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Lace Junior

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  • Lace Junior Gel Mint 75 ml
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    Lace Junior Gel Mint 75 ml

    Mint flavor gel. from 4 to 8 years

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  • Lacer Junior Gel Mint 75 ml + Creatures Bright
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    Lacer Junior Gel Mint 75 ml + Creatures Bright

    Lacer Junior Gel Mint 75 ml + Creatures Bright

    4,00 € -25.2825% 2,99 €
  • Lacer Junior Gel Strawberry 75 ml Pack + Creatures Bright
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    Lacer Junior Gel Strawberry 75 ml Pack + Creatures Bright

    Lacer Junior Gel Strawberry 75 ml Gift Pack an offer with the lacer junior strawberry flavour and gift a mouthwash precepillado strawberry flavour it as a gift. Enter from small children in rules of brushing is essential to prevent the output of tooth decay and dental problems in future that complicate their day-to-day later. Great price bid and offer.

    4,00 € -25.2825% 2,99 €
  • Lace Junior Gel Strawberry 75 ml
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    Lace Junior Gel Strawberry 75 ml

    The Gel Toothpaste Juniorit provides an optimal dose of fluoride (1500 ppm), which is the most suitable for children and young people, who are in the age of highest incidence of dental caries.

    4,00 € -22.56% 3,10 €
  • Lacer Junior Bag Gel toothpaste 75 ml Brush
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    Lacer Junior Bag Gel toothpaste 75 ml Brush

    Lacer Junior Bag Gel toothpaste 75 ml Brush is a pack of savings with bag red gift as in the photo, contains 1 unit gel strawberry junior 75 ml over 1 brush with suction cup junior for boys and girls. The two references more-sold lacer junior who complete the dental hygiene for children from 6 years.

    7,50 € -25.3226% 5,60 €
  • Junior brush lacer Junior brush lacer
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    Lacer Junior Brush

    Lacer Junior Children's brush, designed for the little ones of the house, with Tynex technology and with carefully polished tips designed for the correct children's brushing of the mouth.

    3,00 € -21.7742% 2,35 €
  • Lacer Junior Pre-Brushed Rinse 500 ml
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    Lacer Junior Pre-Brushed Rinse 500 ml

    Collaborate with brushing. Favors a more detailed brushing. It generates a perfect cleaning. Presentation of 500 ml. Show the areas to be cleaned. Easily removed.

    6,00 € -25% 4,50 €
  • Lacer Junior Brush with Suction Cup
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    Lacer Junior Brush with Suction Cup

    Lacer Junior Brush with Suction Cup same brush for children from 6 to 12 years old with suction cup to be able to leave it fixed and attached anywhere. Designed for the youngest that ensures a deep and integral cleaning of the teeth Has a bilateral handle that provides a perfect base for solid support..

    3,00 € -20.1613% 2,40 €

Lace Junior it is a line of products aimed at oral hygiene of the smallest of the house, so its design and composition has been developed to promote the habit of brushing teeth.

This line of products includes eye-catching toothbrushes, mouthwashes and toothpastes made specifically for them, achieving a series of items that make the brushing process a pleasant and fun time.

What are the products provided by the Lacer Junior line?

This line has gel presentations that include in its composition 1,500 ppm, in other words, parts per million of fluoride, providing an optimal dose that favors the health of children's teeth and prevents the appearance of dental caries.

At the same time it includes a dose of calcium to increase its anticavies effect and promote remineralization of tooth enamel. Meanwhile, the mixture of these substances generates the reinforcement of the external structure of the teeth preventing the wear of the acids.

In order to complement dental hygiene has been included in this range mouthwashes for children, in order to reduce the appearance of caries, since it reduces the development of bacteria and delay the creation of plaque.

The Lacer Junior mouthwash has two presentations, one for daily use that contains 100 milliliters and another for weekly use that contain 500 milliliters, which are presented in a wonderful Offer in our parapharmacy.

A very useful product that includes Lacer Junior is the one known as pre-brushing, which is a type of mouthwash, which is used before brushing leaving the teeth and tongue tinted blue.

As a result, the children have to carry out a more intense brushing, thus avoiding areas that are not brushed and food and plaque residues accumulate.

With the use of this product the areas that are pending to be washed are visualized and causes them to be more careful in their hygiene.

In addition, they have a selection of toothbrushes that have been developed for the care of children's teeth, so they have a head with a rounded presentation and Tynex filaments, also round in shape.

These brushes have been made in different colors in order to present a striking product that the smallest of the house will like.

What are the features of Lacer Junior products?

This product range has formulations and designs made for children from 2 to 5 years, while it has developed others that can be used by children between the ages of 6 and 10 years.

  • They do not include preservatives in their composition.
  • The presentation for children from 2 to 5 years provides a dose of 500 ppm of fluoride and calcium, while the one between 6 and 10 years provides 1,500 ppm generating an increase in its benefits.
  • * Helps the little ones in the house in the beginning of their daily cleaning habits.
  • Toothpaste contains two delicious flavors to choose from, which are strawberry and mint.
  • With its use it generates a more pleasant cleaning for children.
  • Its composition prevents the risk of caries.
  • Each product has an effective blend of components that protect the enamel and reinforce it.
  • Its correct use prevents the wear caused by the sugar they usually ingest.
  • Each of the products made by this brand has an excellent Price, originating as a result that can be easily acquired.
  • Does not include gluten.
  • The brushes adapt to the size of your teeth and your hand.

What is Lacer Junior dental gel?

It is a gel specially formulated for the realization of dental hygiene of the smallest of the house, so in its composition it has been provided with an effective dose of fluoride that generates effective care in children's teeth.

With its frequent use it generates the prevention of caries in children, since it has a selection of components that generate an anti-caries effect that increases as a result of its calcium content.

Its composition collaborates with the conservation of tooth enamel in good condition, since it includes a mixture of fluorine and calcium that improves the strength of its structure preventing wear.

This composition prevents deterioration caused by acids that are created after the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates, as it provides a protective barrier that fights caries.

What is Lacer Junior pre-rinse?

Precepulated rinsing is a product aimed at preventing a good brushing from being generated and that poorly cleaned areas remain, as well as plaque remains without removing optimally.

This rinse has been developed by Lacer Júnior to be used by children before brushing and as a technique to help the child obtain better hygiene habits, which will favor dental health.

Its formulation includes a coloring agent that produces a bright blue tone, which is a colorant that is commonly used in the food industry as a component that dyes foods blue.

This component is used in ice cream and confectionery, as it provides superior visibility and lower toxicity, while being edible, non-toxic and generates an intense and striking blue color.

What are the opinions generated by the use of Lacer Junior?

There is a lot of View originated by the use of Lacer Junior products, since users have agreed that it is not easy to persuade the little ones to perform the hygiene of the teeth.

So when looking for products that help with the creation of the habit of dental hygiene usually Buy strawberry flavored toothpaste for its pleasant taste and mouthwash of the same brand to generate fresher breath for longer.

As a result of the use of all the products in the range, an improvement in oral care is generated since its formulation provides an excellent fluoride content and generates a beneficial anticavity effect thanks to its calcium content.

You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.

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