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Leti AT-4

Laboratories Leti generate a set of products of different name and use, to the sale in many countries of the world, with one thing in common: their commitment to innovation, science in the field of Dermatology and dermo-cosmetics, that leads to the production of quality products, making it a mark of prestige.

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  • Leti At4 Gel Bath Dermograso 750 ml
    Leti At4 Gel Bath Dermograso 750 ml

    Leti AT-4 Gel Bath Dermograso 750 ml is a bath gel that takes care of the baby's skin, providing lipids to recover its barrier lipid in a simple and special, designed for skin with a tendency to dryness, atopy, nourishes and cares for your infant in a simple way. Pack of 750 ml

    18,95 € -25.0375% 14,21 €
  • Leti At4 Intensive Cream 100ml
    Leti At4 Intensive Cream 100ml

    Leti AT-4 Intensive 100 ml is a cream highly emollient that soothes and protects the skin, and acts as a coadyudante in the treatment of atopic skin with severe dryness. It is especially indicated in the outbreak of the atopy

    19,00 € -10.3158% 17,04 €
  • Leti At4 Leche Corporal 250 ml
    Leti At4 Leche Corporal 250 ml

    Leti AT-4 Body Milk 250 ml Skins Atopic is an emulsion for skin atopic baby who takes care of her skin and is used for application in large parts of its body, and so easy extension and pleasant texture. It is the small container of the family thought to be able to carry in bag any place or begin effective treatment.

    20,00 € -32.6044% 13,48 €
  • Leti At4 Hydrogel Antipicor 50ml Leti At4 Hydrogel Antipicor 50ml
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Leti At4 Hydrogel Antipicor 50ml

    Immediate relief from itching in 30 seconds Long-lasting effect of 6 Hours. Fresh texture and soothes. Immediate freshness. Without Perfume Ideal for Babies, kids and adults

    15,00 € -14.6547% 12,80 €
  • Leti At4 Crema Corporal 200 ml
    Leti At4 Crema Corporal 200 ml

    Leti At4 Crema Corporal 200 ml is a body moisturizer that protects the skin atopic, dry and sensitive of attacks daily (dryness, irritation, free radicals and pollution) and strengthens the defenses of the skin. It is a perfect cream for treatment of outbreak combined with the milk of leti at4 that it is more fluid.

    18,63 €
  • Leti At4 Gel Dermograso 250 ml
    Leti At4 Gel Dermograso 250 ml

    Leti AT-4 Gel bath Dermograso is a bath gel specific skin atopic that cares for your skin by providing the lipids that your skin lacks both of them, valid for daily bathing and hygiene of baby and child.

    9,95 € -39.8765% 5,98 €
  • LETI AT4 facial Cream 50 ml
    Leti At4 facial Cream 50 ml

    Leti AT-4 Moisturizing Cream 50 ml protects the skin of your baby or child as your skin is more sensitive against dryness and sensitivity of atopic skin, strengthens the skin barrier by increasing its defense.

    12,95 € -20.3677% 10,31 €
  • Leti At4 Facial Cream SPF 20 50 ml
    Leti At4 Facial Cream SPF 20 50 ml

    Leti AT-4 Facial Cream SPF 20 50ml is your face cream skin atopic protection factor for care of skin atopic, sensitive and dry, it strengthens your skin to base of lipids. Without corticosteroids or dyes or parabens.

    18,00 € -41.6667% 10,50 €
  • Leti At-4 Facial Cream 100 ml
    Leti At4 Facial Cream 100 ml

    Leti AT4 facial cream 100 ml is a facial cream to hydrate and prevent dryness in children and infants with a tendency to skin atopica, can be used daily, and its formula is a success sales for their opinions and price, prevents states flaky by dryness and promotes intense hydration. Bottle of 100ml.

    14,99 € -6.0826% 14,08 €
  • Leti At4 Pasta Water 75g Leti At4 Pasta Water 75g
    Leti At4 Pasta Water 75g

    Leti At-4 pasta to the water forms a film protective on the culete of the baby and avoid possible irritations and sunburn derived from the acidity in the stool

    7,95 € -18.6133% 6,47 €
  • Leti At4 Bathroom Treating 200 ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Bathroom Treating 200 ml

    Leti At4 Bathroom Treating 200 ml is the perfect complement to a relaxing bath, baby, with your great formula of the active ingredient encapsulated is perfect for treatment in the bathroom of relaxation and care, facilitating the natural regeneration of barrier lipid, is formulated as a microemulsion, which facilitates the absorption of active...

