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Interdental Lacer Straight Conical 6 units


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Interdental Lacer Straight Conical 6 units

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Interdental Lacer Straight Conical 6 units they are made with textured Tynex filaments to provide an efficient removal of bacterial plaque in the interdental spaces and in the areas that are more difficult to access.

It offers a more optimal prevention in terms of the appearance of caries, provide maximum protection to the gums, while preventing the emergence of periodontal problems in implants, prostheses, orthodontic appliances, diastemas and fucal areas.

Straight Cone Interdental Lacer it is composed of a handle that gives it great flexibility, helping to achieve the angle that best suits and that facilitates cleaning in the different interdental spaces.

It contains surgical wire that is coated with plastic that provides protection to the teeth and gums against possible injuries.

Main Features of Interdental Lacer Straight Conical 6 units

Interdental Lacer Straight Conical 6 units it has a handle that includes an ergonomic and non-slip structure, while its filaments can be used in medium and large interdental spaces.

  • They include tynex filaments that provide a perfect drag and efficiently protects the gums.
  • It contains a wire made of surgical steel that is coated with polyurethane for greater protection of the gums.
  • In the packaging there is a cap that has as its main function to protect the brush.
  • This product has a presentation in a packaging with 6 units.

Composition of Interdental Lacer Straight Conical 6 units

  • Strand:

The Tynex filaments used in this product provide a longer life. When in the presence of moisture they swell to provide a better drag.

These filaments have as their main objective to prevent deterioration in the gingival and dental surfaces.

  • Wire:

It provides a great resistance in terms of breakage, so it has a great duration. Although this wire is very fine it has a great strength. The wire is completely covered with polyurethane.

It is completely hygienic, so it prevents bacteria from settling and multiplying. Provides protection for gums and enamel against accidental injury. It contains a color that provides an excellent clinical appearance.

  • Mango:

It is non-slip, making it controlled even if you have wet hands. It is made with a bimaterial design. Their colors help them to be very easy to identify.

  • Blister box:

It is reusable so that it can be opened and closed several times, to keep protected and in excellent condition the brushes that are not yet used.

  • Protective cap:

A protective cap is provided for each individual interdental brush. It provides great protection, very hygienic to protect the brush in great conditions.

How to Use the Lace Interdentales Straight Conical 6 units

Interdental Lacer Straight Conical 6 units must to be used in the oral area after opening the product and removing the plastic covering the bristles of the brush, the product should be inserted between the gaps in the teeth.

The cleaning movement should be carried out from the inside out and not from top to bottom as rubbing with the wire should be avoided.

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