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Lacer White Plus Mint Paste 125 ml


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  • Bottle of 125 ml with mint flavor.
  • Powerful whitening action.
  • Low abrasion that weakens dentin.
  • Hexametaphosphate, Polyvinylpyrrolidone and Zinc Citrate removes stains on the tooth surface.
  • She has a clean, white smile.
  • Allows daily use.

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Lacer White Plus Mint Paste 125 ml it is a toothpaste that offers excellent benefits such as avoiding tartar, cavities and plaque while generating wonderful whitening effects, thus becoming a toothpaste that brings all the benefits in one tube.

It exerts a great cleaning on the teeth, while taking care of the gums providing the return of the natural white color in the teeth thanks to the base formulation that combines several very effective ingredients

The White Lacer Toothpaste they help eradicate the stains that appear on the surface of the teeth, while providing a reinforcement in the tooth enamel thus creating an antibacterial effect and against the microorganisms that appear in the oral cavity.

Functions of Lacer Blanc Plus Mint Paste 125 ml

Lacer White Plus Mint Paste 125 ml it is an excellent product because it achieves a great oral hygiene, since it recommends its use counted at least twice a day to achieve the desired results.

The Lacer White it offers a great improvement in the natural color of the teeth restoring their original white color after constant use.

Strengthens the enamel on the gums so the Mint Flavored Toothpaste it is necessary to obtain a better maintenance of the buccal parts, to achieve the eradication of the microorganisms existing in the buccal area.

In addition, it offers the function of eradicating and avoiding tooth sensitivity that is usually produced by various pathologies, since when using the Toothpaste Lacer Plus the reduction of the probability of irritation in the gums is achieved thanks to its gentle formula.

Benefits of Lacer Blanc Plus Mint Paste 125 ml

Lacer White Plus Mint Paste 125 ml it is a product created with a formula that exerts greater protection and whitened on the teeth to achieve it after using the product daily at least twice a day since it does not irritate the gums.

It effectively eradicates stains found in dentures which are usually produced by various external elements such as tobacco, tea, wine, among others.

  • The Toothpaste Lacer Mint Flavor offer great respect to tooth enamel.
  • Toothpaste Lacer it is formulated with a low level of abrasiveness.
  • Provides a perfect level of fluorine and calcium nomofluorophosphate.
  • It is formulated to generate a bleaching action.
  • In this formula is not the use of gluten.

Main Features of Lacer Blanc Plus Mint Paste 125 ml

The Mint Toothpaste 125 ml Plus it provides a wide variety of features that make it a great product which should be used daily: 

  • Contains a flanking effect respecting tooth enamel
  • Protects the entire oral area completely.
  • The Toothpaste Plus 125 ml it should be used at least three times a day.
  • It should be used in people over 12 years of age.
  • its presentation is 125 ml with a divine mint flavor.