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Labcatal 19 Zinc Copper 28 Ampoules


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  • It collaborates with the metabolism of thyroid hormones.
  • Increases the firmness of the cartilages.
  • Improves arterial walls.
  • Balances kidney, liver and intestinal functions.
  • Promotes iron metabolism.
  • Thyroid and adrenal regulator.

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What is Labcatal 19 Zinc Copper 28 Ampoules?

Labcatal 19 Zinc Copper 28 Ampoules it is a food supplement made from zinc and copper, while it is presented in a beneficial format of drinkable ampoules that must be consumed orally to generate its excellent results.

Its composition provides essential trace elements that improve the immune system, while collaborating with treatments to reduce hormonal disorders in puberty, menstrual discomfort and menopause.

These ampoules have an excellent Price that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits provided by the balanced consumption of Zinc and Copper, so they are presented  in a beneficial format that makes its consumption easier.

Whye Buy Labcatal 19 Zinc Copper 28 Ampoules in Pharmacy Market?

They are drinkable ampoules made with a formulation that provides essential trace elements that have been selected for the help they generate in improving the immune system and in the treatment of hormonal disorders during various stages of life.

Its content of  Zinc improves the strength of the immune system, effectively collaborating with the proper functioning of various hormones, being able to be consumed at puberty, to reduce anemia, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms.

While copper strengthens the immune system, improves the mobilization of iron and intervenes positively in childhood growth and by combining these minerals it collaborates with the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland and the uptake of vitamins in the body.

At Buy this supplement will acquire nutrients that collaborate with the treatment of functional impotence, which is known as pituitary-gonad dysfunction, since zinc is effectively involved in the normal functioning of the prostate gland.

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In our parapharmacy this product it has offers that will they will provide an aid in strengthening the defenses and will generate a collaboration with hormonal disorders treatments thanks to their mineral content.

Consuming an additional dose of zinc and copper helps to increase the body's defenses, while naturally fighting problems during growth and puberty.

Benefits of Labcatal 19 Zinc Copper 28 Ampoules

Labcatal 19 Zinc Copper 28 Ampoules it has been formulated to provide a dose of Zinc and Copper that collaborate with the optimal development of the body at each stage of life, while generating an improvement in various problems such as anemia or  in the hemoglobin deficit.

In addition, it can be consumed during menopause and to combat the annoying premenstrual syndrome since it generates an improvement in hormonal disorders.

Composition of Labcatal 19 Zinc Copper 28 Ampoules

Purified water, glucose, minerals: copper gluconate, zinc gluconate.

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