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Ladival, sunscreens for people aware

Every day there are more people who are turning to products that despite being a little more expensive, take (not take) certain substances as dangerous, generating cutaneous alterations, or simply because they are looking for products as natural as possible.

In this sense, with respect to sunscreens, the brand that stands out from this type of consumer is LADIVAL. With five product lines, all of them are committed to not wear perfumes, or dyes, or parabens or preservatives.

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Children in and skin-atopic

Are the skins that more care they need and why, LADIVAL put all the care in the preparation of their sunscreens. line Ladival® Children and skins atopic it has protection against solar radiation in depth, regardless of other additional ingredients that may irritate the skin or be poorly tolerated by young children as parabens, perfumes or emulsifiers, added vitamin E and oils nutrients that strengthen the sensitive skin, atopic and child. Not in vain, has been honored with awards iDermo2015 destacándola as one of the cosmetic products for children best of all in the past year.

Because the skin is so delicate that it is the atopic and the child, the line Ladival® Children and skins atopic account not only physical filters and organic that protect from solar radiation UV-A and UV-B, but is also strengthened in the antioxidant complex patented that it acts effectively against radiation IR-A. All of this is dermatological tested and with a high resistance to water, so that the children can enjoy the fun splashing around, while effectively protect against sun damage.

Line sensitive skin

There is a type of skin that although it is not as delicate as atopic, it is also important to protect yourself with more suspicion than normal skin, they are sensitive and delicate. It is characterized by redness to spot temperature changes, as well as be dry or with a feeling of tightness in other occasions. They can also suffer when you apply perfumes or specific products on it.

Often this type of skin photosensitivity is usually “please” with creams with high factors of sun protection, but the person still feels uncomfortable and with some discomfort-to-skin, since this solution often is not enough due to certain chemicals in these products affect equally to the sensitive skin.

Dermatologists of Ladival, aware of the special needs of sensitive skin has developed the line Ladival® Sensitive Skin or Allergic exclusively made with those ingredients which are indispensable to give a photoresist complete with UV-A, UV-B and infrared-To, regardless of possible allergens.

Ladival® Sensitive Skin or Allergic is presented in the form of a cool-gel without sticky texture and fast-absorbing, without adding fat or emulsifiers PEG, or parabens, and perfumes to the skin, but to strengthen its content of dermal collagen, so it is equally effective for skin with a tendency to acne.

Line facial care

Designed especially for the skins of more than 25 years, as well to protect them effectively against the dangerous solar radiation, it strengthens the collagen and elastin begins to decrease in the skin, thus delaying the appearance of lines and expression lines, sun spots and sagging.

For that reason, products of the line Ladival® facial care are an excellent essential complement to our skin, before going out to the street because it combines a cream facial moisturizing and nourishing anti-aging, with a sunscreen of great quality.

Given that 80 % of the wrinkles of the face are the result of the effects of the sun on our skin, the line Ladival® facial care is specially formulated and designed to prevent photo-ageing, with various indices of protection (not recommended unless FP 15, if you want to prevent stains and injuries solar), textures (from creams to gel) and even formats having great reception makeup-gel in different shades that are traded on a practical and cute carrying case equipped with sponge for application and magnifying mirror for easy touch-ups anywhere, any time

Protection for athletesoferta para comprar ladival

            There is nothing more uncomfortable that you apply sunscreen before you start the sport, and soon you begin to sweat, you in the eyes a strange mixture of sweat with the sunscreen that irritates and stings, dragging all the protection.Aware of the needs and peculiarities of your skin during the realization of physical exercise, exposed to a high degree of humidity, solar radiation, wind and particles carried by the wind that irritate our skin, Ladival has launched a line of dermatologist-tested in extreme conditions with total blockade of the solar radiation, infrared and ultraviolet, in addition to strengthen the defenses skin against the intense cold and the high exposure to solar (effect display of the snow) in its range ALPIN. Also add sunscreen lip to conditions of long-term exposure to air free, FP15, and 25.

Line of tanned responsible

Who doesn't like to show off a beautiful tan color?, Ladival fosters this aesthetic usual with the creation of products that not only does not stain or leave pringoso everything they touch, but also contribute to the skin moisturizing agents and an excellent sun protection against ultraviolet rays and infrared, in addition to providing a tan tone natural and healthy to our skin.

25 years of experience in the research dermo-cosmetics endorse Ladival. So it has gifted to its products range Ladival® tan with Tosolín, especially designed for skins that have never tanned, favoring the natural creation of a nice tone on the skin.

Another of its star products is Ladival® Skin Tattooed, that in addition to caring for the proper health of skins that have been subjected to chemical elements permanent (inks), ensures the full protection of the pigmentation of tattoos, avoiding that alter their color by its exposure to the sun.

For skins morenitas with a tendency to soak up the sun, we recommend the use of Ladival® Skins Mediterranean, with Photolyase to ensure a stay longer life of your tan, while the tanned skin for a longer time.

And all this, without irritating elements or with not so good reputation among specialists, dermatologists, such as perfumes, emulsifiers PEG or parabens, among other chemicals.

In addition it is Ladival® Capsules Solar Antioxidants that contribute to the excess skin, from within, all the ingredients necessary to combat premature aging due to exposure to the sun

Preguntas frecuentes de Ladival

Ladival es una gama de protectores solares de laboratorios Stada de origen aleman. Desde hace mas de 15 años son fieles protectores de tu piel. Aptos para todo tipo de pieles y con amplias ofertas.

Ladival es una marca de solares que protegen tu piel con filtros frente a Uva UVB e infrarrojos, para todo tipo de pieles, cuidan de piel de adulto, niño y bebe ya que tienen una formulas muy cuidadas y testadas dermatológicamente.

Ladival contiene filtros físicos y químicos frente a UVA, UVB e Infrarrojos. Testados después de años de venta y uso son innovados cada año para mejorar las texturas y la protección efectiva frente al daño solar.

Ladival No Contiene Parabenos.
Ladival No Contiene Colorantes.
Ladival No Contiene Conservantes.
Ladival No Contiene emulsionantes PEG.
Ladival No Contiene perfumes.

Ya dispones para comprar aquí la gama completa de Ladival, ladival niños y Ladival cremas para adulto al mejor precio de oferta de precio barato. Disponemos de toda la gama para comprar fácil.

En Farmacia Market pueden opinar y consultar las opiniones verificadas de usuarios reales de esa marca.

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