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Lice Child

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  • Neositrin Protect Repellent Without Rinse 100 ml Neositrin Protect Repellent Without Rinse 100 ml
    Neositrin Protect Repellent Without Rinse 100 ml

    Neositrin Protect Repellent Without Rinse the 100 ml is a spray conditioner that allows you to get a hair detangled and protected without rinsing. Eliminating the lice that may come in contact with the hair.

    6,80 €
  • Neositrin Lice Spray 100 ml
    Neositrin Lice Spray 100 ml

    Neositrin Spray 100 ml

    19,94 € -35.0702% 12,95 €
  • Insigny Kids Shampoo Lice 200 ml
    Insigny Kids Shampoo Lice 200 ml

    Insigny Kids Lice Shampoo 200 ml oil of the tree of you and sherry vinegar valid for the whole family thanks to a formula 100% natural, a soft smell of apple. Simply apply on damp hair and give a gentle massage to foam, it is ideal for use in times of school or camps to avoid potential infestations by lice.

    9,50 € -10.5732% 8,49 €
  • Neositrin Spray Gel Liquid Lice 60 ml
    Neositrin Spray Gel Liquid Lice 60 ml

    Neositrin Spray Gel Liquid Lice 60 ml , The final solution against head lice, with dimethicone and penetrol is active against lice and nits in the same way.

    12,00 € -17.1371% 9,95 €
  • Otc Antipojos Formula Total spray 125 ml
    Otc Antipojos Formula Total spray 125 ml

    Otc Antipojos Formula Total spray 125 ml new formulation for immediate use on parasites, with an action of 2 minutes is enough to eliminate almost 90 per cent of head lice and nits. It acts on the mobility of the head lice in just 1 minute and a half, and causes his death by imbalance of water. With Lendrera and hat for correct application

    20,00 € -20.0847% 15,98 €
  • Otc Lice Permethrin Pack Lotion Shampoo
    Otc Lice Permethrin Pack Lotion Shampoo

    Otc Lice Permethrin Pack Lotion, Shampoo, is a pack effective for treatment of head lice and nits formed by two bottles of shampoo and lotion that easily can be used to treat infestations of lice and parasites. Contains lotion, permethrin, shampoo, permethrin, two hats and lendrera.) an effective treatment at the best price.

    15,00 € -22.6613% 11,60 €
  • Neositrin Protect 250 ml
    Neositrin Protect 250 ml

    Neositrin Protect 250 ml

    14,95 € -20.0348% 11,95 €
  • Neositrin Lotion dimethicone Neositrin Lotion dimethicone
    Out of stock
    Neositrin Lotion lice 100 ml

    Neositrin Lotion, 4% of dimethicone is a new way to eradicate head lice with demonstrated efficacy in nits. Odorless, easy to apply. Contains No Insecticides organo phosphorus.

    9,95 €
  • Otc Lice Spray Repellent Lice 125 ml
    Out of stock
    Otc Lice Spray Repellent Lice 125 ml

    Otc Lice Spray Repellent Lice 125 ml , labs otc has created the first spray repellent, lice and parasites of hair, thanks to n-butyl-beta-alaninato ethyl, can be applied in children over two years, with the new scent and lower alcohol content

    8,51 €
  • Otc Lice Lotion Without Insecticide 125 ml
    Out of stock
    Otc Lice Lotion Without Insecticide 125 ml

    Lotion Without Insecticide 125 ml lice, With a cap, and with liendrera built-in. Effective in 30 minutes WITHOUT ALCOHOL, dimethicone 4%, paralyzed, choking, and ends with the lice permanently so that they do not appear again, 100% natural.. Simply apply and leave on for 30 minutes and then wash with normal shampoo and you'll have the perfect results. 100...

    15,00 € -43.3871% 8,49 €
  • Otc Lice Permethrin Kit Lotion Conditioner Spray
    Out of stock
    Otc Lice Permethrin Kit Lotion Conditioner Spray

    Otc Lice Permethrin Kit Lotion Conditioner Spray the treatment more fully formed by three elements lice, permethrin lotion to the 1.5 % that kills and removes nits and lice, young and old, conditioner, leave a hair perfect after the treatment, a finally a spray guard against possible infestations in the future.

    22,00 € -14.3014% 18,85 €
  • Neositrin Mousse lice
    Out of stock
    Neositrin Mousse lice 100 ml

    Neositrin Mousse Lice with activdiol is a treatment lice easy to use, contains no pesticides and is effective against head lice.

    16,50 € -18.1818% 13,50 €
  • neositrin shampoo 100 ml
    Out of stock
    Neositrin Shampoo lice 100 ml

    Neositrin Shampoo 100 ml with extracts of quassia amara gets to eradicate head lice in a single application, With a pleasant scent leaves your hair clean and shiny

    6,00 € -16.9355% 4,99 €
  • Neositrin Gel 60ml Protect 100ml Liendrera Neositrin Gel 60ml Protect 100ml Liendrera
    Out of stock
    Neositrin Gel 60ml Protect 100ml Liendrera

    Neositrin Gel 60 ml Protect 100 ml Liendrera

    22,95 € -30.5219% 15,95 €
  • Fullmarks Spray Lice 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Fullmarks Spray Lice 150 ml

    Fullmarks Spray Lice 150 ml

    13,50 €
  • Insigny Kids Lotion Detangling Hair 200 ml
    Out of stock
    Insigny Kids Lotion Protective Lice Hair 200 ml

    Badge Kids Lotion, Detangler, Protective Hair 200 ml with tree of you and sherry vinegar is a lotion of direct application without having to clarify the hair and is perfect for a repellent of possible infestation of lice. Best treatment to prevent your child catches head lice. Protective lotion of possible spread of head lice. Easy to apply with the spray...

