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Lactose-Free Milk

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  • 110 Nan lactose-free milk 400 g
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    110 Nan lactose-free milk 400 g

    It's a formula for children intolerant to lactose.Is milk which is very useful in patients who are recovering from a severe diarrhea.It is a product that can be used in celiac patients.It is a milk with a pleasant taste.It is an ideal formula for patients after a gastroenteritis.It is a milk that is easy to digest.

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For people who can't digest lactose. There is milk without lactose, which avoid the discomfort and abdominal pain that cow's milk causes to them. It is a modified milk to which are added lactase, this makes the lactose containing cow's milk is easier to digest for people intolerant. The enzyme which breaks down in their two sugars lactose, simple constituents which are glucose and galactose. It is for this reason that it presents a sweeter taste, different from the classic milk.

How to know if I need to lactose-free milk

The symptoms appear after you have ingested the foods that contain lactose, these appear between thirty minutes and two hours after and disappear between three and six hours later.

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Flatulence
  • Cramps
  • Vomiting or nausea

Are some of the most common signs of this disorder. Lactose intolerance is determined mostly by genetics, and it is related with the geographical area

Characteristics of lactose-free milk

This lactose-free milk has the same minerals, proteins, vitamins and enzymes that power. Although it can be characterised by the following:

  • As the other milks, this nurtures, nourishes, and grow-out. If people are dieting, want to reduce the calories and want to lose weight, then you have to choose a milk that is skimmed, skimmed or low fat.
  • This milk is more digestible than the normal for people with lactose intolerance. Keep in mind that anyone that this problem presents stomach derangement of importance or severity. But, for people who take it for taste, they're not going to notice anything special in the short term, even if it seems that it is beneficial in the long term, because it prevents stomach derangement in maturity.
  • There are preparations of formula milk without lactose for babies. Because some babies have digestive disorders, this suspicion of intolerance has to be secured by the pediatrician, so that, we advise that you choose by any of these milks. In these cases, the parents have to be cautious and consult your doctor.
  • These milks do not serve to control the constipation. People who have problems going to the bathroom, can choose a normal milk to which has been added a fiber vegetable food to make it more bearable task.
  • You have to distinguish between a low milk in lactose, which can contain up to 18 grams per litre, up nearly 45 of the normal and the labeled not for this disaccharide. In this case, they must not have anything more than traces: a gram per liter.

Properties of the lactose-free milk

  • Carbohydrates: To be removed the milk sugar lactose, which is one of the major sugars that has this food, it is replaced by lactase.
  • Minerals: the lactose-free milk, it is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, among others. In this case the milk loses lactose, although it continues to be the major nutrients of regular milk, for the benefit of the health in general
  • Vitamins: lactose-free milk, is a food that is mainly that it is rich in vitamins C, as well as vitamin E. This also has B vitamins, specifically vitamin B12. This milk is also found to be beneficial, provides a good state of health for babies.

Benefits of lactose-free milk

This milk is presented in varieties, this is according to each person's needs, you can be whole, skim and semi-skim.

This milk can be used without problems for cooking all recipes that require milk traditional. Since they can be consumed by people who suffer from problems of gastrointestinal intolerance to dairy.

Lactose-free milk helps to strengthen the bones. As is well-known vitamin C and phosphorus are very good allies of the bones. It is for this reason that it becomes unabebida important for children, since it favours their growth.

Maintains a well-balanced intake of calcium and other important nutrients in the body of those who suffer from intolerance to milk sugar, irritable bowel syndrome and in individuals of advanced age.

Reduces and eliminates the symptoms of people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

If the symptoms are generated by the consumption of milk, decrease or eliminate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

A benefit of remarkable lactose-free milk is that it helps to reduce weight. Because the properties of this food will remain intact fats that help you lose weight, while in this there is very little presence of these fats.

Do people who do not suffer from intolerance should take lactose-free milk?

Lactose-free milk, was created for those people who suffer from lactose intolerance. It is for this reason that people who tolerate it perfectly, can't stop drinking conventional milk, as the body warms up in a easy to digest, and then creates a small intolerance at the time of taking conventional milk, without having undergone any of this before, since they should make a effort that perhaps you're not used to, making that feel pains in the stomach or even diarrhea.

For children who are at an age of growth without allergies or intolerances, it is recommended that parents give the milk of cow conventional, as this provides them with calcium and various vitamins that they need to complete their growth. Only in the case that the child should stop taking this milk on the advice of a doctor or health care professional, you should then stop the medication and find an alternative.

Therefore, the lactose-free milk is not healthier than conventional milk, simply that it is a type of milk is added lactase to people who suffer from intolerance, can enjoy the same flavour, without the fear of feeling the pain and discomfort that they can cause the normal milk.