera dual-channel with the spikes specially designed to trap head lice and nits and remove them from the head of a menra simple and efficient, rounded ends, made of stainless steel.

    12,95 €
Repellent lice and lice for children and babies, prevents head lice infestation, or delete the existing ones, eliminates head lice or parasites hair so simple and natural, kills them one time in format lotion, spray or balsamo prevents itching of the head and discomfort in children.
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