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  • Manasul 25 bags
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    Manasul 25 bags

    Variety of plants of the east. It increases the mobility of the bowel. Facilitates intestinal transit. Remove the fat. Eliminates toxins. Effective in constipation problems.

    4,95 € -23.3333% 3,80 €
  • Yogi Tea Chai Sweet 17 Sachets
    Yogi Tea Chai Sweet 17 Sachets

    Yogi Tea Chai Sweet 17 Sachets of 2 grams infusion rewarding and light that contains licorice to sit back and enjoy a you only to enjoy thanks to its extracts of medicinal plants amazing. Manufactured with top quality raw materials which gives it a unique taste and indescribable. With anise, fennel, licorice and carda momo. From organic farming.

    4,00 € -17.5% 3,30 €
  • Manasul 100 sachets
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    Manasul 100 sachets

    Infusion. Regulates the intestinal transit. Weight Control. Prevents constipation. Eliminates toxins. Improves debugging.

    13,95 € -26.9032% 10,20 €
  • Yogi Tea Woman Reconfontarte 17 Sachets
    Out of stock
    Yogi Tea Reconfontarte 17 Sachets

    Yogi Tea Woman Reconfontarte 17 Bags Inspiring and empowering addition to inspiring in a formula of natural ecological agriculture with Basil, licorice, fresh lemon juice. A will be different for different times.

    3,95 € -16.4345% 3,30 €
  • Yogi Tea Selection 17 Sachets
    Out of stock
    Yogi Tea Selection 18 Sachets

    Yogi Tea Selection 18 Sachets with 9 varieties and 2 bags of each one is the perfect variety and more sold. Classic, ginger lemon, detox, chai sweet, balance woman, good night, clear voice, choco, and green tea. An easy way to enjoy the most complete range of yogi tea at the best price. 1 bag more than usual, hence the price a little higher.

    4,50 € -15.6479% 3,80 €
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