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Lacer Hali Dentifric Gel 125 ml


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  • Presentation of 125ml.
  • Includes fluoride.
  • Eradicate bad breath.
  • Suitable for over 12.
  • Daily use.
  • Efficiency assured.

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What is Lacer Hali Toothpaste Gel 125 ml?

Lacer Hali Dentifric Gel 125 ml it is a toothpaste gel that contains fluoride and generates excellent results in the fight against bad breath since it neutralizes the sulfur compounds that generate this common problem.

With its use it ensures an improvement in the breath since it favors the hygiene of the entire oral cavity with a prolonged effectiveness of at least 72 hours, since it includes among its components Octenidine dihydrochloride, Zinc Chloride, Sodium fluoride and Xylites.

Its formulation has been designed to generate a low rate of abrasiveness, so it can be used frequently by children over 12 years and adults.

Why use Lacer Hali Toothpaste Gel 125 ml?

This toothpaste has been developed in order to help people who suffer from bad breath problems halitosis, as it counteracts the volatile sulfurous compounds found in the mouth ensuring excellent breath throughout the oral cavity.

It keeps in the mouth its excellent results as a result of its innovative formulation, for a period of up to 72 hours, while effectively preventing the appearance of caries and in the same way eradicates the formation of dental plaque

What action does Lacer Hali Dentifric Gel 125 ml comply with?

Its formulation has been made in order to provide an effective solution to the problem of bad breath, since it includes in its composition Octenidine Dihydrochloride and Zinc Chloride in order to generate:

  • Antiseptic action: it reduces the bacteria that cause bad smell and eradicates the adhesion of new ones.
  • Neutralizing action: it blocks the volatile sulfurated compounds that generate the bad smell in the mouth and prevents them from being generated again.

Who is Lacer Hali Toothpaste Gel 125 ml for?

Lacer Hali Dentifric Gel 125 ml it has been made in order to be used daily, at least three times a day by people who wish to improve their oral hygiene and who are over 12 years old.

How do I apply Lacer Hali Toothpaste Gel 125 ml?

It should be used daily after each main meal that is in the mornings to mid-afternoon and in the evenings, in addition, it is advisable to complete the treatment with a mouthwash to complete oral hygiene and help preserve good breath.

This product should be used in the company of a dental brush and brushing should be done at least for two minutes ensuring a good oral cleaning in order to obtain all the benefits offered by this product.

If you want to avoid the taste of toothpaste in the mouth it is advisable to rinse with water after use and it is of great importance to clean the mouth after home meal taking into account that the amount of toothpaste should not be excessive.

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