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Libramed 138 Tablets + 84 Tablets Gift a solution simple and easy to control-line and figure in a simple way. Helps control the appetite and greed, while it acts on the reduction of fat absorption in the body, it controls your appetite and hunger from first use. Decreases the abdominal circumference. Take 3 Tablets Before meals.

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Libramed 138 Tablets it is a product that is indicated to help generate weight control, which has as ingredient Policaptil Gel Retard, which helps to level the peaks generated by glycemia.

This product helps to generate in the intestine the formation of a gel that works with carbohydrates to generate an optimal reduction in the amount and speed of its absorption.

It helps efficiently to generate the decrease of the feeling of hunger, postprandial drowsiness and in turn  collaborates in the inhibition of fat absorption.

Characteristics of Libramed 138 tablets

Libramed 138 Tablets it contains an ideal formula that helps to generate a reduction in the amount and speed of carbohydrate absorption.

  • It offers an optimal reduction in the feeling of hunger.
  • It generates an improvement in intestinal transit which results in a regularization of stool firmness.
  • It is a product that should be used in people who are older than 8 years.
  • By taking combined with a balanced diet and physical activity on a regular basis, it helps to generate a healthy weight reduction and umbilical circumference.

Composition of the Libramed 138 Tablets

Libramed 138 Tablets it is patented by macromollesules polysaccharides which contain different aromas ranging from orange, apple and lemon.

This product is made through a technology that allows it to concentrate polysaccharides obtained from cellulose, Opuntia Ficus indica, Amorphophallus konjac,Althaea officinalis, Linum usitatissimum, Tilia platyphyllos, cichorium intybus.

Indications for Libramed 138 tablets

Libramed 138 Tablets it is a product that should be used with a balanced diet, with a balanced intake of liquids while and regular physical activity to achieve effective results.

This product is indicated to be ingested by people who have high values in the abdominal circumference, although it can also be used by people of normal size to improve intestinal problems.

How to use Libramed 138 Tablets

It is recommended to ingest Libramed 138 Tablets during a cycle of at least 2 months generating a small pause of approximately 2 to 3 days after completing a month of continuous treatment.

  • In children aged from 8 to 12 years should take a just two tablets before the two main meals.
  • In adults and young people over the age of 12, it is recommended to use 3 tablets just before the two main meals.
  • These tablets should be consumed with a full glass of water.
  • At the time of taking the tablet should take into account that it should not be chewed or broken with the teeth.
  • The ser tablet must be swallowed in its entirety at the time of ingesting the glass of water.
  • It is advisable to ingest a large amount of water every day each time these tablets are ingested.
  • You should eat a balanced diet when taking the tablets.
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