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The brand Iraltone specializes in providing the user with a whole series of accessories food with the aim of being able to reinforce the intake of nutrients may be needed to prevent the loss of hair. It has the feature of making it stronger from the tip to the root, so it will be fully resistant to the passage of time.

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  • Offer Iraltone Aga 60 Capsules + Iraltone Shampoo 75ml Offer Iraltone Aga 60 Capsules + Iraltone Shampoo 75ml
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    Iraltone Aga 60 Capsules + Iraltone Shampoo 75ml

    Anti-fall Savings Pack. Iraltone AGA 60 Capsules Shampoo 75 ml Fortifying promotional format. Anti-hair loss duo that slows down your fall and strengthens your hair.

    26,95 € -16.5306% 22,50 €
  • Iraltone AGA 60 capsulas Duplo Ahorro Iraltone AGA 60 capsulas Duplo Ahorro
    Iraltone AGA 60 + 60 capsules Duplo Savings

    Iraltone AGA 60 capsules Duplo Saving a pack of 120 capsules at a discount and deal with everything essential to the seamless growth and strong hair. With the quality of ifc pharma, and a wide range of hair products is a true add-in to meals daily of the follicle hair. he acts in the three stages of the hair growth, birth, growth, and hair loss,...

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  • Iraltone Cream Ds 30 ml
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    Iraltone Cream Ds 30 ml

    Iraltone Cream Ds 30 ml is a product that provides increased hydration to the skin to prevent the appearance of scales, minimize itching and redness; generating a greater balance in the skin that show stages desquamative seborrheic.

    20,60 € -20% 14,45 €
  • Iraltone Forte Melatonin 60 Capsules
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    Iraltone Forte Melatonin 60 Capsules

    Hair and nail enhancer. Ideal for treatment of weakened, thin fragile and dull hair. With melatonin and saffron extract. One mg of active melatonin per tablet. 15 mg of saffron extract 480 mg cystine. 10 mg. Vitamins B6 and D3. Minerals zinc and copper. It is an incredible formula developed by Cantabria Labs. Now available to buy at the best price.

    33,00 € -20% 26,40 €
  • Iraltone Shampoo Seborregulador 200 ml
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    Iraltone Shampoo Seborregulador 200 ml

    Iraltone Shampoo Seborregulador 200 ml is a product that ensures a more thorough cleaning throughout the structure that forms the scalp, generating that these are viewed in more light, soft and looking very healthy.

    13,40 € -20% 9,80 €
  • Iraltone Aga Plus 60 Capsules
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    Iraltone Aga Plus 60 Capsules

    Iraltone Aga Plus is a dietary supplement that has an effect reinforced as a consequence of its specific assets, such as the extract of Serenoa Repens, oil, pumpkin seed, besides being enriched with vitamins and minerals.

    40,55 € -20% 29,95 €
  • Iraltone Gentle Shampoo Frequent Use 200ml
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    Iraltone Gentle Shampoo Frequent Use 200ml

    Soft components. Daily use. Creamy texture. Improves hydration. Adds shine. Suitable for all hair types.

    9,20 € -20% 6,60 €
  • Iraltone Forte 60 capsulas
    Iraltone Forte 60 capsules

    Iraltone Forte 60 capsules is the complement for the hair of the base of cistion complex, prevents the aging of the hair, thanks to a full composition with cystine and vitamins are the ideal complement for your hair.

    25,45 € -20% 17,85 €
  • Iraltone AGA 60 capsulas
    Iraltone AGA 60 capsules

    Iraltone AGA 60 capsules is a nutritional supplement for the hair that brings the needs of your hair to keep its shine, length, and strength, reduces loss and improves the amount.

    29,45 € -20% 19,95 €
  • Iraltone Emulsion Ds 30ml + Mini Size Shampoo 75ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Iraltone Emulsion Ds 30ml + Mini Size Shampoo 75ml

    Iraltone Emulsion Ds 30ml A light and quickly absorbed multi-action emulsion for oily and flaky skin. Its technology rebalances the skin microbiome and provides an extra comfort and hydration thanks to the 5% Hyaluronic Acid.  Iraltone Shampoo Formulated with specific active ingredients with seboregulatory, keratolytic, keratolytic and antioxidant...

