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Libramed 40 Envelopes


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Libramed 40 Envelope in format envelopes much more convenient to take directly before the main meal is faithful to fight against the peak of starvation, blood glucose levels and helps to control your figure. Great composition at the best price.

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Libramed 40 Sachets it is specially formulated to act against overweight and obesity, as well as in cases of increased abdominal circumference, since it has a great performance at the intestinal level.

This envelope that produces a gel texture achieves the decrease in the amount and speed in which carbohydrates are absorbed, thus achieving that the feeling of hunger and postprandial drowsiness is decreased.

Mechanism Policaptil Gel retard limits the absorption of fats improving intestinal transit, resulting in the regularization of stool emission.

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Operation of the Libramed 40 Sachets

Libramed 40 Sachets it includes a patented complex of macromolecules of polysaccharides that, as a result of the synergistic action of its ingredients, helps to generate a gel in the intestine area.

This gel intervenes on carbohydrates, decreasing the amount that is absorbed, as well as the rate of absorption in order to shorten the deposit of fats and the feeling of hunger.

In this way, fat in adipose tissue is reduced, as well as the cohesion of glucose in the blood that originates after eating the food, in order to prevent its storage under the form of fat.

In addition, it helps to prevent the sensation of hunger from being generated quickly by preventing the blood glucose levels from falling rapidly, since the body interprets this event as a shortage of nutrients.

In the same way it helps to effectively decrease the absorption of fats, postprandial sleepiness, while helping to improve intestinal transit and moderates the stability of the stool.

Composition of the Libramed 40 Sachets

Libramed 40 Sachets it is made with a patented complex of polysaccharide macromolecules or Polycaptile Gel Retard mixed with natural aromas of orange and peach, and with gum arabic

This macromolecular complex is patented because it is the result of a research of the Aboca brand, it is elaborated using a production technology.

This technology helps to group together concrete polysaccharide fractions extracted from cellulose, Opuntia Ficus indica, Amorphophallus konjac, Althaea officinalis, Linum usitatissimum, Tilia platyphyllos, Cich .

How to use the Libramed 40 Sachets

Libramed 40 Sachets it should be consumed in doses of one sachet before the two main meals of the day, the sachet is added in an amount of 100 ml of water equivalent to half a glass of water.

Then you should mix the product with water in an exact way until you notice that it has a great dispersion, at that time it should be consumed and at the end you should take a full glass of water.

It is recommended to consume the mixture before it takes on the gel form, as it should not be administered directly into the mouth.

Likewise, it should be consumed immediately after its preparation and at the end of the administration should be dispersed with another glass of water.

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