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Isdin Lip balm Spf30 4g


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Isdin Lip balm Spf30 4g is a product that can fight against the appearance of oral herpes, in addition to providing a more hydration, thereby eliminating the dryness and cracking of the lips.

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In its formula are a large number of sunscreens which are the first step of compounds that these lipid substances provide, is completely compatible with the labial mucosa achieving the reconstruction of the function of its barrier.

This is the best treatment for the Prevention of dryness of the lips, which is induced by the sun, cold, wind, among others.

Benefits of ISDIN Lip Balm Spf30 4G

ISDIN Lip Balm Spf30 4g it is a balm that helps in the care and conservation of the lips which can be affected by continuous exposure to various climatic agents such as wind, cold and heat.

It guarantees excellent protection against UVB and UVA rays due to the sun protection factor number 30, it generates a protective layer from the appearance of alteration on the lips.

Not only is it an aid against the climatic components, but it generates an optimal recovery in a natural way achieving a recovery of the surface layer giving in this way an unimaginable softness. 

By using this product daily it will provide the following benefits:

  • It progressively creates epidermal lipids which gives more sustainability to the lip integument.
  • It is a natural lip protector against UV radiation and wind thanks to the UV filters it is associated with.
  • It is a product that was created for people who have the suffering of solar allergies.

Properties of ISDIN Lip Balm Spf30 4G

ISDIN Lip Balm Spf30 4g it is indicated for people who suffer from ill-treated lips either by cold or heat, due to its effectiveness at the time of treating hardened lips, broken or some feeling of dryness and irritation.

This unique formula provides twice the regenerating and protective action, the active ingredients such as panthenol, generate the regeneration of the skin, also the recovery of damage due to the conditioning and moisturizing action.

The aggregates it has such as Vitamin E have an antioxidant action with which they reach the protection of the cells avoiding the damage of free radicals and returning the signs of abuse that may have been caused.

Properties effects of ISDIN Lip Balm Spf30 4G

  1. It manages to moisturize intensely and provides softness to the lips.
  2. Helps block the damage that arises from solar radiation by providing protection to the skin of the lips
  3. It generates progressively the restoration of the skin and adds an antioxidant action.
  4. It has the function of being desensitizing and emollient.

How to use ISDIN Lip Balm Spf30 4G

It should be applied on the lips directly as many times as it is considered necessary during the day, its composition provides softness and protection without leaving any greasy sensation in the mouth.

Its daily use is recommended for those who are constantly under sun exposure, to achieve the ideal protection or in the event that your work is in a very cold environment.