    9,95 € -14.5985% 8,49 €
  • Otc Lice Protects Spray Detangler 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Otc Lice Protects Spray Detangler 250 ml

    Otc Lice Protects Spray Detangler 250 ml spray protector for your hair that detangles, nourishes and protects the hair in a natural way. A solution to effectively help in the treatment of lice or hair treatments, Very effective in long hairs and care, and you can use them daily without rinse. Easy and simple to use

    8,00 € -18.7595% 6,50 €
  • Otc Lice Formula Total Pack Spray + Shampoo
    Out of stock
    Otc Lice Formula Total Pack Spray + Shampoo

    Otc Lice Formula Total Pack Spray + Shampoo of tree you more vinegar quassa amara that ensures the protection post-treatment. Formula total works in only 2 minutes on the hair more infested by paralyzing the lice and kill them along with the nits. In this pack combo you will also have a shampoo protector after to avoid reinfestacion of clean hair.

    25,00 € -20.1839% 19,95 €

Head lice are parasites and need to feed on human blood to survive, are small insects that live and multiply in the head of the people. These insects are found on the scalp or close to it, especially in the neck and behind the ears.

Adult lice are the size of sesame seeds, their eggs are called nits and are even much smaller, its size is that of a flake of dandruff.

Antipiojos Infantiles

Treatment for head lice

A good head lice treatment to get rid of the lice, which include shampoos, creams, and lotions-the-counter or with a prescription. Basically there are three types of lice treatment for the removal of the same:

  1. Chemical treatments: they act as a poison that pollutes the lice and the nits, they have a very strong smell, so there is that care must be taken when using it in the exact amount indicated in the prospectus.
  2. Physical treatments: are silicone-non-toxic and last generation that build a film around the louse and suffocate to death, but for the nits do not work. Although it can be used in pregnant women infected with hiv without problems.
  3. Natural treatments: combinations of essential oils, vacuum cleaners, lendreras manual or electric, rubber bands for hair.

The best repellent lice

There are currently various types of products that can be used as a repellent, lice without causing any resistance, like for example:

  • Repellent lice naturally: as the vinegar of Quassia amara, eucalyptus oil, geraniol, limonene, farnesol, among others, are natural products that are very well known for its use to repel the lice.
  • Repellent lice from biocidal products: Are products they have in formulation IR3535, a compound highly studied and endorsed as safe and has a great efficacy as an insect repellent.

The best shampoo lice

There are various chemical treatments and mergers of different types of treatment used for the removal of lice as the appointing below:

  • Fullmarks Kit Treatment Lice: presents a complete kit that includes lotion lice shampoo lice and a lendrera that effectively combat those nasty insects.
  • Paranix Shampoo Lice and Nits: this is a quick solution against lice and nits, as it is a lice shampoo, clinically tested, whose formula of dual-action not only kills, but also washes the hair, leaving it clean and free of parasites.
  •  Vacuum cleaner head lice Stop Monsters: this appliance whose end has a lendrera is coupled with a vacuum cleaner domestic conventional and allows you to suck the head lice that are in the head.
  • Medisana LCS: it Is a lendrera that brings out the lice and kills them electrically when these come in contact with the spikes, emits a constant beeping while you comb through the hair and, when it detects something, it stops beeping, which warns that has trapped the inhabitants.
  • Hair bands natural lice No-Lice: Their appearance is of a paste of normal hair, and current, but due to the prolonged release of natural ingredients such as essential oils of tea tree, neem and rosemary repel lice for two months.

Home remedies for Lice

In the pharmacies you can find products to end up with head lice, however, it is possible to remove them with home remedies that are equally effective and much more economical, and among the most effective are:

  1. Garlic: mix a head of garlic crushed with half a litre of water and massage the scalp, then wrap the head with a plastic cap and leave on all night to make it more effective.
  2. Eucalyptus: it boil a few leaves of eucalyptus and applies in the head infected after cooling on the scalp and throughout the hair till you reach the tips.
  3. Apple cider vinegar: this product is very effective against nits, or lice eggs, but if there are lice already grown, it may not be 100% effective, it must be mixed with hot water and vinegar in equal parts and apply to the dry hair.
  4. Mayonnaise and vinegar: this combination is very effective for the removal of lice and nits, and at the same time it provides shine and hydration to hair.
  5. Aromatic oils: scents of the oils of coconut, jasmine, anise, or geranium can cure head lice and they are very simple to apply, are also less harmful to the scalp and other chemical products.
  6. Lavender oil: it is recommended to apply lavender oil pure, but only in the roots.
  7. Baby oil: you must soak the head of the affected person and cover with a cap for a few hours, then wash the hair and the process is repeated a week later.
  8. Olive oil: apply a great amount of this oil all over the scalp and then cover with a plastic cap leaving it to act during the night, after you wash the hair, and passed a special nit comb for head lice and nits throughout the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of the treatments Lice

The repellent, lice help with the elimination of this problem, especially in children of school age, but not everything is beneficial, there are some treatments which have some weaknesses.


  • Most of the chemical treatments are safe and non-toxic.
  • They are made with ingredients which are non-polluting.
  • They are very simple to use
  • In general, a treatment for lice is economic.
  • You can buy them at any store or pharmacy without a prescription or recipe.
  • There are some treatments lice that work with a single application.


  • There are methods in which it takes time to be able to apply it to kill the lice.
  • If you are using the comb or lendrera in any of your presentation needs a distraction when the patient is small.
  • There are a few procedures lice that requires more than one application and it is not known how many applications it would take exactly as is the case with the garlic and tea tree oil.
  • The long-term use of Pyrethrins or Pyrethroids can cause irritation to the cueo scalp.

The extensive use of Pyrethrins or Pyrethroids has been building up resistance in lice for what some people do not produce the desired effect.

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