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For our body to this in harmony with all of its parts should be well, that is why it is so important to take care of our mouth. The teeth play a vital role in the functioning of our body, it is necessary to keep them in good condition, we have 32 teeth that are formed by the incisors, canines, and molars, each with a different function; The importance of teeth is found in chewing and grinding the food for proper digestion, it is also important for the appliance vocal. To have adequate oral hygiene, we have the products Kin Dental that contribute to the health of your gums and teeth

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Dental disease and care with Kin Dental

Dental plaque and how it can be avoided with Kin Dental

It is a film that forms on the teeth, sticky, colorless, is formed by bacteria and sugars that stick constantly on our teeth. The plaque leads to diseases such as tooth decay, tartar, gingivitis, halitosis, periodontitis, plaque, usually originates from a bad dental hygiene, that's why the importance of brushing daily with Kin Fresh toothpaste-of - Kin, Dental, floss, and mouthwash, maintaining hygiene habits can ensure the health of your teeth.

Gingivitis and how it can be avoided with Kin Dental

The mouth is a small part of our body but has a lot of importance, is exposed to many bacteria and disease in the mouth is the tongue, gums, and teeth that have different functions, The gums are very sensitive, they are exposed to many risks, in the teeth, it can form plaque that is responsible for gingivitis. One of the features of gingivitis is inflammation of the gums due to the presence of bacteria, this disease is painful and must be treated immediately, because it can become periodontitis, which can cause a fall in the teeth. To prevent gingivitis is important to maintain adequate oral hygiene. Kin Dental with your Cariax Gingival mouthwash is perfect for keeping your mouth free of bacteria additional account with a range of products (brushes, dental floss) that are perfect for the prevention of diseases, dentistry, allowing you to have a few teeth and gums healthier.

The scale and how it can be avoided with Kin Dental

Tartar is one of the leaders of bacterial diseases in the teeth, such as gingivitis, caries, periodontitis, additional to this brings problems of aesthetic dental, the scale can be called calculus or tartar dental, tartar causes hardening of the dental plaque due to the bacteria, minerals and the rest of the food is produced in the mouth due to poor oral hygiene, this can irritate the gums, forming at the edges or underneath it, is porous and sticky stain teeth color is brown or yellowish.

Halitosis and how it can be avoided with Kin Dental

Better known as bad breath, are the unpleasant smells that come out of the mouth, this problem is caused by poor oral hygiene, diseases of the mouth, as the presence of plaque, or by a problem pathologically, this disease leads to social exclusion, to avoid halitosis is important to improving hygiene habits, use Kin Fresh spray that leaves your breath fresh and pleasant, to make a proper brushing with the special brushes of Kin Dental, quitting smoking and consuming alcohol, do not eat foods such as onions, garlic, spicy foods that produce bad breath.

Periodontitis and how it can be avoided with Kin Dental

Periodontitis is a disease that originates from the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar and can lead to the loss of the teeth, this disease begins by not maintaining the proper care, oral hygiene, you can then move on to a gum disease which, if untreated, leads to periodontitis, The main symptoms are swelling, bleeding when brushing, redness and tenderness in the gums. Once you have this disease, the only way to treat it is by means of a specialist and the dentist. As a preventative treatment you can use Kin Dental Perio•kin gel that protects the gums and removes the plaque.

The decay and how it can be avoided with Kin Dental

Is the damage of the tissues of the teeth caused by the bacteria of the dental plaque produce acids on the tooth surfaces. The factors involved in this disease have to do with what we eat, how we keep our teeth, the fluoride in the salt and the type of toothpaste that we use. If you want to keep your teeth care Kin Dental is one of the best options in the marketplace where you can find what you need for your dental care.

Care and Oral hygiene Kin Dental

The care of our mouth and teeth is the first step to keep them healthy and avoid illness, in this article we present a series of products to maintain a proper hygiene of your teeth.

Kin Fresh toothpaste: it Is composed with sodium fluoride helps prevent dental plaque and tooth decay, among its benefits we have to protect the teeth and freshens the breath, it is recommended to brush your teeth 2 times a day for 2 or 3 minutes after each meal.
Kin Fresh spray: Combat bad breath, contains triclosan and menthol that fight the germs that can cause bad breath and give a sense of fresh, has a size very comfortable that allows you to take it everywhere. Among its benefits we have freshens the mouth, has an antiseptic action, and is a deodorant oral.
Kin Toothbrush hard: This brush has a small head in the form of a triangle, which allows you to reach easily to any place or groove where they do not reach conventional brushes, its handle has a form anatomical grooves that allow better grip, has a protective hood, its main goodness is the hardness of the bristles.
Cariax Gingival mouthwash: it Is an oral rinse for the care intense of the gums more sensitive, and it helps with the control of plaque, which contains flower to prevent cavities, you should only perform 2 rinses a day after brushing for 30 seconds is recommended to use 15 ml of the product.
Perio·kin gel: it Is a gel, that is applied to the tooth by means of a soft brush, it is important to place this product after brushing, it favours the reduction of dental plaque, protects the gums, you should not rinse.

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