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Lelo is a brand that has specialised in the processing of erotic products, blending of avant-garde technology, aesthetics and sex, regardless of whether you are manufacturing a vibrator, chinese balls, or preservatives.

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This brand produces all of its items using minimalism, Swedish, originating as a consequence that the result of each one is a treat for the eye and for the rest of the senses.

This brand originates products quite refined, luxurious and iconic, with the purpose of being employed to generate pleasure, with quality designs, extraordinary innovations and a range of sensations very different to any other brand.

How did the brand LELO?

This prestigious brand was born in the year of 2003 in an apartment in Stockholm, where three days designers came to the appropriate idea, wondering what would happen if the intimate objects were as beautiful as those that are proudly displayed.

This prestigious brand includes a great number of nuances and its products go far beyond thanks to the insatiable curiosity of their designers to reproduce the concept of light and space to foster the feelings of human using digital technology at the same time.

Their uniqueness is located mixed with the format of all the products, leading to intrinsic forms and quickly recognizable, thanks to the constant evolution of the designs and the inclusion of new techniques of production with the aim to bring new sensations to the customers.

In his more than 15 years of experience, this company has launched to the market a large number of toys with pretty designs refined, luxurious and generate effective sensations of pleasure between the owners.

It is of great importance to mention that the quality of all their products is confirmed and a sample of its great benefits is that the products of this brand providing confidence to a large number of celebrities.

Why Lelo has invested so much in the design of their sex toys?

After 15 years, this company has grown by offering new products and ways to provide pleasure that were unknown to date as a result of the revolution of the concept of the erotic toy.

For many years the vibrators and stimulators were products that were concealed and not named by the fear about what other people might think of his owners, so he hid and avoided any person knew of its existence.

Since the year 2003, the company LELO has adapted its products to be quite attractive from the visual point of view to each and every customer feel satisfied and want to teach it and talk about them.

This company has directed all its efforts on the design of toys that include shapes of the curves and materials of excellent quality, by withdrawing from the designs that are obscene, crude, and little care, bringing color to a sector usually dark and flat.

Why Lelo wants to transform the sexuality in art?

This company wants to dismiss the nature taboo of sexuality and gender with the aim of promoting the development of the market in erotic products.

Originating as a consequence that LELO has aimed to reconvert some skills sex that are not very well known or even taken as a taboo, such as, for example, the Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism in something quite natural.

Lelo believes that sexuality is not directed only to the transitory pleasure, but that is an experience that can be transformed into art and that endure over time, in the form of erotic toy or as an artistic installation.

Does the development of the erotic toys can bind with the technology?

With the purpose of generating new experiences, it is required that the technology fits any interest, therefore, they have developed several technological innovations LELO SenseMotion and SenseTouch.

This type of technology has not been included before in the development of sex toys, even if they are applied with great frequency in computers and touch screens of mobile phones.

The effective use of technology causes it to develop products quite innovative as, for example, SONA, which is a clitoral stimulator that renews the female pleasure by means of sonic waves as a replacement of the traditional models of vibration.

This technology originates from the stimulation of the clitoris in its entirety, while providing you with an orgasm that he had not known up to date, so that LELO agree that the technology will generate great changes in the direction of the company.

What product has led to the brand Lelo for men?

Lelo has developed products to cater to men to meet their requirements, among which are the massagers prostate, plug anal, rings vibrators to the penis, among others with the aim of improving male sexuality with experimentation.

Among the products most in demand are vibrators, anal and massagers prostate that causes more intense orgasms, thanks to the inclusion of two engines at the base and at the tip, perfect for use alone or during sexual encounters.

In the same way, we have made rings vibrators to the penis, which are designed to cause an erection more intense and durable, at the same time that you can use with a partner, during foreplay or as a company during penetration.

These products include motor, but they are very comfortable, safe, quiet, and most definitely discrete, can be recharged, can be soaked and include various modes of stimulation with the aim of increasing the feeling of pleasure to a generate greater climax.

do you have a Lelo Toys for couples?

In the same way Lelo includes a line of products addressed to the pleasure with a partner, leading to the employment of these toys is not exclusive, the creators can propose how to use them, but the couple choose to use that will give you.

Thanks to its excellent results and design, their use will be conducted on a frequent basis, there are vibrators silent that have been designed with a format quite small and unobtrusive, with the purpose of triggering an orgasm in public without anyone noticing.

These products are quite potent, and they are controlled with a remote control thanks to the technology includes SenseMotion, with motion sensors conducive to the enjoyment of the extent of the vibrations by tilting or shaking the remote control.

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