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Interdental Brush

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Interdental brush is a very useful tool which helps you have a better oral cleaning, as a result of that manages to reach places in the mouth where your toothbrush does not reach.

Aims to reach places in the mouth, very difficult to be reached by the toothbrush, above all in those teeth that have spaces between the teeth very spacious for a cleaning of the mouth area more efficient.

This device is able to suppress a lot of food debris and bacterial plaque that is stored in the teeth on a daily basis.

Cepillo interdental

Features of Interdental Brush

This brush is a very useful device for the process of hygiene of the mouth, among other features of this device are:

  • Get to places where a toothbrush can't reach, especially in the mouth where the teeth are found with many spaced between the teeth.
  • Helps eliminate debris and bacterial plaque that builds up on the teeth with the consumption of food daily.
  • It is highly recommended to use when you have implants to improve cleaning between the ridge of the gums.
  • Helps in the prevention of diseases of the gums, because when you generate a better cleaning prevents these are inflamed, and there is some discomfort, since this device should be used every day.
  • These brushes are made in different sizes to better fit the space between teeth and has a great brush interdental price to get several if necessary.
  • Contain a part in plastic material or metal, in which are inserted the bristles in the shape of a spiral and thus take on a conical shape (like a christmas tree) or cylindrical.
  • It is recommended to be used in patients who are taking an orthodontic treatment and who have implants or dentures.

Indications of Interdental Brush

The brush interproximal to be used at the time of brushing, mouthwash and dental floss is a very useful tool and generates a large amount of benefits to dental health, especially if you have teeth with some separation.

This instrument dental cleaning should be used with extreme care, since your use of improperly is to generate damage in the area of the gums and can lead to dentin hypersensitivity.

To be included in the daily habit of dental cleaning should consult with the dentist to provide the best advice in the process of cleaning.

Above all, to advise about the size to use so that when you do the cleaning in the spaces between the teeth are not subject to any kind of pressure or force, for this reason, this brush is made in various sizes and shapes.

The application process should be performed in the following way, in the lower gum to be from bottom to top between the space of the teeth and in the upper gum in the direction from top to bottom to facilitate the extraction of any remaining food.

In the same way, in either of the two gums to perform a movement of forward and backward, in a delicate manner, about two times in each area in between the teeth.

If at the time of use, you have to force the entrance of the brush should be changed for one more thin spaces between the teeth.

Benefits of Interdental Brush

It is of great importance to use the appropriate size of the brush interproximal to achieve a clean, more effective, being very useful in the selection of the correct size according to the separation, in the same way you can use multiple brushes in a single cleaning process.

You must follow the instructions of the dentist in terms of the size to use and the correct way to use to generate a mouthwash appropriate, between the separation of the teeth, always following the recommendations of the dentist.

It is suggested to use at least once a day, in the same way that you use the toothbrush and dental floss. It is necessary that all the instruments used for dental cleaning are changed periodically to generate a better result.

According to the needs of the oral health of each patient will be necessary or not the use of toothpaste, just like the brand to use, this will always depend on the recommendations of the dentist.

The use of interdental brush will be necessary according to the separation that exists between the teeth, as a result of that the floss does not generate the necessary cleanup to good oral health.

Their use is especially recommended for those patients who suffer from periodontitis and additionally, you will help prevent periodontal disease as, for example, gingivitis and periodontitis, and oral disease such as, for example, the occurrence of caries.

To maintain a mouth with a positive health prevents the bacteria found in the mouth are relocated to other organs of the body, generating systemic diseases, or worse any diagnosis.

Hygiene recommendations when Using Interdental Brush

This tool is ideal to be used in the cleaning between the teeth, you should ask the dentist how you use this add-in, but basically, it is intended use of this device is as follows:

  1. Brushing the teeth should be performed each time that you make some food or at least 3 times a day.
  2. Brushing in some cases it is not enough, so it is recommended to use the interdental brush and dental floss to generate a higher extraction of the remains of the food that is there between the teeth.
  3. It is recommended to use a mouthwash or mouth rinse with fluoride to generate greater profits at the time of the cleaning.
  4. Drinking large amounts of water, hydration is not adequate, you can generate an increase in the bacterial plaque, and even the generation of problems, inflammation of gums, as well as playback of cavities in the teeth.
  5. Stop the consumption of carbonated beverages, acidic, sugary and alcoholic must not forget to clean the teeth after eating.
  6. It is not recommended to smoking as it damages the teeth.