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Interdental Lacer

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Brush Interdental Lacer they have been designed with the purpose of collaborating with the dental cleaning generating a perfect result, managing to avoid cavities, reducing bleeding, eliminating halitosis and gum problems.

These small brushes have a structure that allows you to reach where normal brushes do not reach, favoring the elimination of plaque or dental biofilm and food residues that cause dental diseases.

They have different shapes that adapt to the different interdental spaces, at the same time that they have been elaborated using materials of the highest quality, in order to generate better results in the conservation of dental hygiene.

Why use Interdental Lacer brushes?

They are a series of brushes designed to generate an improvement in the elimination of bacterial plaque, while avoiding the appearance of cavities, periodontal disease and bad breath, managing to preserve healthier gums, since there are several types:

  • The brushes that have cylindrical heads that are indicated to be used in the anterior area of the mouth.
  • For the area of the molars and premolars, the use of conical heads is suggested.
  • Angled ones can be used to reach that area of more difficult access, such as the back of the mouth.

In addition, the design of each interdental brush favors the realization of a more complete and effective hygiene in interdental spaces and areas of difficult access, such as implants, prostheses, orthodontic appliances, diastemas and fucal areas.

These brushes manage to improve the conventional brushing process, so dentists recommend their use after completing the usual brushing, in order to generate an improvement in oral hygiene.

With its use it is possible to effectively eliminate bacterial plaque, preventing the development of the bacteria that form caries, periodontal disease and bad breath, while promoting the conservation of healthier gums.

These brushes include a protective cap that favors the conservation of a correct hygiene of the brush, while there is an excellent Interdental Lacer Offer since it has a presentation that includes several units for greater savings.

Who can use Interdental Lacer products?

All the interdental brushes made by Lacer have a design that favors the realization of interdental hygiene, managing to reach those spaces that are smaller and that normal brushes do not reach.

It is recommended for those who have teeth close together, especially in the deepest area of the mouth, which are difficult to access interdental spaces and have very narrow gaps.

Each brush has a handle made with a uniform size that makes it easier to handle and making it easier to reach the furthest spaces of the mouth, as well as the area of the teeth.

Using these brushes generates an improvement in the hygiene of the mouth, while it has softer filaments that provide superior care to the gums preventing possible injuries.

In addition, it collaborates with the prevention of gingival problems related to the collection of bacterial plaque in the interdental spaces, preventing the appearance of diseases throughout the oral area.

Each of the presentations of these brushes are quite simple to acquire as a result of the excellent Price of Interdental Lacers and its presentation that has several units.

What are the benefits of using the curved Interdentales Lacer model?

The interdental brush has an angular design thanks to its curved handle that favors its reach to the deepest areas of the mouth without generating any deterioration, while having finer and softer bristles that generate an effective and safe cleaning

This design is characterized by having an angled handle that allows the realization of a turn of up to 90º. Meanwhile, its handle makes its grip easier by providing superior access to the molar spaces.

What are Interdental Lacer Picks?

The Interdental Lacer Picks are interdental sticks that end in a rubber tip and are intended to promote the cleaning and hygiene of all interdental spaces, its structure generates a more comfortable and effective use.

They have a triangular shape that accommodates almost all interdental spaces and provides superior cleaning against food residues and bacterial plaques, preventing gum disease from originating.

Why use Straight Interdental Lacer?

As a result of its straight handle, a better guide is generated for the removal of bacterial plaque and provides superior care against cavities, since its neck strongly grabs the wire of the brush to prevent it from falling off.

It is more flexible to make access to morales easier, has a high strength surgical wire to prevent breakage and last longer, while including a polyurethane coating that is more hygienic.

What is the diameter of Interdental Lacer brushes?

At the time of Buy Interdental Lacer brushes it is important to take into account the different sizes that they usually have:

  • Ultra-thin: it has a pressed diameter of 0.45 mm; it is recommended for use in extremely narrow interdental spaces.
  • Soft superfine: it has a pressed diameter of 0.5 mm, suitable for narrow and very sensitive interdental spaces, and can be used in cases that require special care in dental hygiene due to gingival sensitivity, among others.
  • Superfine: its pressed diameter is 0.6 mm and favors the care of very narrow interdental spaces.
  • Fine: it has a pressing diameter of 0.7 mm being used for narrow interdental spaces.
  • Conical: it has a pressing diameter of 0.8 mm; it can be used in medium and large interdental spaces, generating good results in fixed prostheses, implants and carriers of orthodontic appliances.

What Opinions does the use of Interdentales Lacer provide?

Users who have used these brushes have various View since they generate excellent results in the realization of oral hygiene, while they have Tynex filaments that last longer.

Its design generates a superior drag and does not cause deterioration in the gingival or dental surfaces, at the same time that it has components that favor its hygiene preventing bacteria from accumulating in the wire.

A great benefit provided by these brushes is that they include their own cap, favoring the conservation of greater hygiene and generates an aid when having to take them on a trip or transport them anywhere.

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