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Isdin Lip balm Spf50+ 4g


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Because the skin of your lips dry out easily, it is necessary the application of a daily hydration. Therefore Isdin Lip balm Spf50+ 4g which will keep your lips radiant and healthy due to its use in your daily routine generates excellent protection.

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The main reason for this lipstick is to be the protector indicated for your lips since it reaches hydration because it achieves the incorporation of substances and lipids that manage to regenerate the lip mucosa.

Thus avoiding that the skin becomes weak and fragile due to external agents that are daily such as heat or cold.

Indications of ISDIN Lip Balm Spf50+ 4g

ISDIN Lip Balm Spf50+ 4g it gives an ideal protection against the sun's rays because they are responsible for the dehydration of the skin. Be  action is generated thanks to the sunscreen that it has in its formula which makes it emollient.

Thus achieving hydration, repair and calm it needs due to the antioxidant action with which it is composed also this formula is not greasy and does not generate white color in the form of residue.

It is indicated for people who spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, or who need high sun protection for various reasons. Also to os who need comprehensive protection in the area of the lips.

And those who want to use a lipstick that does not generate a greasy feeling on the lips that then becomes white residue.

 How to use ISDIN Lip Balm Spf50+ 4g

  • This should be applied directly to the lips giving a uniform shape when using it
  • It should be used before exposure to the sun or various temperature changes is generated
  • You can apply it on your lips as many times as you consider necessary to achieve the desired result and thus achieving excellent coverage.
  • It is indicated that, to be used outdoors, that is, only on the lips so you should not ingest it.

Benefits of ISDIN Lip Balm Spf50+ 4g

ISDIN Lip Balm Spf50+ 4g  it is a balm that generates a high protection due to the SPF 30 factor

It is a natural protector of the aggressions that are generated externally such as the sun, wind and cold.

Achieve optimal and necessary hydration and nutrition for the lips

Performs a complete repair of dry lips thus providing an aid in the improvement of irritation and redness thus giving a unique feeling of comfort.

It is dermatologically proven, being this emollient and moisturizing. Due to the high concentration of components UVB SPF30 and UVA with which it generates a high protection achieving hydration and protection of the lips.

Due to the Shorea butter contained in its formula, a shield is created that cares for us and provides a repairing and soothing effect resulting in an emollient and moisturizing.

And bisabolol provides help and repair pain that can be generated in the lips due to the aggressions by which they are affected due to Sun.