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Lacer Junior Brush


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Lacer Junior Children's brush, designed for the little ones of the house, with Tynex technology and with carefully polished tips designed for the correct children's brushing of the mouth.

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Lacer Junior Brush it is a product created to make a better cleaning of the oral area of the smallest of the house, since it includes a special design for the mouth of children, so it can be used from 6 years of age.

Dental Lacer Brush it is made with a very flexible neck that does not have memory, helping children to offer a regulation in the pressure exerted at the time of brushing.

The structure of the Children's Brush Lacer it is very thin, flexible and elongated thus making it possible to access the different areas of the mouth in a more comfortable and simple way.

Composition of the Lacer Junior Brush

Lacer Junior Brush it has been created specifically with dimensions, shape and head to ensure a better cleaning of the mouth area in children from 6 years of age, since it has the following structure:

  • Handle: it is Bimaterial, anatomical, with a very flexible neck that does not have memory and that can be regulated to the taste of the child to provide the pressure that he needs to generate its cleaning, eradicating the probability of breaks by use.
  • Tynex filaments: they provide great flexibility as they are able to adapt in the best way to the spaces found between the teeth and any other structure found on the tooth surface.

They act against the most resistant bacterial plaque, favoring the distribution of toothpaste between the teeth and gums.

  • Head: it has a small diamond-shaped size and is rounded making it easier to brush on surfaces that have difficult access, eradicating the probability of injuries to the gums and oral mucosa.
  • Cap: it is ideal for exercising exclusive protection on the Lacer Junior Toothbrushes ensuring that these are not affected by external contamination.

Indications of the Lacer Junior Brush

Lacer Junior Brush it has been developed under a set of parameters that make it an ideal product to be used in children older than 6 years since their mouths need a special brush, since they are smaller.

How to Use the Lacer Junior Brush

Lacer Junior Brush it should be used on average three times a day and this is done after eating the three main meals and under the supervision of an adult to ensure proper cleaning.

It should be placed in the Children's Lacer Brush a small amount of toothpaste about the size of a bean and then proceed to brush the teeth offering circular movements starting from the gum towards the tooth.

At the time of brushing must take into account the different faces of the teeth, likewise it is recommended to use a dental floss and mouthwash thus achieving a better cleaning since they access areas of difficult access.