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Our face and hair are some of the most important components for any woman, a good hair care, bright says a lot about the girl that wears it, like a face that's hydrated and shiny, however are subject to many elements affecting your health, shine, and strength; the factors that affect them are the sun, pollution, stress, among others, for this reason it is important to have quality products that allow us to take care of them; Klorane is a laboratory with over 50 years of experience in the market offering dermocosmetica natural and controlled, on the basis of the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre.

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Klorane is a trademark dermo-cosmetics of natural and controlled which is responsible for the preparation of cosmetic products in a way that is responsible and respectful with the environment. It is a trusted brand with powerful products, pharmaceutical, committed to the environment, society, and personal care.

This mark guarantees the origin and quality of the 100% of its assets vegetables. Klorane grown 22% of his plants and with the rest of the percentage establish a contract with local producers. In the process of cultivation of these vegetables are not included the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Since the year 2012, all products Klorane they are biodegradable, and the packaging where they come from, most are reusable, so that the production and sale of their products have almost no negative impact on the environment, and this is one of the main reasons for the users to acquire products from Klorane.

On the other hand I must say that the products of this brand, for if that were not enough, they have an exceptional quality, and you can watch your profits in a short time of use.

Klorane, soul botany

The products of Klorane are genuinely natural and organic. Throughout its production cycle is controlled and balanced to make a minimum impact on the ecosystem.

We can name three ways in which Klorane is a part of and what are the elements that make this brand so unique and recognized:

A cycle-controlled production

In Klorane have a commitment to the care of the body and with the environment. That is why its production cycle is monitored by them for that complies with all the guidelines to generate the least damage in the ecosystem where it begins its cycle of production.

This brand has perfected its production from 50 years ago, that is why it generates so much confidence in their products.

Klorane relies on the process of production Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, which is a process for the development, care, and responsible of the active principles of plants.

Through these processes, respectful, innovative, Klorane becomes one of the brands that are pioneers in future production that will be characterized in its entirety in taking care of their processes for sustainable development with the environment.


The products of Klorane they are designed and studied in a way that will generate the least possible impact on the environment, speaking from the conception of the same.

That is why each day of production are studying the processes so as to reduce the consumption of resources and energy, reducing the emission of waste or CO2 and at the same time preserving the qualities and performance of the product.

It is important to note that the Labs Klorane are the first brand of cosmetic in receiving the seal ECOCERT 26000, which is a certificate, which is attributed by taking into account the level of social responsibility.

Thanks to this, and other important aspects, and the previously exposed, Klorane has the most important principles that you must have a company that wants to develop under the premise of sustainable development.

The philosophy of Klorane is based on the respect of nature. Klorane apply this premise to the communities or land where they grow their natural assets.

Farmers Klorane have planted more than six thousand trees in the amazon rainforest to develop their products based Cupaucu, and to do so using agro-forestry practices.

Foundation Klorane

Through Klorane Botanical Foundation, the brand has developed a plan of social impact in terms of providing them with knowledge of botany and resources to children around the world.

In addition to that, this foundation is in charge of stocking-shaped vegetable areas that warrant, and thus protect the wealth of plants of certain places that need it.

You can read more about this foundation and contribute by going to the main page of Klorane and review every one of their achievements and actions philanthropists.

Organic products for each situation

Labs Klorane, in addition to devote himself to his liability for the balance of the environment, are focused more than anything in the welfare of the people.

That is why we have a product designed especially for the gaps or needs of each person. For each product they have an active and a natural effect that will solve all the problems that are personalized.

On the official website of Klorane you'll be able to get a diagnosis through a test in order to define what is the product that best suits you according to the needs you express yourself through this test.

At the end of the test you will get some suggested products for your needs.

In addition you will be able to see all the information you need to know about the natural assets that have the suggested products.

In klorane want to meet the needs dermocosmetic according to each custom case. So you will find a wide range of products that are going to give the nail on the head for what happens to you.

Such is the case of the products of Klorane hair. You'll find organic products that will take responsibility to solve your problem of dandruff, your problem of falling of the hair, scalp, in order, to all sorts of problems with any Shampoo, Klorane, designed specifically for a type of problem.