    13,00 € -7.7281% 11,99 €
  • Leti At4 Body Milk 500 ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Body Milk 500 ml

    Leti AT4 Body Milk 500 ml Skins Atopic is an emulsion that is easy to apply and who nourishes and cares for the skin atopica in a special way, designed to prevent the itching in your baby, to avoid dryness and to take care of the skin of the infant.You can use it daily to promote the nutrition of your baby. Combine with any prodcuto range atopica.

    25,00 € -20.48% 19,88 €
  • Leti At4 Shampoo 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Shampoo 250 ml

    The Shampoo Leti AT-4 protects against flaking of the scalp dry while providing flexibility, softness and shine to hair. The use of inappropriate goods in hygiene and in the emollience are triggering or aggravating factors of outbreaks and one of the major causes of persistence of Atopic Dermatitis.

    9,95 € -7.1002% 9,24 €
  • Leti At4 Crema Corporal 200ml + Bath Gel 750ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Crema Corporal 200ml + Bath Gel 750ml

    Leti AT4 Crema Corporal bath and shower gel ,a cream high-power emollient for the care of the skin atopic, hydrates, softens and strengthens the microflora native against infections. Indicated for the treatment of the skin atopic. Save over 30 % buying the two. Contains body cream 200 ml - shower gel 750 ml

    24,95 € -10.2328% 22,40 €
  • Leti At4 Body Milk 500 ml Gel Bath 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Body Milk 500 ml Gel Bath 250 ml

    Leti At4 Body Milk 500 ml Gel Bath 250 ml milk moisturizing leti more sold by its easy access and use your texture, restores the lipid barrier in a natural way and without any preservatives or dyes. Gift 250 ml of gel

    23,99 € -6.6398% 22,40 €
  • Leti At4 Intensive Cream 100ml + Shampoo 100ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Intensive Cream 100ml + Shampoo 100ml

    Leti At 4 Cream intensive 100 ml for the treatment of the outbreak atopic infant that presents with itching and discomfort of the child, used as a treatment for untimely works in an optimum way. Sample Hydrogel gift

    16,99 € -0.7835% 16,86 €
  • Leti At-4 pasta water Duplo Savings
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 pasta water Duplo Savings

    Leti At-4 cream of diaper DUPLO is a new formula that is specific dermo-restorative to the irritation of the diaper of a newborn, it is the perfect cream for sensitive skin and atopic that soothes, repairs, moisturizes and protects the baby from irritation of the diaper Duplo 75 grams

    15,00 € -33.3871% 9,99 €
  • Leti At4 Leche Corporal 250 ml Gel Bath 750 ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Gel Bath 750 ml Body Milk 250 ml

    Leti AT4 Leche Corporal 250 ml Gel Bath 750 ml pack hygiene and emollience 2-in-one hydrating milk 250 ml more bath gel for skin treatment atopica 750 ml on offer pack duplo promo to buy. Thinking for the care of your dry skin or sensitive skin and prone to atopy. A pack to buy on sale,

    24,95 € -9.7963% 22,51 €
  • Leti At4 Defense Spray Spf50 200 ml gel gift Leti At4 Defense Spray Spf50 200 ml gel gift
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Defense Spray Spf50 200 ml+Leti at4 gel Bath 100ml

    Leti At4 Defense Spray Spf50 200 ml for skin atopica is a sun protection designed for the care of any person with skin atopica. It is a powerful multi protector against external agents, against UVA, UVB and infrared. barrier multi coating that protects the skin from external agents and of the sun from its first use. Great offer leti at4 defense spray.

    22,95 € -20.7169% 18,20 €
  • Leti At4 Defense Facial Cream SPF50 50 ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Defense Facial Cream SPF50 50 ml

    Leti At4 Defense Facial Cream SPF50 50 ml is a multiprotector use facial indicated for use in adults and children, specifically to be applied on a daily basis, thereby providing a careful optimal in the skins that are atopic, dry and sensitive.

    13,95 € -19.4265% 11,24 €
  • Leti At4 Gel Bath Duplo 500 ml
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Gel Bath Duplo 250 ml + 250 ml

    Leti At4 Gel Bath Duplo 250 ml original packaging of 250 milliliters each take care of atopic skin of the baby during bath, relipizan and hydrates your skin to prevent itching and sunburn.

