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Lacer it is a Catalan brand that has a great experience in the elaboration of products for oral hygiene, since it has a great diversity of articles that can be used every day to avoid various oral diseases.

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It has a selection of products that include components that favor proper oral hygiene, generating as a result the prevention of cavities or periodontitis, while maintaining a more beautiful, healthy and happy smile.

Each of the products of this brand are recommended by professionals of the mouth, to favor the recovery of treatments and surgeries performed in the oral area, while avoiding the appearance of infections in oral surgeries.

This prestigious brand presents to the market a selection of brushes and accessories for oral hygiene, which are classified by specialty in order to meet the individual requirements of each person.

These articles have been designed to adapt to the dental treatment they receive or to the kind of mouth, so this company is in constant growth and development, adapting to the various advances in oral health research.

What are the origins of Lacer?

This company began its operations in the late 40s, as a small laboratory that had less than 20 people and products such as toothpaste-Lacer vaccine or "Pantos" candies, which reactivated the appetite in children.

Little by little, but with a firm step Lacer was growing, since it had to go through a lot of difficulties, among which were the scarcity of raw materials, changes in industrial machinery and unreliable public services.

At the same time they had some opportunities, the collaboration agreements they obtained with multinationals that were not established in the country and the emergence of Social Security in the mid-twentieth century.

In addition, its facilities were located in Sardenya Street, in the center of Barcelona, with an area of more than 10,000 m2 and in 1999, it obtained an Olivetti factory in the Vallés Technology Park.

After a large investment for its remodeling, the manufacturing activities were mobilized there. It was in 1971 when the export of its products began, especially to Central American countries.

Currently, a large amount of products is exported to more than 15 countries on three continents, since it has worked based on providing quality to everything it does, providing a rigorous performance and being consistent with the values that have defined.

Currently this brand has a wide variety of products made with specialized formulations for oral care, while each is presented with an excellent quality - price ratio.

This company has a large team of experts that make up its research and development department, so they have discovered a large number of formulas that favor the health and conservation of the entire mouth.

What are the ranges of Lacer products?

The Offer with respect to the variety of products it has on the market is aimed at covering all the requirements for the realization of proper dental hygiene for children and adults, so it has:

  • Infant lacer: includes a formulation aimed at performing dental cleaning of children, so it has a gel and mouthwash that provides the optimal dose of fluoride for this stage and you can choose between mint or strawberry flavor.

  • Canker sores: it is made to treat any type of lesions in the mouth, such as canker sores and sores.

  • Lacer Chlorhexidine: it has paste, gel and mouthwash format, so it provides a strong antiseptic with a delicious flavor, effectively decreasing bacterial infections.

  • GingiLacer: includes selected components to heal and prevent bleeding gums during brushing.

  • Lacer Blanc: favors the whitening of the teeth with the realization of daily brushing, its formulation provides a lower abrasiveness and a high capacity to take care of the tooth enamel.

  • Sensi Lacer: treats tooth sensitivity.

  • Lacer Oros: provides superior care to teeth and gums, while avoiding bleeding, cavities and dental hypersensitivity.

  • Orto Lacer: it has been aimed at those who use brackets or removable orthodontic appliances, favoring their hygiene and keeping them healthier.

What are the Opinions that Lacer generates?

All Lacer brand products have been specially formulated to generate an improvement in dental hygiene, so after use you will notice the difference with other brands providing View positive on anyone who uses them.

Each of these products provide an anti-plaque, anti-caries, antimicrobial, astringent effect, contain fluoride and can be used by children over 12 years and adults for oral care.

There are different sizes and presentations in each of its lines, resulting in excellent results and can be used alone in the company of other presentations for better effects, so that various Offer on our website.

Each of the articles made has a superior duration and a wonderful Price, so they can be used by all members of the family to prevent cavities and generate superior oral hygiene thanks to its active cleansing formula.

Its anti-plaque and anti-caries actions originate as a result of its high fluoride content, providing superior care for the development of bacteria that generate plaque and cavities with its use every day.

All its components have been tested, as they provide superior oral tolerance, while favoring its use by adults and children over 12 years providing a safer and more adequate hygiene process.

Lacer products have the best Price, so you can Buy in a comfortable way from the comfort of your home and receive in a fairly short time, managing to capture various offers that provide several products of the same line.

You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.

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