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  • Iraltone Forte 60 + 60 Capsulas Duplo Oferta Iraltone Forte 60 + 60 Capsulas Duplo Oferta
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    Iraltone Forte 60 + 60 Capsules Duplo Offer

    Iraltone Forte 60 Capsules Duplo Offer a pack of 120 capsules ingredients for a development of a hair strong and vital, with cystine, glutathione, vitamins b5 and b6, and enriched in zn are essential factors in the growth of the hair strong and healthy. Iraltone it is a safe bet for the seasonal change in order to ensure the growth of the hair.

    35,95 € -16.6815% 29,95 €
  • Iraltone Shampoo Ds-Dandruff 200 ml
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    Iraltone Shampoo Ds-Dandruff 200 ml

    Iraltone Shampoo Ds-Dandruff 200 ml is a treatment for dandruff that also produces in us a hygiene optima in the hair and on the scalp. Specifically indicated for the sufferings of seborrhea and prurítico.

    13,40 € -20% 9,80 €
  • Pack Iraltone Shampoo Fortifier 200ml+Shampoo 75ml
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    Iraltone Pack Shampoo Fortifier 200ml+Shampoo 75ml

    Pack of shampoo fortifier. Reactive and strengthens hair. Originate your results from the root. Improving the growth of hair. Improves the hair fiber. Provides hydration, brightness and softness.

    13,20 € -20% 10,56 €
  • Iraltone Shampoo Fortifier 200 ml
    Out of stock
    Iraltone Shampoo Fortifier 200 ml

    Iraltone Shampoo Fortifier 200 ml is a product that provides strength to the hair shaft, adapted to a substance frothy and creamy which does not irritate the scalp, thus generating a greater hydration, softness and shine.

    13,40 € -20% 9,80 €
  • Pack Iraltone Shampoo Seborregulador 200ml + Shampoo 75ml
    Out of stock
    Iraltone Pack Shampoo Seborregulador 200ml + Shampoo 75ml

    It balances the production of sebum. Generates a hair more smooth and lightweight Improves the appearance of the hair. It promotes the health of the scalp. Includes a format 75ml gift. Suitable for oily scalp and dandruff fat.

    13,20 € -22.725% 10,20 €
  • Pack Iraltone Cream Ds 30ml+Shampoo Ds 200ml
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    Iraltone Pack Cream Ds 30ml + Shampoo Ds 200ml

    Originates results in a comprehensive way. Is the united flaky seborreicos. Includes a shampoo 200ml. Contains a face cream 30ml. It balances the secretion of sebum. Prevents the feeling of itching and burning.

    28,60 € -26.7654% 20,95 €
  • Iraltone Champu Ds Anticaspa 200 ml+200ml Duplo Promocion
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    Iraltone Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 200 ml + 200ml Duplo...

    Iraltone Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 200 ml+200ml Duplo Promotion 2 original containers of 200ml each Anti-dandruff effect, removes keratin and regulates keratin. Relieves itching and irritation. The effectiveness is maintained with regular use.

    19,95 € -26.7935% 14,60 €

In addition, you can perform these objectives regardless of the reason for that may be leading to the impairment: as much as if you have an endogenous origin, as if it is the result of certain periods in which we have been exposed to overloads mental and physical health, how if we are doing a diet that does not provide us with the nutrients we need, or as if our eating habits are not the ones that we should have.

Iraltone take care of your hair

Within the brand Iraltone we found these two products that will help us to achieve this goal:

Iraltone Aga: This product has a special formula to be able to adapt to both men, and women.

In your formula has the amino acid L-cystine to form an important part of the keratin that makes up the hair. Helps to regenerate this substance to which our hair recovers its natural shine, at the same time makes it much more resistant.

It also has all the B-complex vitamins as well as minerals important for the body as are the copper, selenium, and zinc. It carries fatty acids Omega 3, 9, and phytosterols.

Finally, it has vitamins C and E which are powerful antioxidants, able to protect the cells of the hair with the passage of time.

Iraltone best offer and price

The iraltone aga reviews are very positive, so that is a product you should try.

Iraltone forte: on the other hand we find with this powerful add-in that helps our hair to get the vitamins and minerals to be strong again.

It is perfect to be able to help you in those situations of stress that much damage they can do to our hair. Will give you a lot more brightness and volume; besides being the perfect complement that will help you to meet certain affective deficiencies that could be pasándote invoice.

And not only you will help to keep the hair in the best condition, but that it will also do the same with the structure of the nails, making them much more resistant and less brittle.

Now that you know everything that the brand Iraltone and their products can do for you, don't hesitate to add them to your shopping cart.