    9,95 €
  • Leti At4 facial Cream 50 ml Duplo Savings
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Facial Cream 50 ml Duplo Savings

    Leti At4 facial Cream 50 ml Duplo Saving a format of two creams of 50 ml each for skin atopica baby, the best cream for baby's face by their texture and by their hydration without damaging the skin of the baby. Prevents dryness and sunburn for dry skin or atopica. Take care of the skin more delicate of an efficient and effective manner.

    18,00 € -11.4011% 15,95 €
  • Leti At4 Leche Gel 250 ml Duplo
    Out of stock
    Leti At4 Leche Gel 250 ml Duplo

    Leti At4 Leche Gel 250 ml, Double a pack duplo hydration more cleaning for the care of the skin more delicate. A perfect size to carry anywhere with dosing pump perfect to travel with. Two formulas that take care of the skin of the baby from the first day of life. Valid from newborn.

    15,95 €

Leti AT-4 , the cream skin atopic skins atopic are delicate, sensitive and extremely reactive. This is why more and more people who own it that manifest tired of experimenting with every product that hits the market promising to be the miracle waiting, to finish checking that, again, is a cream to freshly purchased to give, as it continues to escociendo and giving a feeling of tightness when apply it.

If this is your case, let me give you a good news, you have the perfect cream for skin atopic and it is called Leti AT-4!.

Line Leti at4 Facial

Leti AT 4 is a cream for his excellent results in skin atopic most could be classified as a drug that simple cream because it gives them a long-awaited hydration to the deepest layers of the dermis; complete hygiene, to form a waterproof layer on the skin that prevents it from being irritated by allergens and other external agents; by protecting the well to the skin of their insufferable symptoms usual in this type of skins that are not adequately treated (dryness, tightness, itching, redness, flakes,...).

Cream for skin atopic Leti AT4 has proven to be so efficient and accommodating with all those people who suffer from skin atopic that the brand has remained faithful to its product roll-out in three lines or different texture.

 Leti AT4 Leche Corporal, gentle caress

It is the product of texture more fluid. It presents as a fluid emulsion very easy to extend and with great power emollient. It is designed to be applied in large areas of the body, after a bath, comforting, or simply to alleviate the feeling of tightness, itchiness or dry skin after a tired day, after having taken clothes that are tight or have been in close to a heat source such as stoves, fireplaces,...

It is also recommended to cool the skin, when we look irritated, knowing that we are nourishing in depth and providing everything you need to be healthy and free from reactions with body milk Leti AT 4 , from lightweight texture is non-greasy.

The container, protecting your inner conveniently from the harmful solar rays that do not alter the properties of Leti AT 4, it comes with a comfortable plunger dispenser that you provide to us to be slightly hold a sufficient amount of body milk Leti AT 4 to split our body with all the comfort.

Available in 250 ml, as in 500 ml, and is especially indicated for:

  1. babies with skin atopic, sensitive and dry;

  2. children and adults with skin atopic, sensitive and dry;

  3. adults with skins senile and hiperreactivas;designed to apply over large areas, fast-absorbing, cooling, nourishing the skin and instantly calms the reaction.

It is recommended to apply it evenly throughout the surface of the body, accompanied by a gentle massage until it has absorbed all the product.

If applied as a solution to a reaction of the skin, re-apply another layer of body milk Leti AT 4 a few hours later, in order to nourish in depth the area.

 Leti AT 4, the body cream nourishing for your skin

It consists of a cream consistency is more dense that the light body milk Leti AT4, to apply a higher hydration to a specific area, repairing the skin barrier and ensuring a relief from the itching by protecting and reinforcing the microflora native of our skin, dry skin and atopic.

It is also recommended to alleviate manual tasks that have been able to assume friction or abrasion in our hands (tasks agroforestry, sanding,...), alteration of pH (use of latex gloves or plastic for a long time, hands exposed to water and detergents, etc) and all those activities that make us feel the skin of the hands rough and shoulder straps. In these cases it is recommended to apply a large amount of body cream Leti AT4, wait a couple of minutes without moving the hands and elapsed time, frotarnos hands to help absorption of the rest of the cream, or apply it by the skin of our arms. Notice the hands as new.

 Leti AT 4 intensive

Is the product Leti AT4 texture more dense and consistent as it is specially formulated to restructure intensively and in depth the skin barrier from any area of our body during an outbreak of atopy.

