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Lambdapil is a family of laboratories isdin especially devoted to the care of the hair exogenous and endogena. full range with shampoo and capsules and lotion, acts in three ways, from the inside and formats for act on the outside. Best offer price

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  • Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 200 ml Duplo Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 200 ml Duplo
    Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 200 ml Duplo

    Two original bottles of 200 ml each. Container format travelers practical and simple. Helps to prevent the fall and stop existing. Serenoa Repens and the complex multiactivo Tricogen® activate circulation. Complete the treatment with capsules and lotion to notice better results.

    17,99 € -22.2596% 13,99 €
  • Lambdapil Hairdensity Hair nails 180 capsules Lambdapil Hairdensity Hair nails 180 capsules
    Lambdapil Hairdensity 180 capsules

    Packaging for three months. Increases and strengthens the nails and hair, thanks to its composition. a composisión perfect with a basis of vitamins C, B3, B5 and B6, ProDensity Complex (Biotin+L-Cystine+Copper), silicon, iron, and zinc. Protects cells against oxidative damage due to its content of vitamin C and zinc.

    42,00 € -16.7929% 34,95 €
  • Lambdapil Anticaida Capsulas Duplo Saving 120 capsules Lambdapil Anticaida Capsulas Duplo Saving 120 capsules
    Lambdapil Anticaida Capsulas Duplo Saving 120 capsules

    Two Original bottles of Lambdapil 60 Capsules Effective treatment against hair loss. Treatment, thinning reinforces the anchor and increases kla strength of the hair already existing. Prevents regression of the follicle hair follicles and helps with secretion sebacea. Combinalo with shampoo anticaida and the lotion and improves results

    32,00 € -16.2599% 26,80 €
  • Lambdapil Lotion Anticaida 40 Units Double Pack Lambdapil Lotion Anticaida 40 Units Double Pack
    Lambdapil Lotion Anticaida 40 Units Double Pack

    Lambdapil Lotion Anticaida 40 Units Duplo Pack in a container and double are two units of 20 vials, each one original and in format from the laboratory. A great price, you will find the best offer in blisters of hair lambdapil. A great deal in order to use all over the year, which ensures an effective treatment against hair loss, Prevents hair loss and...

    62,99 € -16.1736% 52,80 €
  • Lambdapil 180 Capsules Offer Lambdapil 180 Capsules Offer
    Lambdapil Anticaida 180 Capsules

    Effective as treatment anti-hair loss. Packaging triple line savings for three months. Effective reinforcement of anchorage, Growth and capillary force. Combinalo with the champí to improve results Use the lotion lambdapil 2 times a year and will see improvement

    50,00 € -30.106% 34,95 €
  • Lambdapil Anticaida 60 capsules Lambdapil Anticaida 60 capsules
    -1,70 €
    Lambdapil Anticaida 60 capsules

    lambdapil capsules , provides you with the nutrienetes you need your hair to enhance your growth and prevent his fall, avoids the loss of activity in follicles becoming who remain active.

    20,90 € -1,70 € 19,20 €
  • Lambdapil Lotion anticaida 20 units
    Lambdapil Lotion Anticaida 20 units

    Lambdapil Lotion anticaida 20 units is the new launch anticaida isdin with antioxidant and protective of the follicle favor the repopulation of the capillary and prevents the fall by diffuse alopecia or androgenica.

    41,70 € -19.646% 33,50 €
  • Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 200 ml Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 200 ml
    -3,82 €
    Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 200 ml

    Lambdapil Shampoo anticaida 200 ml it works by helping to slow down the hair loss and to stimulate hair growth thanks to the combination of its main active ingredients, which stimulate the hair follicle and normalize the secretion of sebaceous glands.

    12,04 € -3,82 € 8,22 €
  • Lambdapil Shampoo 400 ml
    Out of stock
    Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 400 ml

    Lambdapil Shampoo 400 ml shampoo anti-hair loss market leader for power use on a daily basis as it is very full, a full range of capsules and lotion.

