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Kukident Pro Neutral Flavor 47 g


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Kukident Pro neutral flavor 47 grams, the travel and pocket size of the best-selling kukident reference, a neutral flavor for your denture adhesive cream that does not add flavor to your food.

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What is Kukident Pro Sabor Neutro 47 g?

Kukident Pro Neutral Flavor 47 g it is an adhesive designed to provide a fixation that lasts longer, so that with its use the movements that can be caused in the denture are prevented, avoiding redness and irritations of the gums.

With its use, a noticeable increase in oral comfort is provided, since after its application it will be noticeable how a tight seal is generated between the gums and the denture that prevents a space from being generated between these two areas and any type of residue from being introduced.

You can find him at a wonderful Price since it is a product that provides effective care against the development of bacteria that can generate bad breath, it can be used in complete or partial dental prostheses.

¿By What To Buy Kukident Pro Neutral Flavor 47 g in Pharmacy Market?

This adhesive has a composition that generates excellent results for the care of dental prostheses and gums, since it improves the fixation and protection of the oral area as a result of its sealing technology.

This adhesive for dental prostheses has been made without including flavor in its composition, while its design causes a more complete care thanks to the strong fixation it generates, the increase in comfort and the sealing before food.

You will be able to find it with beneficial Offer they will help you to have a fixation 10 times stronger than when using dentures without adhesive, being able to be used in complete or partial dentures.

Its composition provides an improvement in comfort and an adhesion that lasts for a longer period of time preventing  the denture moves, so it prevents food debris from getting between the gums and the denture.

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At Buy this adhesive will be acquiring a unique formula that will provide you with a stronger fixation that will last all day, while creating a beneficial anti-residue effect that prevents particles from getting under your prosthesis.

With its use, an improvement in comfort is generated when placing your dental prosthesis in your mouth, resulting in an increase in the feeling of security that you will have when  talk, laugh and eat.

Benefits of Kukident Pro Neutral Flavor 47 g

Kukident Pro Neutral Flavor 47 geit is a fixing cream that collaborates with the recovery of normality in the use of your dental prostheses, causing an improvement during meals and in the performance of daily activities, providing an increase in confidence.

Composition of Kukident Pro Neutral Flavor 47 g

Calcium/Zinc, PVM/MA Copolymer 33%, ParaffinumLiquidum, Petrolatum, CelluloseGum 20%, Silica.

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