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Kukident Pro Classic Flavor 47 g


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Kukident pro classic flavor 47 grams, the first of all kukident with the maximum fixation for your teeth and with an original flavor of always.

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What is Kukident Pro sabor Clasico 47 g?

Kukident Pro Classic Flavor 47 g it is an adhesive cream formulated to generate an extra strong fixation between the dentures and the gums, so it causes a sealing effect that collaborates with the prevention of the ingress of food debris under the denture.

With its use, superior comfort is provided as a result of the cushioning that originates between the gums and the denture, while providing a beneficial feeling of security when talking, laughing and eating since it prevents unwanted movement.

It is recommended Buy in order to preserve the denture in the right place, since it will allow you to stop thinking about your mouth and enjoy to the fullest any activity you are doing, while not including artificial colors.

¿By What To Buy Kukident Pro Classic Flavor 47 g in Pharmacy Market?

It is a specially formulated adhesive with a cream texture that makes it easier to use, while it has a precision nozzle that collaborates with the application process making its location more accurate.

Its mixture of components causes an extra strong fixation, while helping to make its application easier and more comfortable, causing excellent results that can last all day and does not provide any flavor that may generate any change in your meals.

This product has been designed to provide a lot of benefits, among which are its competitive Price, generation of stronger fixation, improvement of comfort and creation of the effect of sealing before to food.

After its application, this cream is activated to close and block any space between the gum and the prosthesis, causing as a result that the particles of each of the meals you eat during the day are introduced under the prosthesis and generate various discomfort.

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In our parapharmacy this cream it has a large number of offers that they will help you acquire this adhesive for dental prostheses in order to create an extra strong fixation that can last all day, regardless of the texture of the food consumed.

This cream seeks that with its use the safety of the person is improved, since he will be able to talk, laugh and eat with total confidence, causing him to forget that he has a denture and it will bring an improvement to his quality of life.

Benefits of Kukident Pro Classic Flavor 47 g

Kukident Pro Classic Flavor 47 g it is an adhesive cream that has been designed to keep dental prostheses in one place, while providing complete care to the entire mouth as a result of its maximum fixation and the comfort it provides all day.

Composition of Kukident Pro Classic Flavor 47 g

Calcium/Zinc PVM/MA Copolymer (33%), ParaffinumLiquidum, CelluloseGum (20%), Petrolatum, Silica, Cl 14720, Aroma, Menthol, Cl 16185, Limonene.

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