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Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml


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Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml it is a paste specially made for the hygiene of the teeth, which can be used every day in order to combat plaque and tooth decay, while providing a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

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Kin Fresh Toothpaste it includes fluoride in its formulation that contributes to the prevention of the bacteria that cause cavities, while its formulation takes care of the teeth before plaque and dental caries

Kin Fresh Toothpaste it includes compounds in its formulation that helps combat bad breath caused by substances such as tobacco, alcohol and the consumption of certain foods.

Benefits of Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml

Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml it is formulated to cause fresher breath for long periods of time, while taking care of teeth from tooth decay and plaque.

It includes in its formulation a mixture of xylitol and fluorine that collaborate in the specific fight against bad breath, while generating greater daily care against plaque and dental caries.

Kin Fresh Toothpaste it is developed with the purpose of combating bad breath that is produced by different substances such as tobacco, alcohol, the consumption of certain foods, among others.

It provides a feeling of freshness that lasts longer preventing bad breath from originating, since throughout the day the mouth is accumulating food remains and other elements that benefit the increase of bacteria that cause bad breath.

Performance of Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml

Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml it helps to maintain fresher breath, while eliminating and preventing the hoarding of dental plaque, while preventing the bad smell from being generated.

Kin Fresh Toothpaste it generates and maintains a mouth that will be cleaner and fresher thanks to its content of xylitol and fluoride, which cause greater daily care in the teeth against plaque and tooth decay.

In addition, it includes triclosan, zinc oxide and sodium fluoride that help to originate a greater hygiene of the oral area preserving good gingival health, preventing oral halitosis and dental caries.

Active Ingredients of Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml

Kin Fresh Toothpaste 125ml it is a toothpaste made with, a quaternary ammonium compound that generates an antiseptic effect, which is efficient in the control of the bacteria that originate dental plaque.

  • Provitamin B5 and aloe vera: they include excellent regenerating and toning qualities that provide greater care of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.
  • Fluoride: includes 1450 ppm in its formulation which is an appropriate concentration that collaborates in the prevention of caries while interceding in the remineralization of tooth enamel.

Kin Fresh Toothpaste it has a white cream texture, very simple to apply that includes a delicious aroma and flavor that leaves the mouth fresh and without bad smell for much longer.