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Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams


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  • Refreshing effect: Mint provides a pleasant feeling of freshness on the scalp and skin.
  • Versatility: It can be used on dry or wet hair, and also on the body as a talc.
  • Smooth formula.
  • Powder format: It facilitates the application and is ideal to carry in the bag or on a trip.
  • Precise application: Its container with dispenser allows a controlled application.

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Cleansing the skin is a fundamental step in any facial care routine. Klorane, a renowned brand in the parapharmacy sector, has launched an innovative product that combines the freshness of mint with the effectiveness of a cleanser: the Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams

What is Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams?

Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder is a high-quality product developed by Klorane, a brand known for its commitment to natural ingredients and effective skin solutions. This cleansing powder uses the purifying and refreshing properties of peppermint to deeply cleanse the skin and remove impurities.

Key Benefits of Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams

  1. Deep Cleaning: This cleansing powder effectively removes excess oil, dirt and environmental pollutants that can accumulate on the skin.

  2. Purifying Properties: Mint is known for its purifying properties, which help to detoxify the skin and keep it free of imperfections.

  3. Refreshes the Skin: Enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing feeling in every application.

  4. Suitable for All Skin Types: It is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin, and can help balance sebum production.

  5. Easy to Use: The powder presentation makes it easy to take with you and apply at any time.

Key Ingredients in Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams

  • Peppermint extract: Mint is the main ingredient of this cleansing powder, known for its refreshing and purifying properties.

How To Use Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams

Using this cleaning powder is simple:

  1. Pour a small amount of powder into your hands. You can adjust the amount according to your needs.

  2. Add water and form a paste. Mix the powder with a few drops of water in your hands until a smooth paste is formed.

  3. Apply the paste on your face. Gently massage the paste into your face in circular motions for a few seconds.

  4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to completely remove the paste from your skin.

  5. Enjoy a clean and fresh skin. Your skin will be ready to receive the aftercare products.

Why Choose Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams

There are several reasons to consider this cleansing powder as your skin care choice:

  1. Proven Effectiveness: Mint is known for its purifying and refreshing benefits, and users have reported remarkable results.

  2. Suitable for Problematic Skin: If you have blemish-prone skin, this cleansing powder can be especially beneficial.

  3. Powder Format: The powder format is convenient and easy to carry with you to keep your skin clean at any time.

  4. Natural Ingredients: Klorane prides itself on using natural ingredients in its products, which is appealing to those looking for more natural skin care solutions.

Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder 50 Grams it is an exceptional choice for those who are looking for an effective and refreshing way to cleanse their skin. With natural ingredients, proven results and a purifying formula, this cleansing powder can help you keep your skin clean and radiant. Experience the freshness and effectiveness that Klorane Mint Purifying Cleansing Powder can offer to your facial care routine.