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Isdin Si-Nails Strengthener Nails 2.5 ml


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  • Pen applicator for easy use.
  • With just a single click and apply on the nail.
  • With keratin and silicon that reinforce the natural wall of the nail.
  • Prevents breakage and cracks.
  • Allows you to show off some perfect nails all the year round.
  • Perfectly combinable under any type of nails.
  • Allows its use with nail Polish permanent

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ISDIN Si-Nails nail strengthener 2.5 ml it has been developed in order to work as a treatment based on cationic Hiluronic acid, which is indicated to improve the hydration of the nails.

This product not only protects them, but manages to improve their appearance and growth, while increasing their resistance in order to eradicate the probability of ruptures, since it promotes their remineralization and restructuring.

With its use, the amount and quality of silicon and keratin is increased, resulting in the repair of nails and cuticles restoring their natural shine, thanks to the fact that it provides an invisible finish and is very easy to use.

Benefits of ISDIN Si-Nails nail strengthener 2.5 ml

It is a product that works as a strengthener of nails, since it has been formulated specifically for the protection and improvement of the appearance of the nails in order to achieve the return of its natural state.

It contains cationic Hiluronic acid that improves hydration in the cuticles, generating an invisible and easily absorbed finish; at the same time that its mixture of active components achieves an improvement in the growth and resistance of the nails.

Its frequent use leads to an improvement in the eradication of breakages since it collaborates with remineralization and restructuring in a period of only 14 days.

Composition of ISDIN Si-Nails nail strengthener 2.5 ml

ISDIN Si-Nails nail strengthener 2.5 ml it produces excellent results that begin to be visible after two weeks of use in a correct way and amount, thanks to the fact that it includes in its formulation the following main components:

  • Cationic hyaluronic acid: it is a component that provides a wide adhesion potential, both on the skin and nails and hair, collaborating with the conservation of hydration capacity.
  • Mastic oil or Pistacia Lentiscus: it offers the stimulation of the synthesis of hard keratins and proteins that are associated with keratin, causing the increase of the thickness of the nails to strengthen them.
  • Organic silicon: it is an ingredient that easily penetrates the nails improving their growth and quality.

How to use ISDIN Si-Nails nail strengthener 2.5 ml

In its first use it must run pressure for a 25 continuous times so that the brush manages to moisten well, and then pass the wet brush through the contour of the nail and the cuticle with vertical movements that go from the inside to the outside.

If you can brush under the nail you can generate excellent benefits, so it is recommended to repeat the procedure on each nail. After its first use it will only require a press.

ISDIN Si-Nails nail strengthener 2.5 ml it can be applied daily, but the nails must be clean before use i.e. without varnish and dry, in addition, the skin must not be injured.

It should be stored in a space that is away from the reach of children and does not have a temperature below 30 °C, so it can not be refrigerated or frozen and when storing it must be placed in an upright position.

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Preguntas frecuentes de Isdin Si-Nails Strengthener Nails 2.5 ml

Es un lápiz que fortalece tus uñas de fácil aplicación y con un acabado invisible. Hidratante con silicio que aporta protección y alimenta a tus uñas gracias a una formulación con Queratina

Facilita el cuidado y el crecimiento de las uñas de una manera sencilla y práctica gracias a su lápiz aplicador bastará con un solo click para aplicar sobre las uñas. Es perfecto como base antes de pintarse las uñas. Es fortalecedor de las uñas, hidratante de cutículas, y aumenta la dureza de la uña.

Usar Isdin Si Nails es Sencillo y practico.
Bastará con aplicar todos los días sobre unas uñas limpias la brocha aplicando desde la cutícula hasta el borde en movimientos hacia fuera.
Asegúrate de una limpieza anterior de las uñas para facilitar y mejorar los resultados.
Bastará con dar un solo clic en el aplicador antes de aplicarla sobre la uña.
Hacerlo diariamente mejorará mucho los resultados.
Aplicar por debajo de la uña mejorará también la fuerza y aumenta la resistencia.

  • Ácido hialurónico cationico que se adhiere de forma sencilla la piel al pelo y a las uñas y aumenta su capacidad de hidratación.
  • Aceite de lentisco (Pistacia Lentiscus): Estimula la síntesis de queratinas duras y de proteínas asociadas a la queratina, aumentando el grosor de las uñas, fortaleciéndolas.
  • Silicio orgánico: penetra fácilmente en las uñas favoreciendo el crecimiento y la calidad de las uñas.