The brand Iraltone has more than 25 years of experience. It is the one that provides food products to combat hair loss, to prevent hair loss and impairment of the same, this happens for reasons such as weight loss diets, by overexertion, mental and physical, or by the endogenous causes. Hair loss affects on the part of the self-esteem both for women as for men. But thanks to the composition of the products of Iraltone it may be effective to combat the problem of hair fall.

For the progressive loss of hair products Iraltone are the ideal

The hair loss is being produced in a progressive way, is to say little by little, that is why we have the opportunity to act with all of the effective products that we have at our disposal as Iraltone, delaying and slowing down the hair loss.
In the cases of men is more noticeable hair loss, as it mainly tends to affect those areas of the forehead and the crown of the head. While women have a great hair loss, but without reaching its full.

Products for the hair of Iraltone
There are primarily two products, which are fundamental to the fall of hair that are:


Iraltone forte is a food supplement nutrition to the hair, which is made of Lcistina, glutathione vitamins B5 and B6, the perfect combination that regenerates and prevents hair loss and aging prematurely, offering strength , vitality and volume on the same.

? It helps the correct development of the hair and its growth.
? With it you can keep the natural color of the hair.
? Increase the correct mitochondrial function.
? To prevent the damage caused by free radicals, this product is ideal because it develops a powerful antioxidant action
? It optimizes the enzymatic processes.

Iraltone forte is a product that is indicated for those people who have straight hair and thin with no volume and no glare, in addition with a fall repetitive. It is taken during the physiological states such as stress, exertion, physical, requiring a nutritional contribution also greater in weight-loss diets, or in people with eating habits, inadequate.

Mode of employment.
For about three months, you have to take one capsule a day. You will see your improvement.
The composition of this product has
? Copper 1 mg
? L-Cystine 500 mg
? L-Glutathione 10 mg
? Vitamin B5 2,21 mg
? Vitamin B6 1 mg
? Zinc 7.5 mg
This is a product that acts against oxidative stress, that is why it promotes hair growth and strengthens the bulb. It is in this way that can normalize the secretion of fat protecting the integrity of hair.
This is a product that is very ideal for those who have fine hair, straight, dry, and with little brightness and life.


Iraltone Aga, is a supplement that has been formulated to be worn by women and men in the treatments of origin androgenético the fall of the hair.
This is a product that is a concentrated nutritional anticaida with great activity by acting at different levels:
? Oil pumpkin seed, rich in omega-6, omega 9, and phytosterols.
? The vitamin C and E are those powerful antioxidants that will help protect against oxidative damage, cells of the hair bulb.
? L-cystine is an amino acid important part of the keratin of the hair.
? Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12, Zinc, Copper and Selenium, vitamins and trace elements such as these, are those that contribute to the maintenance of the hair in normal conditions
Take one capsule a day.

This product is indicated for the women and men who wish to the rejuvenation of your hair. As a complement to the treatments of hair loss source androgenético.
Mode of employment:
During a period of at least two months, you have to take one capsule a day of Iraltone aga, along with any meal of the day.

Copper: this ingredient is essential in order to keep the color of the hair.
L-Cystine: it is a sulfur amino acid is not essential that is produced by the body that stimulates the production of collagen and improves significantly the elasticity of the dermis. This is part of the hair, bones, skin and connective tissue. Also an important part of the keratin of the hair protein that makes up the nails and the hair. It is essential that bioavailability for a proper growth of the hair.
Trace elements: with unpredictable in the proper functioning of enzymes, and asu's time for the growth of hair. These are present in small amounts in the body.
Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells of the follicle in terms of oxidative damage.
Vitamins: the composition of this product includes 8 vitamins and 3 trace elements in concentrations greater. These act in a synergistic manner and that excellent results are obtained.
To be able to absorb effectively the L-Cystine, it requires the presence of vitamin B, it is for this reason that this complex includes: B1, B3, B5, B6, B8 and B12. All of them are related to cellular metabolism. This is the way in which you can achieve healthy, strong hair.
They also have the Vitamin E and Vitamin C which are acting as the protectors of the hair.
Zinc: this ingredient will act as an inhibitor of the regression of the follicle and as an accelerator of the recovery of the same.

This is a product that features 2 actions:
? Androgen: phytosterols that have these inhibit the enzyme alpha-reductase, and in addition decrease the activity of the dihidroesterona. It is in this way that reduces hair loss, and therefore we get higher density.
? Anti-inflammatory: this is thanks to all the fatty acids that inhibit cyclooxygenase and make that regulate prostaglandins.