That's why Leti AT 4 intensive acts as an adjuvant to treat the four centuries of atopic skin that are dry, itchy that goes hand in hand, the irritation and the possibility of infection of the damaged area.

Leti AT 4 intensive is formulated with Pro-filaggrin matrix system to encourage the manufacture of proteins structures (filaggrin) in our skin, strengthening the skin barrier, as well as to restore the lipid barrier that combats dryness. Takes polidocanos and other assets that relieve the itching and irritation, paliándola. It is tested under dermatological control and pediatric.

As it is especially indicated for outbreaks of atopy, it has been formulated without perfumes or steroids in their composition.

Therefore, Leti AT 4 intensive is “prescribed” by doctors, dermatologists and pediatricians as:

  • Specific for use during an outbreak of atopy;

  • Adjunct to treatment with corticosteroids;

  • Ideal to combat the dryness of the skin and atopy in infants, children and adults of all ages

It is recommended to use as often as our skin requires.

It is for this reason that the laboratories Leti are specialists in the care of atopic skin, reactive, sensitive, with itching, redness and irritation, dry skin and skin xerosis, nose, and lips, intimate areas feminine, delicate skin of the baby and in the care of the dental prosthesis.

Another one of their secrets is in the container, serious, practical, with different sizes for various occasions, whether it be skin care at home, such as out-of-home (jars with the appropriate dose for applications in the repair of lips cracked and dry, irritated nose and areas with redness on the cheeks, elbows, and areas of rubbing.

They feature a wide range of creams specially formulated to treat and alleviate the skin atopic, sensitive and reactive.

Thanks to its attractive and practical designs, a line and an advertising campaign that printed seriousness and responsibility, a good formula and a continuous advance of I+D+i, have provided Leti a position among core laboratories dermatologic of international market question of the care of the skin.

And is that the goal of Leti is to help people with problems dermal improve your quality of life, even if this means sacrificing aromas, perfumes and other ingredients irritating that they give to other creams her attractive. Precisely for this reason Leti is the solution of choice for thousands of people seeking to soothe, regenerate and hydrate the skin, mainly in the centre and north of Europe, where the cold and rainy season irritate the skin and the necessary heating the shrink.

Therefore, Leti invests in addition to the care-skin of the people, in making containers and packaging sustainable with the environment and methods to prevent early detection of possible problems dermal.

This implication of the brand Leti in the care of the people and of the environment results in adjusted prices, with frequent offers Leti which include large formats with a 20 - 30 % of product for free.

In farmaciamarket we offer products Leti with great discounts, advantageous prices and promotions Leti which include several products Leti, to ensure the most comprehensive care of the skin.

Visit our section of farmaciamarket with products Leti A-4. You will find a wide variety of creams, bars, lip balm and other areas of the face-sensitive, etc at the best prices, visit us if you want to buy cheap Leti. You'll be amazed of our offerings. And attentive, because you will be changing.

Preguntas frecuentes de Leti AT-4

Leti AT4 es una marca especializada en el cuidado de tu piel, piel atópica y dermatitis atópica así como otros problemas derivados de la sequedad de la piel.

Son aquellas personas que poseen una piel mucho más sensible debido a la falta de algunas proteínas sobre ella que mantendría en la barrera protectora de forma segura. La dermatitis atópicas es una reacción de la piel que provoca picor hinchazón y enrojecimiento continuo. Suele comenzar a los 2 meses de vida y puede prolongarse durante toda ella. También puede desaparecer en época adulta.

La dermatitis atópica del bebé puedo aparecer a partir de los 2 meses y es una reacción de la piel que provoca picor, enrojecimiento de la piel así como la incomodidad del bebé provocando lloros continuos y por tanto la falta de normalidad. La falta de una proteína en la propia piel hace que su barrera protectora se pierda provocando todos estos efectos.

Usar la gama Leti AT4 para que tú pies mejore evitando sensaciones de quemazón irritaciones y eccemas sobre tu piel. Podrás usarla tanto baño, hidratación y cuidado diario.

Comprar Leti At4 es fácil a buen precio y barato aquí ya que disponemos toda la gama de baño, hidratantes y cremas emolientes para cuidado de la piel sensible.

Todas aquellas personas con piel sensible o con tendencia a tener la piel seca o con eczemas. Es una gama pensada para el cuidado de tu piel.

En Farmacia Market pueden opinar y consultar las opiniones verificadas de usuarios reales de esa marca.

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