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The sexual activity in the human it is located in one of the first needs of our life, and is something that is within the theories that are most relevant to psychologists, therefore, a good sexual encounter is really important in our lives, and is that sexually we will be able to see ourselves affected with a pathological situations, they are going to disrupt a good sexual relationship, which is why there are different medications that can help in a direct way in the good sexual encounter. In the following article we will be talking about the great deal of benefits that you can get with Libifeme.

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  • Libifeme 30 tablets Libifeme 30 tablets
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    Libifeme 30 tablets

    Libifeme 30 tablets an innovative product with a systematic in that the better the sex life of a woman of childbearing age. Stimulates the pleasure, increases sensitivity and promotes the lubrication areas female sex.

    19,95 €
  • libifeme am main 50 online tablets libifeme am main 50 online tablets
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    Libifeme am Main 50+ 30 tablets

    Libifeme am Main 50+ 30 tablets is a product specially developed to improve the quality of life and well-being, and help maintain healthy sexual life of women from the age of 50 years. the perfect complement to a healthy life and healthy

    19,95 €
  • Libifeme Optimal Egg Vaginal
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    Libifeme Optimal Egg Vaginal

    Libifeme Optimal Egg Vaginal a natural way to prevent itching and promote the lubrication in a simple way. it avoids problems related to change of physiological ph.

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  • Libimasculine 30 Tablets Libimasculine 30 Tablets
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    Libimasculine 30 Tablets

    Libimasculine 30 Tablets is a complement few men with extracts of asafoetida, ginkgo biloba and zinc plus vitamin c that helps to normalize levels of reproduction in normal as well as optimal levels of testoterona in men, which gives a force special to regulate sexual relations.

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  • Libifeme Libimasculine Pack Duplo
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    Libifeme Libimasculine Pack Duplo

    Libifeme Libimasculine Pack a pack full with libifeme normal for mujera still of childbearing age but the complementoideal to your partner with libimasculine that increase the testorena so substantial and so sexual appetite.

    49,95 € -28.0335% 35,95 €
  • Libifeme am main 50 Libimasculine Pack Savings
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    Libifeme am main 50 Libimasculine Pack Savings

    Libifeme am main 50 Libimasculine Pack Saving a full pack for treatment of two couples, one for the woman that increases libido and lubrication for proper satisfactory sexual intercourse. Another libimasculina to increase desire and testoterona on man doing of the pack is essential for sexual intercourse complete and perfect.

    49,95 € -20.0176% 39,95 €

What is Libifeme?

They are a series of tablets that are taken orally, which will be helping you directly, on the sexual health of women in the fertile age, which they may find themselves affected by various agents pathological, these tablet has as main promote sexual pleasure, desire and vaginal lubrication.

Some of the benefits that it offers to the woman are:

? Increase vaginal lubrication: vaginal lubrication is really important in the sexual act, as the same has main role in the sexual act, this being a fundamental part in the intercourse.
? Increase desire and sexual pleasurefor women at times, the sexual desire can vary considerably or decrease the libido, therefore, by means of Libifeme, this desire can really be increased.
? Increased sexual activity, having an increase in libido, sexual activity will be increased.
? The highest frequency of orgasm's, orgasms are the order of women, and that is that the orgasm is one of the best sensations in the sexual activity, it is for this reason that these tablets are perfect and stimulating orgasms.
? Less pain (or none) during the sexual act
? Relaxes the clitoris and the muscle cells of the vagina, and the clitoris also has a large number of cells really sensitive that aid in sexual stimulation.

What are the add-ons main Libifeme

? Asa-foetida and Caper:
These two extracts are really powerful, and the combination thereof are factors realmentebuenos as the same increase natural vaginal lubrication physiological, which provides a protective effect within the cells, and it is not only in the ability of protection, but its function as an antioxidant and improves the microvasodilatación, increasing the sensitivity of the erogenous zone.
? Vitamin C and E:
Contribute to cellular protection against undesirable oxidation.
As it should be ingested Libifeme.
These pills can be ingested on a daily basis a tablet, the same can veniren presentations of 30 to 50 tablets.

Causes of vaginal Dryness

In order to understand how it acts tablets Libifeme, we need to know the different causes of vaginal dryness, to begin with, we must speak of the estrogens, which are the female hormones for excellence, which possess its genesis within the ovaries.
These hormones are responsible for the menstrual cycle, and be able to keep the vagina healthy and lubricated, it also is charged with maintaining protected the vagina of external problems to the extent possible.
This hormone is actually linked in the period of puberty in women, since at this stage the level of estrogen in the body of the woman increases considerably, and the power getting to the middle ages, the level of this hormone begins to decrease.

Among the major causes of vaginal dryness , we have:

? Some women may experience discomfort just after giving birth or while you are breast-feeding a baby, and that is to give light represents a series of physiological changes that can directly affect the normal function of our vagina.
? One of the main causes of the onset of vaginal dryness decreased notorious of estrogen, which do not perform their functions optimally and thus do not keep the vagina so lubricated, and it is that with the passing of time, our features are degenerating, and vaginal lubrication is not outside of it.
? The decreased production of estrogen naturally by the body occurs especially during menopause, being one of the main causes.
? The intake of contraceptives that inhibit ovulation menstrual.
? But there are other causes that may also cause dryness, as are to be in a situation of stress or depression.
? Also this problem has been observed in women who are receiving cancer treatment to the mother, such as radiation or chemotherapy
? An excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco also has to be considered as a cause of vaginal lubrication decreases, reaching out to cause dryness.
The effect of lack of vaginal lubrication.
The lack of the clear liquid in the daily life of the woman can cause other discomfort such as pain, burning, itching, and difficulty of having sexual relations with penetration.
Tips to improve vaginal lubrication that go hand in hand with Libifeme.
? Drink water.
Vaginal lubrication in much water, so staying well hydrated will be one of the best ways to get a natural lubrication, it is more advisable to 2 liters of water daily.
? Check well the products of hygiene.
The hygiene of our vagina is really important, and the products that we use in this area should be favorable to one, and the antis and the material in which it is made can affect in a significant way in the lubrication.
? A healthy diet.
For the natural production of estrogen is needed cholesterol, thus a good power supply will be a key part of the good lubrication of our vagina.
? Vitamin E
Vitamin E can be found in oils, which is why you can rub the vagina with vitamin E before the sex is really good for vaginal lubrication.
? Let the stress.
Stress is one of the fundamental factors that affect vaginal lubrication, and I invite you to relax and you'll have the best sex of your life.

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