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Infusions Yogi

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Infusions Yogi are a brand responsible to provide an excellent enjoyment through a good tea, becoming a pleasure adapted to the people who enjoy the wonderful world that herbal infusions have to achieve to please the palate.

To describe the recipes you should be advised that contain herbs and infusions, due to their Yogi teas contains an extensive tour and a just reputation because of its great commitment to organic farming.

The origin of this company is from the 70's but it is not until the year of 1987 that started the commercialization of rnfusiones ayurvedic with the established name of teas yogi tea.

But its origin is based on an innovative combination of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper, the first tea that was created by the Master Yogi Bhajan in the West, becoming the father of the infusions, based on extracts of plants.

Varieties in the Products of Teas Yogi

Infusions Yogi contains an extensive catalog that is based on the infusion of spices and herbs that give the result of the care of the agency, while it favours the way of carrying out the day to day life.

The teas yogi tea reviews indicate that the best Yogi teas are echinacea, ginger, detox, ginseng, relax; happiness that includes basil, rose hips, fennel, cinnamon and fenugreek to improve mood and feel the serenity.

Another excellent teas yogi tea that prepares the mind for the time of sleep and relaxation is known as Good Night or Good Dreams.

Since time is very ancient it is known that the balance between mind and body is necessary for a woman, for this reason Yogi teas generates a care in the harmony female providing infusions that give rise to an excellent balance.

It is recommended to start the enjoyment of the varied kinds of infusions prepared by the brand Yogi teas in a simple way, making you receive all your benefits.

The Impeccable Quality of Teas Yogi

The quality of the Teas Yogi is your top priority, ensuring that throughout the supply chain, it is recommended that the control of the product in accordance with the guidelines of the directive HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

Is your development originates a wide food hygiene, at different points in production, which means that not only in the countries of origin, but also in the production centers in the north of Italy and in the warehouses of Hamburg.

This means that go beyond what is required by legislation , and provides the verification of the absence of a quantity of 500 pesticides and various toxic substances in the products from the point of view of purity, taste, and odor.

Time before that residues of glyphosate was made a topic of public domain this company was already doing the necessary revisions.

Discovery of tea Yogi

The Infusions Yogi does not indicate how the company found all of these infusions as delicious as they indicate that it is a well-kept secret.

Even if all you manage to confess is that the teas yogi tea go with the times and have eyes and ears open for new tendencies of the society and the medical research, as well as the aromatic herbs and spices still unknown.

Then I just experiment with it and only when they are convinced that the innovative formula has a good taste, to appreciate good and contains a rich quality, as the previous products can reach to the shelf.

Our unique blends of teas and infusions

It has come to the teas yogi tea opinions of the tea and herbal infusions are a subject very complex and very global, since they are used more than 120 spices from 80 different countries, these being the basis of the innovative and unique taste of the products.

Best of all this is that the spices are grown and processed organically, from the moment in which the ecological cultivation was not as important as today, the company was a pioneer in the support of sustainable agriculture.

To develop these Yogi teas are made travel to the most remote places on the planet to find the best components of organic farming controlled, for the unique combinations of teas and infusions.

All of this means that the farmers are leaving the mineral fertilizers with nitrogen and the plant protection products of chemical synthesis; the gmos and pesticides are taboo, as it puts a great importance to the health of the consumed and farmers.

In this way, the water, the earth and the air are preserved in a natural state, the better for biodiversity and so on for all the ecosystem in its cycle natural.

To give guarantee to the farmers each year are audited by the national partners of the certification body Ecocert and IMO effect international and the company is proud to share varieties with the organic seal of the EU and Bio.

When the standards are in danger or not you can meet starts an immediate search to find a suitable substitute. In a complementary way it has a built own seal vegan and gluten-free.

Herbs and Spices Infusions Yogi

There are the teas yogi tea reviews that these infusions are one of the best in the world and for the company it is essential that it remains so for this reason, each day and ensure that the products are produced according to the nature and with the greatest of care.

The company is convinced that their hard work is noticed in the taste of the products, bringing this attitude to your work flowing in the activities of daily putting in first place the products.

Because of this, teas and infusions are 100% BIO, since it eliminates the use of synthetic additives, enhancers of taste and different types of aromas. For obvious reasons the raw materials are gm-free.