    17,25 € -36.5188% 10,95 €
  • Lambdapil Shampoo 400 ml Germisdin 100 ml gift
    Out of stock
    Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida 400 ml Germisdin 100 ml gift

    Lambdapil Shampoo 400 ml Germisdin 100 ml gift a jar of savings shampoo best-selling isdin anticaida more gift pack of travel of 100 ml, in a total of 500 ml of the product in two containers, one to fill the other, formulated considering the needs of the hair of the man and the woman to prevent the loss of hair.

    25,00 € -54.0174% 11,50 €
  • Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida Duplo Saving 800 ml Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida Duplo Saving 800 ml
    Out of stock
    Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida Duplo Saving 800 ml

    2 original Bottles of 400 ml of lambdapil 400 ml each. Effective treatment anticaida. Perfect for daily washing. Leaves hair soft and clean effectively. Does not leave hair with grease. Assets that reinforce growth and increase strength and volume. Combinalo with capsules and lotion and better results

    25,00 € -20.2323% 19,94 €

Lambdapil Anticaida

In a recent survey conducted in England showed that both for women as for men, the problem of hair fall was among the biggest concerns related to our look.

And is that both stress and meals hasty and unbalanced, of our present life, they tend to take a toll on the health of our hair.

Both the hair fiber as the nails are becoming fragile and brittle, the hair falls out and is not renewed and alopecia starts to develop, generating strands with a low-volume, large inflows in the head, scalp increasingly bare and hair dull and brittle.

Well, to curb this trend, the laboratories ISDIN have brought to market a line of products designed to combat the fall and fragility of the hair: it is called LAMBDAPIL.

Lambdapil Capsules

There are numerous causes that affect alopecia, as can be external factors (intense sun, pollution, ...), internal (genetic stress), intake of certain medications, ... but nothing Lambdapil may not have considered. And therefore, puts at your disposal different products that are equally effective, so that you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Lambdapil Lotion

Often, people whose stress level is so high as to affect their hair, they also tend to have a bad health in your nails, a consequence of insufficient nutrition.

Not to say that the person to feed the poor, but possibly a result of the wear of emotional and physical, which generates the stress, many of the nutritional elements do not assimilate as they should, or our body requires a greater contribution of some minerals and salts, which in the united more relaxed.

And that is where you intervene laboratories ISDIN to lend a little help, without which we suppose to change our habits.

Lambdapil Hairdensity consists in a supplement to the base of Vitamin C and B6, ProDensity Complex (Biotin, L-Cystine, which form part of the structure of the hair and Copper), Silicon, Iron, and Zinc, specifically formulated to replenish the insufficiencies nutritional of our hair and nails, to the point that if you take it consistently for three months, they commit themselves to not only repair the nails and hair , but to increase the rate of growth of both. And so, in just three months you will notice a considerable increase in the volume and quality of your hair.

And that is their high content of biotin contributes to the restoration of the hair, while the L-cystine, vitamin B6, iron, and copper, they contribute to our body to produce more proteins, accelerating both the rate of growth of hair and fingernails, as the amount of hair. For its part, zinc, silicon, and vitamin C contribute to slowing down the degradation of the nails and hair, to strengthen them from the inside.

ISDIN recommended b Lambdapil Hairdensity at breakfast, for a minimum of 3 months of it, and you will be surprised at the results!!.

Lambdapil loss and say goodbye to hair loss

To stop and fight alopecia ISDIN has launched its line Lambdapil fall, comprised of shampoo, lotion to the hair and capsules nutritional and restorative. Let's see what is in each one of these products:

  • Lambdapil Lotion anti-hair Loss: your goal is to increase the hair density by making a lotion that is easily absorbedthrough the scalp and combat androgenetic alopecia (male) and diffuse (female).

It is the first patented formula that acts by creating a micro-environment protector of the hair follicle, promoting the growth of new hair by activating the hair follicle nourishing it intensely thanks to natural active principles obtained from the sacred tree chinese Gingko Biloba,

promotes anagen phase and delayed apoptotic cell thanks to the melatonin, a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that weaken and destroy the hair that is forming.

In two words, nourishes and strengthens. Experimental studies have shown that the continued use of this lotion anti-hair loss, improves the structure and increases the thickness of the hair due to its content of Biotin.

