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Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml


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LACER Gold contains the active ingredients necessary for the prevention and control of the main conditions of the oral cavity, prevents gum bleeding, tooth decay, and has antiseptic properties and desensitizing that favor the reduction of dental plaque and the reduction of tooth sensitivity.

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What is Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml?

Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml it is a toothpaste made with a reinforced formula thanks to its content of vitamin E and panthenol, so it generates its results directly in the gum, repairing the tissues, toning and revitalizing.

Its content of active ingredients collaborates with the prevention and control of the main problems that originate in the oral cavity, since it reduces bleeding gums, dental caries, among other oral conditions.

With its use antiseptic and desensitizing properties are provided that decreases the formation of dental plaque and dental sensitivity, providing comprehensive oral care, which favors the preservation of the health of teeth and gums.

What are the benefits of using Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml?

This toothpaste has a formulation that favors the realization of a more intense oral cleaning, since it provides a lot of positive results to those people who usually suffer from sensitivity in the gums.

Its formulation generates an antiseptic effect that helps reduce the symptoms of gingivitis, such as bleeding gums and collaborates with the decrease of dental plaque and tooth sensitivity.

What are the active ingredients of Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml?

This toothpaste has been made using a formulation that provides comprehensive oral protection, managing to preserve the health of teeth and gums thanks to its content of:

  • Triclosan: it generates an antimicrobial effect with a wide spectrum of action and when used with zinc, it effectively decreases the formation of plaque and tartar, while fighting bacterial plaque, preventing gum disease.
  • Potassium nitrate: generates a faster and longer lasting result, resulting in excellent results in reducing sensitivity to cold, heat, acids, sweets, etc.
  • Fluoride: strengthens the structure of the teeth and remineralizes the enamel, generating an increase in the desensitizing effect of potassium nitrate and providing superior care to the teeth before the development of caries.

Who is Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml for?

Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml it has been formulated for those who are looking for a product that reduces the risk of oral infections, while intervening effectively in the case of incipient gingivitis.

It has a mixture of components that generate an improvement in the general state of inflamed and bleeding gums, while providing care to the teeth preventing cavities and tooth sensitivity.

In addition, it has antiseptic and desensitizing properties that fight against the appearance of dental plaque in order to prevent and treat the appearance of various problems in the western area.

How is Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml used?

It is recommended to use during tooth brushing after each meal and before bed.

Composition of Lacer Oros Toothpaste 125 ml

Potassium nitrate 5 g. Triclosan 0.3 g. Zinc citrate 0.5 g. Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.8 g.

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