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Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units


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Lambdapil Hair loss lotion 20 units it is the new anti-hair loss release of isdin with antioxidant and protective action of the follicle favors capillary repopulation and prevents hair loss by diffuse or androgenic alopecia.

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Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units it is a lotion specially developed to delay hair loss and help to generate greater growth, it also helps as a treatment against androgenetic and diffuse alopecia, male and female.

This lotion is a formula with selected active ingredients that improve hair growth and care for the hair follicle, with an excellent presentation in single-dose format.

This product has a proven high efficacy in patients, achieving results after 3 months. In addition, it is quite simple to apply and does not generate greasy effect.

Benefits of Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units

Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units it is a lotion that has a great treatment effectiveness that generates visible results after 3 months of continuous use, helping to stop hair loss and also stimulating hair growth.

Its application is very simple and does not generate greasy effect, since this lotion is a powerful and optimal defender of the hair follicle.

As a result of its contribution of melatonin and ginkgo biloba, reactivates the repopulation, intervenes minimizing the process of hair loss, compresses sebum and brings more strength to the hair.

Its patented formula that proceeds generating a micro-environment that cares for the hair follicle, to achieve promote the growth and birth of new hair, benefiting the anagen phase and delaying cellular apoptosis.

It contains among its ingredients melatonin, which is a very strong antioxidant that manages to neutralize free radicals and Gingko Biloba regenerates the hair follicle optimizing the supply of nutrients.

As a result, this lotion nourishes and strengthens the hair, while improving its structure and increasing its thickness as a result of the combination of ingredients it contains.

Characteristics of Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units

Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units it generates a microenvironment that takes care of the hair follicle generating multiple actions.

  • Reactivates the growth of new hair, decreases hair loss and preserves the hair from oxidative stress, which is one of the primary causes of hair loss.
  • It preserves hair cells from damage caused by free radicals and causes hair growth.
  • Minimizes hair loss and improves its quality, developing its consistency and firmness.
  • It is made with a patented formula that preserves the hair follicle.
  • Revives the hair follicle correcting the supply of nutrients.
  • It generates greater nutrition and strengthening of the hair structure.
  • It perfects the structure and develops the thickness of the hair.
  • Reduces dandruff and scalp flaking.
  • It is presented in 20 single-dose units per container.

Indications of Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units

It is recommended to apply Lambdapil Hair Loss Lotion 20 units initially distributing 6 parallel lines and then a gentle massage is performed on the dry scalp before going to sleep.

It should be used 5 to 7 days a week for at least 3 months as it is indicated to be used by both men and women who observe an excessive fall of their hair.

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e action, growth, birth and hair loss, acts on the three phases of the hair and thus prevents the three phases of deterioration.