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  • rattle bells jane
    Jane Rattle Bells

    Rattle of bells for the baby allows your fun and entertainment allowing you to learn new sounds and colors in a simple and easy way. Keeps the attention of the baby and his gaze fixed allowing an evolution correct. Guaranteed fun.

    6,95 €
  • Jane Dispenser Milk 4 Bodies
    Jane Dispenser Milk 4 Bodies

    Jane Dispenser Milk 4 Bodies with four watertight compartments to carry up to four shots of milk, it is very practical to be able to spend the day away from home, and only worry about giving the bottle to the baby. It is easy to use because they fit each other and occupies half of the space. With fun colors is the perfect addition to take your baby home...

    7,50 €
  • Jane Brush Clean Bottles Dual-Use
    Out of stock
    Jane Brush Clean Bottles Dual-Use

    Jane Brush Clean Bottles Dual-Use double sponge to clean bottles and teats, the brush on the bottle has a design sponge at the base to gain access to the bottom of the bottle where it `hits the milk and in the end, it's more dirty. Valid for any bottle, and any brand of baby bottles on the market.

    4,50 €
  • jane rattle balls
    Out of stock
    Jane Rattle Classic Balls

    Rattle ball jane for the entertainment of the baby, it keeps the baby entertained and so does that evolve distinguishing colors and new sounds.

    6,95 €
  • Jane antiahogo feeder babies Jane antiahogo feeder babies
    Out of stock
    Jane Biter Antiahogo clamp

    Jane feeder antiahogo infants, practice cestita with clamp and spare to feed pieces to our baby and avoid any possible choking for sizes not suitable

    12,00 € -25.3833% 8,95 €