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Intibiome intimate Care Gel +50 years 250ml


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  • Cleanser for the intimate area.
  • Aimed at women during menopause
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Contains neutral pH.
  • With prebiotic complex and calendula extract.
  • Protects the intimate microbiome.

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What is Intibiome Intimate Care Gel + 50 Years 250ml?

Intibiome Intimate Care Gel +50 Years 250ml it is a cleanser designed for the care of the intimate area and for those women who are going through menopause and / or have sensitive skin since it includes in its formulation a neutral pH.

It has a mixture of prebiotic complex and calendula extract to generate optimal care for the intimate microbiome, while reducing dryness and has a presentation in a container containing 500 ml.

This intimate gel creates a smoother cleansing, while having components that moisturize, deodorize and decrease age-related dryness and itching.

What benefits does the use of Intibiome Intimate Care Gel +50 Years 250ml generate?

The use of this intimate hygiene gel has a mixture of components that help preserve the stable levels of the female intimate area, while preventing the danger of suffering alterations in the vaginal flora.

Its formulation has been developed in order to promote intimate hygiene, preventing infections caused by bacterial, fungal and viral infections in the vagina; while, it collaborates with the reduction and control of body odors.

With its frequent use it generates the elimination of the development of germs or bacteria responsible for causing bad odors in the vagina, providing perfect hygiene in this delicate area.

Its mixture of components causes the reduction of irritations or redness in the vaginal mucosa, since they are especially careful and delicate this area and collaborate with the prevention of this type of condition.

How it works Intibiome Intimate Care Gel +50 Years 250ml?

This gel for daily care has been developed for the care of those women who are in the phase of menopause or those who usually have sensitive skin.

Its formulation has been developed with a neutral pH that restores physiological defenses, while regenerating the skin, reduces irritation and minimizes dryness thanks to its protective, deodorant, soothing and moisturizing active ingredients.

It has an ultra soft formula that generates an effective hygiene of the intimate areas, while protecting the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin since it has a mixture of prebiotic complex and calendula extract that balances the microbiome and the pH of the skin.

In addition, it collaborates with the multiplication of lactobacilli, since they are a class of bacteria that are found in the vaginal flora and generate lactic acid in order to establish an acidic environment that takes care of the vagina from the development of harmful bacteria.

Who is Intibiome Intimate Care Gel +50 Years 250ml aimed at?

Intibiome Intimate Care Gel +50 Years 250ml it has been formulated to provide greater care for the intimate microbiome of women over 50 years of age, who are or have passed the phase of menospause and those with sensitive skin.

Composition of Intibiome Intimate Care Gel + 50 Years 250ml

Water, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, copolymer of acrylates, cocoil glycinate sodium, cocoanfodiacetato benzoate, oleate/cocoato glyceryl PEG-18, fenilpropanol, sodium chloride, perfume, sodium hydroxide, 1,2-hexanediol, caprililmen glycol -5-ol, decilenglicol, sodium benzoate, glycogen, lactic acid, flower extract of calendula officinalis, flower extract/Mallow leaf Sylvestris extract, flower/leaf of thymus vulgaris.

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