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Labcatal 21 Selenium 28 Ampoules


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  • Made on the basis of selenium.
  • Format of drinkable ampoules.
  • Provides antioxidant effect.
  • It has anti-inflammatory actions.
  • Causes cardiovascular care.
  • It protects the cells of the organism.

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What is Labcatal 21 Selenium 28 Ampoules?

Labcatal 21 Selenium 28 Ampoules it is a food supplement made from Selenium and has beneficial presentations of drinkable ampoules, providing this essential trace element that causes a beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Its composition has been designed to provide effective cardiovascular protection, while collaborating with the balance of metabolism and taking care of the body's cells against the deterioration caused by free radicals.

These blisters have numerous Offer that will allow you to acquire this product that collaborates with normal muscle functioning and improves the functioning of the body, while it is believed that it provides anti-cancer properties.

Whye Buy Labcatal 21 Selenium 28 Ampoules in Pharmacy Market?

These ampoules have been formulated based on selenium, since it has been elaborated including first quality trace elements and with a high purity and integrity, having a format of ampoules that must be consumed orally.

Its formulation collaborates with the body in the creation of special proteins, which are known as antioxidant enzymes and intervene in the prevention of the deterioration that originates in the cells as a result of the development of free radicals.

At Buy this supplement collaborates with the prevention of some cancers, managing to take care of the body from the toxic effects caused by heavy metals and other harmful substances, while providing its beneficial antioxidant effect.

By consuming it on a regular basis, the body is provided with help in the prevention of various problems that are associated with the deterioration of cells, while it is related to Vitamin E and provides effective care to the body after vaccination.

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In our parapharmacy you will be able to get thisace blisters at an excellent Price, so the body is provided with effective doses of this mineral, collaborating with the development of various body processes and promoting its normal functioning.

The consumption of selenium generates excellent results in improving fertility, collaborating with men as a result of the increase it causes in semen production and its motility.

Benefits of Labcatal 21 Selenium 28 Ampoules

Labcatal 21 Selenium 28 Ampoules it is a food supplement formulated based on selection in order to prevent its deficit in the body, preventing blood disorders, pancreatic and muscle problems from being generated.

Being recommended the intake of 1 or 2 of these ampoules every day, which can change according to the condition of each person, preferably fasting or outside the time of each meal, placing the ampoule under the tongue for 1 or 2 minutes.

It is important to wait for it to dissolve completely so that its components generate their results when coming into direct contact with the circulation.

Composition of Labcatal 21 Selenium 28 Ampoules

Purified water, mineral: sodium selenite.

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