Thanks to the studies in the laboratory Klorane processes and care for the development of their products, hair products of this brand are one hundred percent effective. This guarantee their faithful users, in addition to years of experience and development of their technologies.

Products Klorane hair loss

Klorane has a number of hair products that are part of their ranges that focus each on each natural asset.

For these products the most prominent are the products of Klorane anticaida. These are a few products that are very well known and respected by many users around the world for the amazing results obtained with its use, in addition to the speed with which you will achieve the same.

The range for this type of cases is based on active natural Quinine and is designed for hair, fatigue, and hair loss.

Among the most important products of this range of Klorane anticaida is the shampoo anticaida Fall of chronic Klorane, capsules keratin and the serum keratin Klorane anticaida.

The process of selection of the item of where you extracted the Quinone, which is Cinchona Calisaya Wedd is a molecule with a very rich stimulant properties. The process of harvesting this resource is done by hand in trees over 6 years so as not to alter its development and growth.

Finally overactive its effectiveness and its effects combinandolas with the caffeine and the development of a formula patented by Klorane. This whole process gives as a result the following products Klorane anti-drop:

Keratine capsules

this product, like others of Klorane comes to promoting the label of this mark known as FeelGoodActGood, which comes to securing the premise of the conservation and respect of the ecosystems. In this case it is about soft capsules that help you maintain healthy nails, and hair, through the daily intake of one capsule. Thanks to its content in vitamin B3, B8 and B6, this product has broader effects repairers and helps to replenish the oxidative stress of the cells of the nails and hair. It also contains Zinc, selenium, and vitamin E.

Klorane Shampoo Caida Chronic

it is a shampoo designed for those who have fall of the hair of the chronic form, whether by age or by some kind of disease that affects the scalp. It is designed to enable density, stimulate growth, and provide resistance on the hair. This product promises to compelling results after using it consistently for 6 months. It combines three active ingredients stimulants such as quinine, caffeine and arginine. This product is tested and dermatologically tested.

Klorane Anti-Hair Loss Serum Keratin

this is a serum anti-drop Klorane to be applied to dry hair and promote healthy growth and strong hair. It is also formula is the basis of quinine, caffeine and arginine. It is designed to be applied with massage important to the scalp. Have effects more comprehensive when used in conjunction with other products anti-drop Klorane.

Shampoo Klorane Quinine

it is in this case a shampoo anti-hair loss formula based on Quinine, the active natural significant in this range of hair products from Klorane.

Other natural products of Klorane hair

Among the other products that stand out from Klorane hair are the most prominent:

Shampoo Klorane almond milk

this shampoo from Klorane is part of the range for the hair of Klorane almond milk. It is designed to provide softness and volume to the hair. The active ingredient in this product is the almond, which in this case it was cultivated in Spain in the account mediterranea, taking into account all of the methods that respect the environment you are used to Klorane their processes. Comes in a PET bottle recycled and recyclable. It is indicated for all hair types, to provide softness and to prevent tangling easily.

Shampoo Klorane the Chamomile

it is a shampoo that is part of the range for the hair of Klorane base of Chamomile. It is made to give you more shine and silkiness to the hair blond or chestnut clear. It can be used by all the family, from children as young as 3 years of age. The natural asset of this product is Chamomile which was cultivated in Egypt, respetanto the ecosystem of the product. Its biodegradable formula.

Shampoo Peony

it is a shampoo designed to soothe the scalp hydrated through the natural active extract of peony. Has high powers aromatic and therapeutic. The natural asset of this product was cultivated in China and its formula is biodegradable.

Shampoo pulp cider

for normal hair to fatty. It is a formula, invigorating and purifying. Provides cleansing the hair with a tendency to look greasy. This product is designed for the hair to remain clean for a longer time. In addition to apple cider has an active seborregulador that allows you to control the fat in the scalp. The packaging of this product is recycled in a 50% and is completely recyclable.

Dry shampoo Oatmeal

this product is the most well-known of Koltrane and is in effect from 1971 by these laboratories. It is one of the shampoo greener, there are, by the fact of not having to use water for rinsing. Their use could save about 500 litres of water per year. It has all the properties of the oats and all the benefits you can bring to the hair.

On the other hand, there are other products which are highly recognized and recommended Klorane for the care of hair is the shampoo oatmeal extra soft and shampoo nettle seborregulador.