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Lashile Good Immunity 60 Gummies


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  • Improves the response of the immune system.
  • Presentation in the format of gummies.
  • It contains vitamins.
  • Strengthens the immune defenses.
  • It includes a mixture of Echinacea, Acerola, Zinc and L-Glutamine.
  • Contains a delicious orange flavor

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What is Lashile Good Immunity 60 Jelly Beans?

Lashile Good Immunity 60 Gummies it is a food supplement made with a delicious flavor and a striking star shape, while it has a selection of components that will help strengthen the body.

These gummies provide specially selected vitamin  to improve the strength of the immune system and reactivate the body's natural defenses, since it has a totally vegan formulation and has not been tested on animals.

At Buy these jelly beans will be acquiring a formulation made in France and containing delicious natural flavors thanks to its beneficial echinacea, acerola, zinc, l-glutamine, lactic ferments and vitamins.

¿By What To Buy Lashile Good Immunity 60 Gummies in Pharmacy Market?

These jelly beans have been made using a selection of essential nutrients that will improve and increase the strength of the immune system, favoring the body's defenses and significantly reducing fatigue.

Its difference with other dietary supplements is that these gummies are easier to consume and digest, since they have been made without including gelatin, dairy, or gluten, resulting in the prevention of various side effects.

You can purchase them with unmatched Offer, since they contain a formulation that can be consumed by both men and women, while containing a beneficial presentation of jelly beans and with a delicious fruit flavor.

Its composition has been designed with the purpose of generating a collaboration in strengthening the natural defenses of the immune system, since it includes a mixture of acerola, grapefruit and echinacea extracts, L-glutamine, zinc and vitamins.

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Its wonderful Price it is the result of the numerous benefits that it originates in the care of the organism, since it favors the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, at the same time it is u  product made with natural components and is suitable for vegan diets.

When consuming it, you will notice that it has a delicious fruit flavor, while it does not include artificial colors in its formulation and has been manufactured in France in order to improve the immune system and reactivate the body's natural defenses.

Benefits of Lashile Good Immunity 60 Gummies

Lashile Good Immunity 60 Gummies it is a food supplement designed with a unique formula that has a selection of vitamins, minerals, plants and probiotics that provide strength to the immune system and significantly reduces fatigue.

For its preparation, a mixture of echinacea, acerola, Zinc, L-Glutamine, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, grapefruit extract, Vitamin C, folic acid has been used,  Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3.

Its vitamin B9 content and  B12 collaborates with the reduction of fatigue, while generating excellent results  in improving the functioning of the immune system, especially by combining with vitamin D.

Composition of Lashile Good Immunity 60 Gummies

Wheat syrup - Sugar - Fructooligosaccharides - Gelling agent: pectin - Echinacea root extract (Echinacea angustifolia) - Acidulant: citric acid - Acerola dry extract (Malpighia punicifolia L.) - Grapefruit dry extract (Citrus paradisi) Macfad.) - L-Glutamine - Lactobacillus rhamnosus - Zinc citrate - Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) - Natural orange aroma - Concentrated black carrot juice - Acidulant: potassium citrate - Antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols, coating agent: carnauba wax - Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D) of Cladonia rangiferina - Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) - pteroylmonoglutamic acid (Vitamin B9).

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