Comes in packs of 20 pads whose main ingredients are: melatonin (combat destruction and weakening of the hair structure, active ingredients of Ginkgo biloba (regenerant) and biotin (nourishes and repairs).

Acts as a dry shampoo, without leaving a greasy residue, or weighing down the hair, helping to make your hair look flawless.

  • Lambdapil Capsules Fall: Your goal is to nourish from within, so that it looks healthy, shiny and resilient; in a word, enviable. And is that the laboratories ISDIN have been overcome to formulate their pills, a food supplement with active ingredients that deeply nourish, repair, and maintain healthy hair, due to its high content of L-cystine (an amino acid that is part of the structure of the hair), Taurine, Silicon, Zinc and Biotin.

With these elements, the capsules fall Lambdapil prevent the regression of the hair follicles (alopecia), helping to reduce the amount of sebum production thanks to the Serenoa repens. In turn, contributes to the synthesis of proteins such as keratin, essential for the growth of the hair, and protects the cells against free radicals thanks to its high zinc content. The biotin promotes the outward appearance of the hair, being unraveled, strong and shiny. In this way not only frenarás hair loss (89 % of demonstrated efficacy at 3 months, a 93 % reduction of fat in 3 months), but you'll be back to retrieve a mane dense and healthy.

To achieve buried optimal ISDIN Lambdapil recommended to consume 2 capsules daily in the breakfast for a minimum of 3 months.

  • Lambdapil Shampoo Anticaida: this is a adyuvanteal treatment (to effectively fight alopecia, in a first time, it is recommended to use the full range of Lambdapil loss) of the excessive hair lossfor men and women, recovering the vitality of your hair.

The continued use of the shampoo Lambdapil anti-hair loss help prevent hair loss and if it is already happening, to stop his fall, stimulating hair growth due to its content of Serenoa Repens and the complex multiactivo Trichogen, which stimulates the hair follicle and normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands, preventing lockup or not nourish the hair follicle of each hair. In this way, it nourishes and strengthens the hair from the root, without leaving a greasy residue.

For an optimal result of treatment anti-hair loss, without the need for expensive surgical interventions, are recommended in the first three months, use the shampoo as a complement of the lotion and capsules Lambdapil loss. From the fourth month, it is recommended to use the shampoo as maintenance and nutrition to the hair to look always great, both in health and in quantity.

The mode of employment of the shampoo is to use it as often as you need it, applying it with a gentle massage all over our scalp to form a lather. Leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse with plenty of water, to be possible by applying cold water at the last moment, in order to achieve a higher brightness.

To dry do not rub too much with towel and leave to air dry (to minimize the use of blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners hair that can contribute to damage externally the hair). If you are one of those people used to wear a mask, we recommend replacing the lotion a single dose, without rinse.

Preguntas frecuentes de Lambdapil

Lambdapil es una marca fabricada por Isdin laboratorios. Una marca pensada para el tratamiento del cabello, su cuidado diario y preventivo de su caída, cápsulas, champús y loción forman parte de su variedad.

Lambdapil es sencillo de usar, las cápsulas deberas de tomar 1 diariamente como complemento a la nutrición capilar, previenen la caída del cabello y aumenta su masa capilar. El champú es preventivo de la caída y mantiene tu pelo y cuero cabelludo sano. La loción es preventiva de caída aumenta la masa capilar y aumenta el crecimiento del cabello.

Lambdapil contiene una combinación exclusiva de extracto de Serenoa repens y complejo trichogen que ayudan a que tu pelo sea reactive, crezca de manera uniforme y regular, aumentando su volumen y su crecimiento contiene además zinc y vitaminas del grupo B que nutren y fortalecen el cabello de forma eficaz y segura favoreciendo su crecimiento y cuidado.

El champú o Shampoo lambdapil es usado cómo anticaída ya que ayuda a prevenir y frenar la caída del cabello y a cuidar tu pelo ya que lo nutre y lo fortalece desde la raíz. No deja residuo graso, deja tu cabello limpio y sedoso tras su uso.

En Farmacia Market pueden opinar y consultar las opiniones verificadas de usuarios reales de esa marca.

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