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Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules


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Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules

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What is Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules?

Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules it is a treatment that includes a formulation that allows to generate an improvement in intestinal function, since it includes a complex of plant origin known as Actitan-P.

With its intake a decrease in the occurrence of diarrhea is generated and favors the stool to normalize as a result of its actions on the intestinal flora, since it collaborates with its recovery without generating deterioration in the physiological characteristics of the intestine.

In addition, it provides an antioxidant effect against free radicals that reduces irritation of the mucosa as a result of the synergy of its actions, since it collaborates with the restoration of intestinal function and regulates bacterial flora.

Why ingest Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules?

These tablets have been formulated in order to treat acute diarrhea and in the exacerbations of chronic diarrhea, since their components generate the reduction of diarrheal bowel movements and favor the proper functioning of the intestine.

It is important to mention that diarrhea is an incident that is related to a state of irritation and inflammation of the intestinal mucosa as a result of various causes.

In addition, it is identified by an increase in secretion and/or a reduction in fluid absorption, related to an improvement in intestinal motility, causing discomfort and pain.

At the same time it can generate a decrease in hydration, loss of vitamins and minerals, as well as an instability of the intestinal bacterial flora.

So the composition of these capsules has been designed in order to preserve the physiological characteristics of the intestine without generating constipation.

How it works Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules?

These capsules generate excellent results for their content of Actitan-P, which is a molecular complex of plant origin, which has been developed in order to reduce diarrheal evacuations.

In addition, with its intake the firmness of the feces normalizes, causing an improvement in the balance of intestinal functions, as a result of its two mechanisms of action:

  • Protective action: it is the result of the creation of a film that creates a barrier effect that reduces contact with microorganisms and irritants.
  • Antioxidant action: generates a fight against free radicals, while reducing irritation of the mucosa.

Who is Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules for?

Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules it has been formulated with the purpose of being used as a treatment of acute diarrhea of diverse origin:

  • Viral infection or influenza syndromes differentiated by diarrhea.
  • Iatrogenic diarrhea as a result of drug intake.
  • Stressful situations, inadequate eating habits and lifestyles.
  • Traveler's diarrhea.
  • Hormonal changes such as those that occur during the menstrual cycle.
  • Treatment of exacerbations of chronic diarrhea, such as irritable bowel syndrome, functional diarrhea, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.

Composition of Lenodiar Adult 20 Capsules

Actitan-P, a plant molecular complex of tannins (Agrimony, Tormentilla) and polyphenols (Olive and Turmeric). Titrated in total tannins ≥ 7.8 %. It also contains: microcrystalline cellulose.

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